Finding Hogwarts

Everyone knows about Hogwarts, one of the best Wizarding schools in the Wizarding world. They know about the famous students, they know about the trick step, the moving staircases, the crazy teachers, and of course the Forbidden Forest...but what still is shrouded in mystery...are its founders.

Follow the makings of the famous school as Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salthazar make the school in their image, and the famous parseltongue himself creates his monster. This is Finding Hogwarts, long before Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort even were thought of.


5. Chapter Four: Gryffindor's Child

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
March 1001
Helena’s Seventh Birthday

Years passed, and Helena grew into a beautiful child. At seven years old, Helena had seen many classes of magics walk through the halls of her home. She would play with the students when they weren’t studying, and sit in on classes, and help the house elves in the kitchens. She was gifted. She was kind, helpful, and brave. She was also extremely intelligent. She spent the majority of her time with her auntie Helga, and her uncle Salazar, as her father was gone a long time. Her mother was busy as the Assistant Headmaster. Everyone believed she looked like her mother, Rowena Ravenclaw, even in her marriage to her father, she didn’t change her name. She claimed it was because she was the last of the Ravenclaw’s. Her father had agreed to allow Helena to keep her mother’s maiden name as her last. But from time to time she would write out her full name, just for something to do. Helena Mafalda Gryffindor Ravenclaw. It was probably the longest name ever, or it was to a seven year old. Helena was alone, despite the great amount of children that milled around the school. She longed for a brother or sister. 
She hated one teacher, and one teacher alone. The Baron. He was nearing his thirtieth year and he eyed her with longing. She was only seven, and his eyes strayed to much to her chest, her buttocks, and the place between her thighs. Salazar, he hated the Baron almost as much as she did, but they couldn’t do anything. Without his support, the school would go bankrupt, or they would have to raise the tuition. Helena hated the place she was in. She hated his class--Defense Against the Dark Arts, he would go into great detail about the spells, and he would demonstrate them on his students. She avoided his class, and the floor it was on as much as she could.
“Helena!” Salazar’s voice found her, before she could see where her uncle was. He appeared and she ran to him. 
“Hello Uncle Sal.” Helena breathed. 
“How is my favorite niece?”
“I’m your only niece Uncle Sal.” Helena replied. “I’m excited for tonight. Momma and Father are taking me to Hogsmeade, to go to Honeyduke’s to get a cake and things for my party. If Father ever gets here.” Helena sniffed. “Father is always gone. Sometimes I think he has another child somewhere.”
“No, the King acts like a child and drags your father to every corner of his kingdom. It doesn’t matter much to him that your papa has other things to do.” 
“Sometimes, I hate the King. I need my Papa, what does the King need him for?”
“He needs your Papa to do his dirty work it would seem.” 
“Auntie Helga!”
“Happy Birthday chipmunk. Here you are.” Helga produced a rose, as big and wide as Helena’s head. It’s green leaves seemed to move by themselves. “It’s bewitched you see. It doesn’t need water anymore, and it has it’s own breeze. Just put it in your window and it will continue to grow. It will grow until you, my little chipmunk take your last breath. Hopefully, decades from now.” Helena inhaled the sweet scent of the rose.
“Thank you Auntie Helga. I’ll go and put it there right now! Its so pretty.” Helena raced away, her robes flying behind her. Helga and Salazar stared after her, a smile on both their faces.
“She’s a lot like her mother,” Helga whispered fondly.
“Her mannerisms though, reflect that of her father.” Salazar interrupted.
“If you say so Salazar.” Helga replied briskly as she continued her journey to the Great Hall.
“Have I upset you dear Helga?” Salazar inquired.
“No.” Helga said stiffly. He had in fact upset her, but she wasn’t going to say so. “Salazar, do you think, with her beauty--that bad things could happen to her?”
“With the way the Baron stares after her, I would say absolutely. If she didn’t have four, more than capable protectors.” Helga blushed at the compliment.
“Helena will be fine, as long as she calls Hogwarts home. No matter where she may wander.”
“So mote it be.” Salazar said as they entered the Great Hall. The Great Hall was abuzz. Helena Ravenclaw’s birthday was today. And all the students adored her. Second years gathered around her, she had come in rather quietly, but she was spotted by being the smallest, and the only child permitted to sit at the Great Table. They were handing her gifts from their parents, enchantments they had learned to make, and were making her giggle and laugh and holler in delight with tricks they could preform. Helga, sat beside her God-niece and told the students nicely to resume their seats. 
Rowena came in, as if floating. In the seven years the school had been open, Rowena seemed to have grown more beautiful. Helga wasn’t jealous. It came with the trials of motherhood of course. Helena made Rowena ridiculously happy. She had the husband of her dreams, a perfect job, and a perfect daughter. Rowena deserved happiness, Helga knew this, but didn’t she, herself deserve a fraction of the good fortune that had befallen her friend? Slightly chest fallen as she watched Godric kiss his wife hello, she turned her head to Salazar. How she had hoped he would see her in a different light, after-all she had overlooked his worst qualities and decided to only see the good. He loved Helena more than himself it seemed, he protected her from everything, and everyone. He obviously loved Godric like a brother...and Rowena like a sister, but where did that leave her? A Muggle born. That’s where it left her. She had grown up hearing snippets of Wizarding life and the goings on. She knew that the Slytherin family hated, what they called Mudbloods. That was what she was, a Mudblood. Why would a prestigious Pureblood want anything to do with a poor, Muggle born girl, who had to learn magic from a discarded wand, and old magic books? Dinner went on silently, while she was in constant turmoil. She was screaming inside, but no one heard. She saw Godric wince, but then he was still, and he continued talking with Professor Vector. 
After dinner, a dessert was served especially for Helena. Every table received an identical cake. A birthday cake. It was seven tiers, all vanilla imported just for the occasion. Helena was delighted. The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw emblems were entwined on the top. She was Gryffindor’s child, but also that of Ravenclaw. It was likely the two houses would be competing for her, even after her sorting four years from now. 
Their tummies full, the students said their good nights, bid farewell to Helena. Helga hugged her goodnight, and Salazar did as well.
“Happy Birthday kid.” Salazar whispered, glanced at her with unknown sadness and walked away. Rowena kissed her daughter’s forehead, and Godric hoisted his self proclaimed princess onto his shoulders. A happy family. But how long could happiness last?
Helga simply didn’t know the answer to that. She hoped, for the Gryffindor’s sake that it lasted forever. She too, exhausted from a long day of teaching took to her chambers. Waving goodnight to her friends. Alone. It seemed that would be how her life would be forever. Alone. At least she had her students, this school, and of course her plants.
Salazar quietly tip toed towards the kitchens. His throat was parched, and he needed an elf to feed his beast. It had grown larger than he expected, and was eating almost twelve times a day. The house elf population of Hogwarts was dwindling alarmingly fast. He hoped Godric, Rowena, and Helga especially didn’t notice, just as he finished tickling the pear in the painting of fruit, Helga appeared from a doorway masked by a large picture of a badger in a bonnet. An almost identical one was on the other side of the hallway. This must be where her dormitories were. 
“Salazar.” She seemed skeptical. She had, after all never seen him in this part of the castle before tonight. “What are you doing all the way down here at my end of the dungeons?”
“I uh, was getting a drink.”
“Oh...well so was I.” Helga seemed to warm up some. Inside he was cursing like a pirate. They entered the kitchen together. The house elves were gone, doing their nightly chores so they had the kitchen to themselves.
“Helga, you seemed distracted at dinner, are you alright?”
“Jealousy is an ugly fiend.”
“I was jealous of Rowena’s happiness. I kept envisioning what my life would be like if I had married and had a child. But it won’t ever happen, who would want me? I am just a Mudblood after all.” Helga had tears in her eyes. He realized, she had been fantasizing about him, and their life together.
“Helga, you are anything but a Mudblood. You are simply amazing you know. Anyone would be happy and lucky to call you their wife.”
“But not you?”
“You deserve much better than I, Helga.”
“Why don’t you let me decide who I deserve?”
“Because you’re too good for me Helga. I could never hurt you the way I surely would one day.”
“What do you mean Sal? What have you done?”
“I carried out my parents’ wishes. I’ve done something terrible and I can’t back out of it now.”
“What do you mean, your parents’ wishes? What did they ask of you?”
“When they learned of the school, and how it was permitting all types of wizards, even half breeds they ranted and raved. Finally they decided I could, fix things at Hogwarts.”
“By doing what?”
“By raising a Basilisk.”
“A...Basilisk? I don’t understand, aren’t they extremely dangerous?”
“ look in the eye and I could be dead. But I can control it.”
“So it’s true then.”
“What is?”
“That you can speak parseltongue.”
“Yes, all the Slytherin’s can.” Salazar looked away from her, her eyes held the utter disgust he feared they would. 
“Oh Salazar, you must tell Godric.”
“He’ll banish me from the school Helga, then I’ll never see you again.”
“Then you must kill it.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve grown rather attached to it. Its alone in this world without me, it’s like my child now...I can’t kill it, but I will keep it dormant for as long as I’m alive. When I know I am dying, or leaving the castle I will command it to sleep until I or one of my descendants returns.”
“Alright. I won’t tell Godric. I couldn’t bare to see you banished.”
“Thank you Helga.”
“Salazar, I am only doing this, because I love you.”
“How can you love me, after all the ghastly things people have spread about me? And after hearing most of it is true?”
“Because, I know deep down you are not a bad man. You’re just hurt, and confused. You’ve seen too much pain, and frankly I know how that feels.” Salazar looked up at her, and for the first time, in a very long while, he saw empathy.
“Who hurt you Helga, aside from me?”
“After awhile, wizards and witches find out the most guarded secrets. I had to move around a lot after my parents gave me the boot. I was only seven when they did. My mum spotted me floating above the garden hedge, she was horrified that she had spawned a child of Satan. For a long time I begged on the Muggle streets, but then I followed a peculiar looking man, no more than sixteen into an ally way. He tapped the bricks in a triangle formation and a whole new world became open to me. I followed him without thinking what I was going to do once I got there. I had some Muggle money on me of course, but I had no idea, no idea. I followed the boy, to Gringott’s. Should’ve seen my face, Sal when I saw a Goblin for the first time. I exchanged my money, and after a quick lesson about what everything was worth, I entered what I now know as Diagon Ally, I tried to keep close to the boy, but I couldn’t. I lost him in a matter of seconds. Of course, then I had no idea as to why it was so busy there. Why everyone was carrying around strange things. I was eleven by this time, I wandered around a lot, until I found a large shop, with sticks in the windows. That’s where I got my wand of course, it was the only thing I could afford.”
“You went into Ollivander’s alone?”
“Oh yes, he was such a nice man. Helped me, and offered me a room above his shop in exchange of keeping the shop tidy. I wasn’t in the position to turn anything down. I didn’t mind being a maid to a man who became like a father to me. He taught most of what I know, the rest I picked up in discarded books wizards and witches didn’t need. I took a liking to Herbology...and well here I am. I’ve been ridiculed a lot, even with Mr. Ollivander’s help, he insisted I was a full witch, that they hadn’t any proof, but I was forced from London, followed by threats of death if I returned. Ollivander was heartbroken of course. We had grown close in the months I had stayed with him. Luckily this time around, I knew what I was. I had a wand, and I knew a bunch of useful spells. I became very talented, and Muggles would come to me for potions or remedies. I became a Mid-wife in a few villages and became a popular choice because I gave the mother’s pain remedies that no one else knew. But even then, popular as I was, they turned on me; they tried to get me at the stake of course; burn me alive, but I disapparated before they could even speak a word. By this time I was twenty two, and Godric found me. We became friends quickly, and he took me to the castle, where the King gave me an order of protection from all wizards and witches. You see, the King’s mother was a Muggle born.”
“Delphine was a Muggle born?”
“Hmm, yes I said that already. Anyway, the King took a liking to me, and he hired me on as a Mid wife for his wife.”
“How’d you get here then?”
“Well my job was finished by the time Godric came to me, us, about the school. I was nearly thirty when he brought up the idea. Now, I live a happy life, I am where I am needed, I am no longer ridiculed for what I am, but I’m well respected. I bet the wizards and witches are kicking themselves now. None of them were asked to teach at the school Godric Gryffindor started, were they?” Helga seemed very proud of herself. Salazar knew of course, that he should be proud of her as well. Salazar felt his heart swell, he allowed himself to look at Helga in a different way. He looked past the years of prejudice his father had inflicted on him, his mother didn’t seem to care who he consorted with. Her blonde hair fell freely around her angelic face, it curled slightly at the ends. Her bright greenish blue eyes twinkled like little stars at him, framed with thick lashes. Her mouth had a cute little twist in it when she smiled, and when she was extremely enthused or pleased, two dimples dotted her cheeks. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on. And this creature had admitted to loving him. Him! Salazar Slytherin! The Dark Wizard no one bothered with, the gossiped about, the Parseltongue. How he regretted now, listening to his father, doing his wishes. Raising the beast below. For surely, Helga would be attacked no matter what Salazar commanded the beast. If it smelt a Mudblood, it would attack a Mudblood for that was its orders, its reason for living. Unlike its brethren in the wild, it only cared to eat and devour and kill one thing, Mudbloods. His brethren would be happy with an Elk, or any large beast. Oh how he regretted bringing the Slytherin Monster to this school. For the woman who loved him, was now in danger. Along with her descendants if she lived that long. He could never harm her himself, but his Monster would, or his father would. 
“I’m so sorry Helga.”
“For what?”
“Everything. I’m the boy you saw that day. I was meeting Godric and Rowena at a bookshop. If I’d know you were behind me...”
“You would’ve killed me, or tortured me. I was a Mudblood, and a street rat at that.” Helga whispered. “No, Sal don’t cry. I’m not blaming you, your parents...they did a number on you that’s all. How, can you be sure you were the boy I saw?”
“I noticed a beautiful blonde girl on the Muggle street corner but she had magic in her...I let you follow me. I could’ve done some type of concealment charm...but I wanted you to follow. To discover what you are, or were. You turned out better than I expected. You deserve better than I, fall in love with a worthier heart. I fear mine has no love, I don’t think Slytherin’s can love Helga.”
“Of course you can Salazar.”
“No, its our curse. I hate being a Slytherin...I hate being a Pureblood.”
“Don’t say that....”
“I hate my family and the curse of being a Parselmouth. My father, he enjoys it. He sets the garden snakes on the House Elves every chance he gets as their punishment.” Salazar looked away at the distressed look on Helga’s beautiful face. The House Elves surrounding him whimpered but continued with their work, as they appeared one by one in the kitchen, alerting Salazar just how late it had become. They had finished their nocturnal chores. Dawn was quickly approaching, Salazar stood,
“Well, I must bid you goodnight Helga. It appears dawn will be upon us soon enough.”
“Oh, right of course. G’night Salazar. Don’t beat yourself up too much. And please consider ridding the castle of the Monster.”
“I will Helga.” He kissed her cheek, and left. 
Perhaps it was Helena that had brought out the change in him, or perhaps it was because he hadn’t had any communication with his parents. Salazar admitted that he had changed, but his prejudice towards those with lesser blood still remained. Helga, she was different, she definitely didn’t act or seem like a Mudblood. Perhaps she had been adopted. Salazar found himself in his private chambers, he longed for sleep but he had a very early Advanced Potions lesson that evening. Sighing, he changed robes and went down to the classroom. His students seemed to notice how exhausted he seemed. It had been like this for months, the monster was getting difficult to control. It could smell its prey. Salazar had to do something anything at all to save the students, to save Helga. If he had to leave Hogwarts, then so be it. He would act as his old self, it was no secret he was racist, Godric only put up with him because of their long friendship. Rowena wouldn’t hesitate to kick him out...Helga though, she would fight for him, he’d have to break her heart. The thought shattered him. Tonight he would give the monster the order. To slumber for an eternity or until an heir arrived and awoke it. The only way, Salazar thought, that Godric would banish him from Hogwarts, was to murder a Mudblood student...himself. Or, propose an outlandish new rule about the acceptance of Mudbloods and Half Bloods into the school. Only Purebloods, Godric would come to blows with him about that, he was sure of it. It was settled, he would call a private meeting between the founders, and propose the idea he didn’t believe in anymore. Tell Godric is was him or the rule, and if Godric refused to accept it, refused to accept his bluff, Salazar would draw his wand on his eldest friend



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