Finding Hogwarts

Everyone knows about Hogwarts, one of the best Wizarding schools in the Wizarding world. They know about the famous students, they know about the trick step, the moving staircases, the crazy teachers, and of course the Forbidden Forest...but what still is shrouded in mystery...are its founders.

Follow the makings of the famous school as Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salthazar make the school in their image, and the famous parseltongue himself creates his monster. This is Finding Hogwarts, long before Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort even were thought of.


1. A Meeting...

London, England

993 A.D


It was rainy, cold, and dreary. Godric Gryffindor walked briskly, his robes billowing behind him. The mist seemed to instantly evaporate before it even hit him. Any passerby would assume he worked for the king just by the elegance of his robes. But any passing wizard or witch would recognize him immediately as one of the greatest, and bravest wizards in the wizarding world. Godric entered a pub, that went unnoticed by the average person, for all purposes when referring to these people, wizards called them Muggles. Godric sat at a corner table; already occupied by three wizards. A wizard, clouded in shadows, and two witches. The women looked at the man, masked in said shadows with unease. The rumors surrounding the man causing the reaction. The gathering of these wizards was odd, because they seemed to have nothing in common. Godric, regal, elegant, and handsome sat, next to the dark haired, slouched over, but handsome shadow cloaked wizard. The women couldn't be more different, one was regal, dark haired, and gorgeous, her power radiated off of her in waves, the other was fair haired, her robes could use updating, but she still carried an other worldly charm. Godric addressed them separately, ignoring the whispers from the other patrons.

"Good morrow Helga, Rowena...Salazar."

"And to you Godric." The dark haired witch replied stiffly, still eyeing the dark haired wizard.

"Yes, now do tell us why you summoned us." The fair haired witch asked.

"Well, Helga I want your help opening a school for young witches and wizards to come learn and grow safely away from the Muggle populace." Godric said addressing the fair haired witch.

"For Purebloods surely, Godric?" Salazar spoke suddenly.

"Well, you can choose whom you like in your house." 

"House?" Rowena questioned. Her pretty face contorted in confusion.

"Yes the four of us will split the students into four groups, the Houses will be named for us."

"Sounds promising. But of course there is a matter of tuition." Rowena said

"Well, there will be a small fee of ten galleons."

"Ten galleons? That's a bit much, don't you think?" Helga asked.

"Not really, the ten galleons covers all seven years." Godric reassured Helga.

"Well, if you're sure" Helga said. "I'm in."

"Me too." Rowena said happily.

"I suppose I will give it a go." Salazar said.

"Good. I have a list of all the wizarding children in England and Scotland. I have been building a castle near a small wizarding town called Hogsmeade."

"Is it finished Godric?" Helga inquired.

"I just received word by owl today actually, that they finished construction."

"Good. We shall leave immediately." Rowena said. "We must protect our school!"

"Let us go then!" Godric led them to an alley behind the pub and moved his wand across the stone. 

"Why are we going to Diagon Alley?" Salazar questioned lazily.

"I have to retrieve a few things, that is all."

"Why, what is it?" Helga asked curiously.

"We won't live forever, so I commissioned a hat maker to create a magical hat that will choose students based on what we are looking for in our Houses. Mine will be bravery, loyalty, intelligence, and wit." Godric said proudly.

"Mine shall be, loyalty, justice, and patience!"

"And mine, shall be a fine mind, wit, and intellect."

"And mine shall be, cunning, perseverance, loyalty, and of course the purest of blood."  

"Mine shall be, intelligence, loyalty, and as long as they try their best they are greatest wizard or witch to me!" Helga Hufflepuff said airly.

"So this hat of yours, it will choose the students based on the qualities we treasure most?" Salazar questioned.

"That is the plan. Of course, the hat maker isn't performing the charm, it will be us who will charm the hat, then we will place it on each of our heads, and it will read our personalities, henceforth creating the ideal traits for our houses, so even after our deaths, the school will live on."

"What a splendid idea Godric." Rowena said. Godric stopped in front of a hat shop and went inside.

"Mister Gryffindor! I suppose you are here for the hat then?"

"Yes, Mister Puffleman."  

"Follow me then." The old wizard led them into a back room and handed them a very handsome hat, made from the finest velvet and satin. It was black, a customary hat color. Godric took out his wand and tapped the hat,

"Animari!" Godric said loudly. The hat, ripped at the seam that connected it to the rim, and began to sing;

"I am more than just a hat,

Place me on your head

And I'll tell you what you desire.

Tell me my purpose

And I shall continue it

For all time,"


"Helga, you go first." Helga stepped forth and picked up the hat, and placed it on her head.

"Hufflepuff. You value intelligence, but not too much, loyalty, and compassion. I shall remember this for all time."

Salazar went next, the hat seemed to shudder, and the the process continued until at last all four wizards had imprinted their values onto the hat. 

"Thank you again Mister Puffleman." Godric said handing over the coins.

"Good luck in your endeavor Mister Gryffindor. I await the letter for my son and daughter."

"They will come good sir." Godric said happily. Once outside the shop, he turned to his companions, "Off to the school then." Godric held onto them and the Apparated into the village of Hogsmeade. It was a quaint town, with mostly little huts, very little shops, and not much to do. Godric took off towards the northern part of the village and the others hurried to follow. They made their way up a path, and then all four of them gasped. The castle was ginormous and grand.

"Welcome to our new home and school." Godric said proudly. "Come on then." Godric took off towards the front entrance leaving the others, gaping at the spectacular sight.

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