What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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39. 37 Finding Truths

37 Finding Truths


Ashton's POV

I got up at around 7am. The boys are still asleep. The morning is peaceful. We're supposed to resume the tour in 2 days so I guess we have to hurry this up.

I took a shower and bought some breakfast for me and the boys.


"Hey Luke. Glad you can make it." I smiled. "Breakfast?" I said offering him some food.

"Thanks." He smiled.

The two of us ate breakfast together since Calum and Michael are still asleep.

"So uh. Ash?"


"Look, I'm sorry if I've been such an asshole to you and Skye. I know it's my fault that Skye left. I was careless and a fool."

"Hey, it's all in the past now. I hope you're not all miserable anymore. It's been 3 years. Moving on is hard but when that happens, it's the best thing that will ever happen to you." I said as I patted his back. He nodded.

"Hey guys." Calum said. "How about enough drama and let's go back to solving this shit ey?"

"Yeah. How about that. Bros again?" Luke smiled at me.

"Bros again." I smiled and we fist bumped.

"Glad that everything's back to normal." Michael said.

So we changed and then got back into Michael's car. We began searching for Madison Rayleigh. After this, I hope everything goes back to normal again.

Skye's POV

I'm on the way to the supermarket now to buy some groceries back at home. Me and Ashton are also planning to move out to a new apartment around Sydney when he comes back so we won't bother his mum.

"Skye Parker!" I heard someone call out my name.

I turned to see who it was and well,

"Arzaylea." I said.

"Oh I'm so glad you know who I am. So flattering really." This fake ass bish.

I tried to walk away to avoid any fight and well, avoid her but she held my wrist and pulled me back.

"You know, it's rude to walk away when someone's talking right? Didn't your parents teach you that?" She raised her right eyebrow.

"Hey, I walk away when I want to." I said as I slap her hand away.

"Ho ho. Look at that. Little Skye Parker got some fire." She mocked.

"What do you want Arzaylea?" I said and tried to walk away again.

"You got some confidence there babe. You're lucky you didn't got exposed to public or you're gonna be a miserable, sad piece of shit teenager." She said.

I can't say anything. What she said was true. I am lucky enough to not be exposed or I'll get hate and all the bad stuff, I know because I was part of fandoms.

"See? You got nothing to say." She spat. "If I were you, best to leave the boys alone."

"So what? You could have them for yourself? Excuse me! I never did anything wrong! It's you who should stay away from them! All you want is fame and money. I know you don't love Luke! You're just a stunt and doing it all for the money so you can spend it on clothes and drugs!"

"Stop it!" She said. "You don't know me."

"Well, I guess I do now." I said. "You can't hide the real you forever. You're such a fake ass bitch! Do you know that? No, cause you only care for yourself! No wonder the 5sos fam or any fangirls like you, even the boys don't like you!"


"Come on Arzaylea. Throw away all that fake crap and show me what you got." I said. "I dare you."

She was silent. I feel bad for saying offensive words but she left me no choice. I don't want to look weak.

"Fine then." She said. Holding back her tears. "You think you can fight me? Not a chance." Her voice was a bit shaky "If it's gonna come down between me and you, it's gonna be Me." she told me those words and left.

I felt sorry but not sorry? I don't know. She deserved that.

Ashton's POV

"Excuse me, does a girl named Madison Rayleigh live here?" I asked a somewhat old woman who was cleaning her yard, I guess.

"Eh? You're looking for Maddie?" She asked quite surprised.

"Yes. We heard she lives here."

"I'll call Maddie for you. I'm Maddie's nan by the way. All of you are such handsome young men, you know that?" She said as she went inside. "Come on inside."

"I'm guessing this is Madison's nan." Michael whispered.

"Shut up." I elbowed him lightly.

All of us went inside the house awkwardly and sat down the couch. Waiting.

A girl suddenly walked in the living room. She was shocked.

"Who are you people?" She asked.

Okay? That was rude. Well, she had long black hair, she was wearing jean shorts and sneakers and a black star wars shirt. She was pretty and she looked young, 16 maybe?

"Uh we're here to see, Madison Rayleigh. Is she here?" I asked.

"Oh. It's no surprise." She rolled her eyes. "I'll call her."

She went upstairs.

"She had an attitude." Calum whispered.

"But she's hot." Michael said.

"Shut up!" I said.

Madison's nan showed up with cookies on a platter and served us some juice.

"Oh thank you." We said.

"You boys call me if you need anything." She smiled and then went back outside.

"YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH! DO YOU KNOW THAT?!" a door slammed.

Then we heard footsteps descending.

"Well that was crazy." Luke whispered.

"Hey. Sorry about that---what?!" The girl infront of us was shocked. "What are you--?"

"Are you Madison Rayleigh?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes I am." She said. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We'd like to ask some questions."

"Look, if its about the issue. I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to tell you guys about it." She said.

"How much did she pay you? Will double or triple it." Luke said.

"I don't think so." She said.

"Please, we just want to know who asked you to do that." I asked.

"You guys have to leave." She said.

"We're not leaving until we got what we came for! We've drove miles just to see you! You can't do that!" Michael said.

"Oh but I can." She said. "Look, it's nothing personal between me and you guys."

"Please Madison." I begged.

"She's my close friend. I don't want to betray her." She said.

"We want our lives to be peaceful. We wanted to keep safe about issues in our personal lives. The whole world doesn't have to know about our personal issues. We want our lives to be respected. Please Madison. We promise we won't tell him/her that you told us." I said.

"Okay. It was...Arzaylea." She said in the quietest tone.

"I knew it!" Calum said.

"Please. Don't tell her that I told you. Arzaylea is really dear to me. She's my closest friend since we were in high school." Madison begged.

"Of course we won't. Thank you so much Madison. We owe you big time." I said.

We drove back to LA just in time for a quick rehearsal for tomorrow's show. I can't really believe it. Why would Arzaylea want to destroy us?  I thought she loved Luke.

Luke's POV

I went straight to my apartment to get changed for band rehearsal later. I can't believe she did this. Why would she? As I opened my door, Arzaylea's shirt was on the floor. I picked it up.

"I thought you loved me."

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