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38. 36 Sleuths

36 Sleuths

Ashton's POV

Our manager gave us some more information about this Madison Rayleigh. There isn't much about her since the media company won't give her info out since it's what they call 'confidential'

We got on Michael's car to downtown Los Angeles to find Rayleigh's apartment.


We arrived at this apartment building which happens to be where Madison Rayleigh lives.

"She lives in apartment 17." Calum said as he read.

"This is it. Apartment 17." I said.

I pressed the doorbell but a few minutes later, no one answered. I tried knocking but still no answer.

"Hello? Madison Rayleigh?" I asked.

The door next to Rayleigh's apartment opened.

"Hey. What are you guys doin'?" The young girl said as she leaned at her doorstep, chewing her gum and looked at us. She's a pretty girl, her height is as tall as almost my shoulder, her purple hair draping beautifully on her shoulders with her lip piercing complementing her face nicely. She was so punk rock!

"We're uh, looking for Madison Rayleigh." Michael said.

"Oh so you guys are here to see Madz. You guys her boy toys?" She smirked. "Well, sorry boys. She moved to Fresno, California two days ago." She said as she blew a bubble with her gum.

"What?! She moved?!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah. I don't really know why she had to move. She's my best gal. I just saw her and another hot girl here but she had the bitchiest attitude so I didn't got to say goodbye to Madz." She said.

"Wait, another girl? What's her name? Can you describe her?" I asked.

"She was tall and had long platinum blonde hair and she was wearing this blue bandana like thing on her head and she was so hot with her jeans and all. That's all I can remember and I don't know the gal." She shrugged

"Uhm, is that all? Um, where exactly in Fresno did Madison move?" Calum asked.

"I don't really know. She never said anything." She said.

"Do you have her number?" I asked. Hoping she would give Madison's number.

"Well, sorry boys. I can't really give it to ya. Madz don't like it when I give her number to others. Only she can do it."

"Come on. It's not like we're gonna hurt her and we need to talk to her." I said. Ok, I'm starting to lose my cool here.

"No can do. Bye." She said as she slammed her door.

"Wait! Miss! Please! We'll do anything!" I banged on her door. The door opened.

"Hold your horses there! I know who you guys are! You're 5 Seconds of Summer right? I never knew Madz scored some good shit!" She suddenly blurted out. She seemed so cool earlier it's like I don't even know if she knows who we are.

"Uh yeah so are you gonna give us Madison's num---"

"Wait. Aren't there supposed to be 5 of you?" She asked.

"There are only four of us and the last one couldn't make it here today." Michael said.

"Then why are you called 5 Seconds of Summer when there's only four of you?"

"I don't know! Now, are you gonna give us her number or not?!" I'm trying to lose my shit here!

"Okay, okay. But first, I need 20 bucks." She said.


"You said you'd do anything, then it's 20 bucks. That's all I'm asking. You guys are superstars. 20 bucks ain't gonna hurt ya." She said.

"Ok then here's your 20 bucks." I said as I give her the money. "Now, phone number."

She handed us Madison Rayleigh's phone number and we tried calling it but unfortunately, she was out of reach.

"So what now?" Michael asked.

"Don't tell me we're going to Fresno?" Calum said.

"Oh yes we are going to Fresno."

"Why is this such a big deal for you Ash? I mean, the article's down. Why would you wanna waste your time on this? We're resuming our world tour in a couple of days so instead of doing this nonsense investigation, we should be rehearsing!" Calum stated.

"Fine then. I can go there myself." I said.

"This is no time to argue! Calum shut up. We're solving this mystery for the safety of our future conversations. What if something like this happens again?" Michael said. "This'll be the end of our career you idiot."

"Ok fine! Let's go." Calum groaned.

We got on Michael's car again and drove to Fresno. This is one hell of a ride, Fresno's too far but we need to deal with this first-hand.


We arrived in Fresno and it's already dark. We decided to check in a motel to stay in for the night.

"I'm exhausted!" Calum said as he flopped on the bed. "I could sleep for days!"

"That girl in the front desk looked disgusted. Look, just because there's three of us and we checked in a motel doesn't mean we're doing some kind of threesome or something." Michael said as he entered the shower.

"So time for the search to start." I said as I layed down a map.

"Can't we just do it tomorrow? I'm bushed." Calum groaned. "And you need to get some rest too." He said.

"Yeah. Go ahead I'll just connect some proofs here." I replied.

I sat down on my bed and went on to gather some proof. Michael just got out of the shower. We ordered some pizza for dinner and later on, both of them fell asleep.

*ring ring*

My phone ringed. Who could be calling me at this time of the night?!

I looked at it and it was Luke.


Where the hell are you guys?!

"It's none of your business."

Seriously?! Hello? Am I still part of this band? I know what you guys are up to. You're looking for the girl who reported it right?

"So? You already know then why ask?"

You crazy motherfuckers! Where are you? I'm coming too.

"You sure? But first, no disagreeing and getting hot-headed, alright? We have no time for those bullshits."

Yeah alright. Tell me where the heck are you!

"We're in Fresno, California. Get your ass up here as soon as you can. We're in  Arrow Motel, room 211."

Ok. Be right there.

*phone call ended*

I put my phone on the nightstand. I think it's time for me to rest. Still got busy day tomorrow.

Good night.


Hey guys! I'm sorry again, this is gonna have some sloooow updates cause school and life and boyfriend but don't worry, sembreak is coming so that means, more time and updates :D Do you guys have any suggestions for the story? You can dm me on instagram or facebook just comment on here so I can give you my account. Ok gotta Zayn!

-Jana xx

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