What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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30. 29 Daddy Instincts

29 Daddy Instincts


Luke's POV

3 days since Arzaylea and I broke up. It's been really stressful and depressing. Not because I broke up with her but, I wanted to see Skye right away. So I've made up my mind that when I go back to London, she'll be the first person I'll be going to.

Incoming call...

Calum Au

"What is it bro?"

where you at?

"Just walking. Going to target later."

Really? Can I come? I'm really bored.

"Yeah sure. Meet me at target."

Okay. See ya.

Phone call ended...

I arrived at target and waited for a couple minutes for Calum to arrive.

We high-fived and entered the shop.

"So what're you buying?" He asked.

"Just some stuff." I replied.

"Okay. Me too. I'll find something interesting here." He smiled.

We walked around Target for an hour now. I know it's long but Calum hasn't figured out what he wanted to buy and I forgot some things I needed to buy but I've got the stuff that I remembered.

We walked around some more then we saw a little girl crying. She must be lost.

"Cal. She might be lost." I nudged Calum.

"Yeah. We should bring her to customer service." He said and I nodded.

We both approach the little girl who I think is aged 3 years old.

"Hey little girl. Are you lost?" I cooed and she nodded. She looked at me and I was stunned. She almost looks

"Whoah. Luke, she almost looks like you." Calum whispered.

I wiped her tears off her cheeks.

"I'll take you back to your mommy okay?" I said and she just nodded and I carried her.

I have this weird feeling inside me. It's like I'm already attatched to this little girl. I just can't get over it that she almost looks like me. Her eyes, her nose, it's all me. I can tell.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Aly." She sniffed.

"Okay Aly. My name is Luke. Don't cry now okay? We're going to help you find your mommy." I cooed to her and she just held tight on my shoulders.

This little girl is really different from little girls I've held before. It's like I don't wanna let her go. She's so precious for me. I felt this connection to her as our eyes met earlier and trust me, I, too am weirded out.

We reached the customer service and Calum told the lady in the customer service everything and then paged for the mother. We waited for a few minutes.

"Luke, we have to go. Michael called and he said we have an urgent band meeting." Calum said.

"But the mom is not here yet!" I said.

"We need to go. I'm sure they'll look after the little girl until the mom gets her." Cal insisted.

"Okay." I sighed. I looked back at Aly. "Hey Aly. I have to go now. I'm sure your mom will come back for you here. I promise."

"Ok." She said and she hugged me. I didn't see that coming.

"Okay. Be a good girl okay and always stay close to mommy so you don't get lost again." I smiled and she nodded.

Me and Calum walked away and I waved goodbye to her and so did she.

"Thank you mister Luke!" She shouted.

I just smiled at her and continued to walk away.

"Whoah Luke. You quickly got attached to that little girl over there." Calum said.

"Yeah. I don't even know why. I hope I'll see her again. Not to be such a weirdo okay?"

"I understand."

"ALYY!" We heard a scream from the other aisle beside where we were walking. That must be the mom.

Skye's POV

"ALYY!" I couldn't help but scream as I ran towards her and hugged her.


"I was worried! Don't you run off like that again okay?" I said.

I thanked the people who looked after her in the customer service and we walk back to the car.

I set her in her car seat and after that, I went to the driver's seat.

I drove us back home.

"How did you find your way there honey?" I asked her.

"Two misters helped me mommy." She smiled.

"Do you know their names so we could thank them?"

"Only Mr. Luke mommy." She answered.

Luke?! No, there's a lot of guys named Luke here. It musn't be Luke as in Luke Hemmings. No. But if it was Luke, he wouldn't know that Aly's his child.

"Okay honey." I smiled.

This day is so messed up.

We arrived at the house and I carried her together with the stuff I bought and I left her in the living room with Lauren and Harry.

"Lauren, where's Ashton?" I asked her.

"He said they had an urgent band meeting today." She replied.

"Okay." I said and went to the kitchen to drink some cold water.

"Luke, Luke, Luke." I whispered to myself as I thought. That's the nearest he's gone with Aly. But he doesn't know Skye so just chill and you're not even sure if it's really Hemmings. So calm down. It might be other Lukes.

"Are you okay Skye?" Harry entered the kitchen.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I smiled. "What do you guys want for lunch?"

"Anything will do! You're the best cook ever!" He giggled.

"Well, ok. How does spaghetti sound?"

"YUM!" He chirped.

"Then spaghetti it is!" I smiled and Harry went back to the living room.

Stop overthinking Skye.


"Hey Skye? Babe? I'm home!" I heard Ashton's voice downstairs. Everyone's asleep so why is he calling out to me so loud when he could just come up here.

I stood up and went downstairs.

"It's 9:43pm Ash. Everyone's asleep why are you yelling?" I said.

"Sorry." He just smiled sheepishly.

"And why the hell are you home late?"

"Sorry. We had a band meeting and well, went out a little bit." He answered.

"Did you drink?" I asked.

"Just 3 shots." He answered. "I don't want you letting me sleep on the couch again." He giggled.

"Silly. Did you ate dinner?" I asked again and he just nodded.

We both went upstairs to our bedroom. Ashton took a shower while I was just reading my book. I gotta tell Ashton about what happend earlier.

"Hey babe? Would you please charge my phone?" He asked nicely and I just nodded.

After Ashton slipped on a pair of sweatpants, he cuddled to me in bed. He doesn't really like wearing a shirt in bed unless it's cold.

"How was your day?" He asked as we're cuddled under the sheets.

"It was insane."

"Do tell me about it." He said as he sit up straight while staring at me in curiousness.

"I went to target with Aly today because I needed to buy some stuff but then I lost her." I started. "Then I was so worried because I couldn't find her anywhere. The customer service suddenly announced of a lost child so I quickly ran there. As me and Aly we're in the car on the way home, I asked her if she knows the names of the one who helped her. She said it was two guys but she only knew the name of the other guy, which was Luke."

"Luke?!" Ashton's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I was shocked but somehow I thought that a lot of guys are named Luke so what are the chances?" I shrugged.

"Yeah but actually, Luke and Calum told me the same story." Ashton said.

"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

"They told me and Michael that they just came from target and that they found a lost little girl who looks so much like Luke!"

"You have got to be kidding me." I face palmed.

"I wish I was but now that you've told me that story of yours, I guess now it makes sense why they said the little girl looked so much like Luke. I mean who could possibly be attached to a lost little girl right  away?" Ashton said.


"Calum told me that Luke got instantly attached to the little girl and never even wanted to leave her until the mom arrives."

"I think that's what they call 'Daddy Instincts'." I said.

"Now you should be more careful outside now that Luke's here." Ashton said.

"Yeah." I nodded.

We both lay down. I closed my eyes and thought.

I have to be more careful with Luke around and I think it's funny cause we're treating Luke as a dangerous threat to us but actually not. Oh Goodnight.

Let's just hope for the best.


Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating for a really looooong time! I have been really busy travelling around cause you know the saying: ENJOY SUMMER WHILE IT LASTS! Lol. Ok. But I promise I'll update when I can. Thanks for reading ❤️


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