What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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22. 22 Something Strange

22 Something Strange


Michael's POV

I just recieved good news from Ashton. He sent me a picture of them with the baby. I'm in LA so too bad I couldn't hold the little angel.

"Hey Michael! What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Calum yelled from downstairs.

"Uh yeah! Coming!"

I keep on staring at the picture, the baby has a resemblance of Luke. I don't know but since it's a newborn it's features are still too hard to determine.

"What took you so long mate?" Calum whined.

"I was looking for my jean jacket." I said. We are going songwriting today for our new album. It's only me and Calum today.

"Luke? You okay mate?" I asked Luke. "You look like shit."

"I don't know mate. My head's killing me and my stomach's turning." He answered.

"Ofcourse you feel like that. You've been drinking a lot since last night." Calum rolled his eyes.

"Why has he been drinking?" I asked Calum. "And why are you drinking too much?" I turned to Luke. "Is it Arzaylea again?"

"Yeah I think so too. Well, is it Luke?" Calum seconded.

"No. It's not her." Luke growled.

"Then what? You couldn't be drowning yourself in alcohol if you don't have any problems."

"It's..Skye." He said in then lowest voice ever.

"Who? Skye? You mean Skye Parker?" Calum said and Luke just nodded.

"Well, what about Arzaylea?" I asked.

"I don't know anymore! I mean I wanted to get back with Arzaylea too because I thought I can't handle a long distance relationship with Skye but now I realized I love her more than Arzaylea."

"Well, fuck you dude." That's the only thing that I said and went outside to the car. Tsk. If only he knew.

"What was that all about Mikey?" Calum followed me in the car.

"I don't know. I was just pissed about how Luke acted. He made her believe in false hope Cal!" I ranted.

"I know. I thought about that too. If Skye liked me and not Luke, I would've given her all the love she deserves." Calum said.

"What do you mean?"

"I was just saying mate. I mean, it's not that hard to like her." Calum said.

"Wait, What?" I said. I'm so confused right now.

"Just forget about it mate. You won't understand."

"No. I get it. You like her?" I squint my eyes on him.

"So now you get it." He chuckled.

"What?! So you do like her?" I exclaimed but he just laughed.

"No. Well, okay. I liked her the first time but when I found out that Luke and Ashton had an eye for her, I convinced myself to stop." Calum explained.

"What? So if you didn't know that the both of them liked her, you would--?"

"Yes Michael. Okay? We have to focus on songwriting and not on unnecessary things okay?" He said and patted my back.

Wow, so Skye really is that attractive. My mates like her and well, I shouldn't deny but I, too have a little crush on her but it's only a little crush. It just means she's just that attractive.

Luke's POV

The number you dialled is out of coverage area. Please try your call later.

"What the fuck!!!" I screamed and threw my phone. Why can't my call go through?! Ugh!

"Dude what the fuck?" I heard Michael yell.

"Would you calm down?"  Calum said.

"Shut up!" I yelled at them.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Michael pulled on my collar.

"Whoah dude calm down." Calum said to Michael.

"Let go of me!" I slapped Michael's hand off me. Michael just stared at me with darker eyes than usual and the two of them exited the room.

I heard them talk to someone then I saw Arzaylea walk towards me.

"Luke! What happend?" She sat down beside me. I took my glass and drank more liquor.

"Would you stop that?!" She took away my glass. "You're drunk! Why are you drinking?" She said.

"Nothing in your concern." I spat.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She screamed.

"Go away."

Michael's POV

I felt something strange about Luke today. Skye just gave birth to their first child and Luke suddenly remembered her. Is this just me or is this some kind of weirdness theory? I mean, it's been months since Luke and Arzaylea went back together and they had no problems at all and suddenly Luke remembered Skye and he now says he loves her more than Arzaylea but the thing is, the day Luke remembered Skye, is when she delivered their first child. Did he felt something even if he didn't know? Is this somekind of daddy instinct or it's just a coincidence?

"Hey Michael. What are you thinking? You're like, in too deep." Calum said.

"No-nothing." I said.

"So do you know when Ashton's flying here?" He asked.

"Tomorrow." I answered.

"Okay well, I'm going clubbing today with the guys. You wanna come?"

"No thanks Cal." I said. He nodded and went on his way.

I was left in the hotel room all by myself. Ashton texted me.

From Ashton Private

Yo Michael. Open your laptop let's skype.

I opened my laptop and lied on the bed waiting for Ashton's call.

After minutes of waiting, the familiar sound of an incoming skype call rang. I answered it.

"Hey Ash! Sup?" I greeted him.

"Still overwhelmed." He giggled. "You?"

"I'm good." I said. "Where's the little tyke?"

"Right here." He said and adjusted his laptop. He was carrying the baby in one arm.

"She's so cute and small." I said.

"I know." He giggled.

"Hey Aly. I'm so excited to carry you. You're so small. Hope you grow up to be a big, strong girl like your mum." I talked to the baby.

"You hear that? Uncle Michael is excited." Ashton cooed to Aly.

"So is she an Irwin or a Parker?"

"Irwin. This little princess is an Irwin." He said.

"Cool. So you really are a dad now." I laughed. "Besides the old rumors and fans calling you daddy, you are now officially one."

"Yeah." He giggled. "But you know this has to be a secret. The paps forgot about the me and mystery girl dating rumors so I guess when Skye goes out it would be totally fine."

"Yeah speaking of Skye, where is she?" I asked.

"She's in bed. The whole baby thing made her super exhausted and she's still bleeding."

"Oh I see." I said. "Well, tell her congratulations and see you soon."

"Yeah sure." He said. "I got to go Mikey, it's feeding time for baby. See you tomorrow."

"Okay bye Ash. See ya."

I lied down again and thought about what I was thinking earlier.

"What are you thinking Michael?! Ugh. Daddy instincts, coincidence, weirdness theory, craziness! What the fuck." I muttered to myself and closed my eyes. Better just sleep it off.


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