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21. 21 Baby? Baby.

21 Baby? Baby.


Ashton's POV

"Babe? I'm gonna go and pick your mum and dad in the airport now." I said as I entered our room. I sat down on the edge of the bed, beside her. She's still in bed rest since she just gave birth yesterday. She's holding Aly in her arms right now since she's gonna breastfeed her. I kissed her on her forehead and went off.

"Be careful on the road, okay?" She said.


I'm currently driving to the airport. I'm a bit nervous since it's my first time meeting her parents and she's not even with me. Her mom is nice since I talked to her last time tey skyped but I don't know about her dad. I hope he won't be like her big brother, Ethan.

I arrived at the airport and I waited for them on the arrivals gate. I kept on looking in the crowd of the people who just arrived and I saw her mum.

"Mrs. Parker!" I called her. She seemed to be looking for me also. She turned and she saw me. She smiled at me and waved and walked towards me.

"Hello there Ashton." She smiled and hugged me. "You are such a fine young man."

"Thank you Mrs. Parker." I smiled then a tall man followed her. That must be Skye's father.

"Jordan, hon! Come here. Meet the young man." Mrs. Parker called.

"Hello sir! I'm Ashton." I smiled and handing out my hand to shake hands. Skye's father seems like he's always grumpy. He looks like he's gonna kill me any time now. But he shook hands with me.

"Hello." He said.

"Let's go to the car?" I said. "Let me carry your things." I offered.

"I can do it son. No worry." Mr. Parker said and pushed their cart.

We are all in the car and it's kinda a bit awkward. Mr. Parker is in shotgun and Mrs. Parker at the back.

"We'd like to thank you Ashton for taking good care of our daughter." Mrs. Parker said and I just nodded and smiled.

"So Ashton, I expect you can provide for my daughter and grandchild." Mr. Parker said.

"Yes, ofcourse sir." I replied.

"Honey, he is an artist, he can do it." Mrs. Parker said.

"Well what if he's not famous anymore?"

"I'm pretty sure he has savings." She replied. "Will you stop talking about money?! The important thing is that they are happy." Mrs. Parker said in an irritated voice.

"I want the best for our daughter Diane! We have given everything she ever wanted and I still want that for her!" Mr. Parker said.

"Uh don't worry Mr. Parker. I want the best for Skye and my daughter too. I would give them everything that I can."

"Good." Mr. Parker said. "If that's what you want, we'll get along just fine." He said and tapped my shoulder and I just smiled. He isn't bad as I thought, though he is a bit grumpy but he's not violent like Ethan.

We arrived at home. My mom greeted them by the door and they are getting along well. I went upstairs to check and Skye. She's still in bed, not asleep but reading a book while Aly is beside her, sleeping.

"Hey babe." I said and kissed her cheek.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Your mom and dad are downstairs." I said.

"Yeah, I could hear them." She giggled and put her book down.

"They want to see you." I said and wrapped my arms around her and she cuddled to me.

"Yeah, a bit later." She giggled.

"Ehem." Both of us let go of eachother when Mr. Parker appeared at the door with Mrs. Parker and mum.

"Mom! Dad!" She smiled and her parents walked to her.

"Sweetie. We missed you! It's been a while." Her mom said and hugged her.

"Dad." She smiled at her dad but her dad looks upset or something. Her smile slowly disappeared when she noticed. "I-I---" she hadn't finished what she was about to say because her dad suddenly hugged her.

"Da-dad?" She said. Her eyes beggining tear up. Everyone in the room was silent. Then her dad pulled out of their emotional dad-daughter hug.

"I just...couldn't...ugh...I miss you my little pumpkin." Her dad said to her.

"Oh here we go again. Would you stop being so emotional, Jordan?" Her mom joked.

"Yeah dad." She laughed then all of them laughed, well including me.

"How are you sweetheart?" Her mom asked.

"I'm good." She answered. Then I heard Aly coo and she moved her arms.

"Looks like someone has noticed her grandparents' presence." I smiled. Skye got Aly in her arms and rocked her. They looked at her with loving eyes.

"Ohhh! Is that her? She's such an angel." Mrs. Parker said in a soft voice.

"What's her name?" Mr. Parker asked.

"It's Alyanna but Aly for short." Skye answered.

"Who's family name is he using?"

"Ashton's family name." She answered. "Her full name is Alyanna Kate Irwin."

"Ok." Mr. Parker nodded. "She's so beautiful."

Mr. and Mrs. Parker are fussing about Aly. I went out the room to give them some private time together.

Skye's POV

"So, how long are you going to stay here?" I asked them.

"3 days. Our boss just given us a 4-day leave." Mom said. "We booked in a hotel nearby so we won't bother the Irwins." She continued.

We took the time to talk and catch up on things until we realized it was already dinner time. I stayed in bed since my body still hurts.

"It's okay hun. It's always like that the first time you give birth." Mom smiled.

"Yeah. It's a pain." I chuckled.

"Don't worry Mrs. Parker. I take good care of her always!" Ashton cheerfully said.

"I know honey." Mom smiled at him and went downstairs with dad.

"Dinner is served." Ashton giggled and settled the tray on the table beside me.

"Thanks babe." I smiled.

He joined me in dinner then time to feed Aly. Ashton cleaned up and went downstairs to wash the dishes so now's the time to feed Aly. Mom and dad had said goodbye and that they are going back to their hotel and they'll come by again tomorrow.

Breastfeed time was done and Aly is fast asleep. I put her beside me then Ashton came back.

"Hey babe."

"Sshh. She's asleep." I said.

"Oh! Sorry." He smiled sheepishly and sat down beside me on the bed and put his arm around my shoulder. "You tired?" He asked.

"A little." I answered.

"Let me put Aly on her crib." Ashton said and stood up and got Aly in his arms and put her on her crib beside me and he jumped back on the bed.

"You should get some rest babe." I said.

"Yeah. Mmh." He moaned.

I laid beside him and listened to his steady heartbeat in his chest.

"I love you so much Skye." He cooed while stroking my hair.

"Mmh. I love you too." I whispered but loud enough for him to hear. I feel him smile and close his eyes.

I know this is crazy but I still think about Luke. How he felt, how he smells, how his skin touches mine. But I should forget about him. I'm happy with Ashton. He makes me feel special, I know Luke did too but it just couldn't be. He's happy now that he and Arzaylea are back together. Every night I couldn't sleep in peace but I think now, I can. I can sleep in peace with Ashton right beside me and Aly. I couldn't ask for anything else.

Starting over isn't as bad as I thought. Being with the people you love and love you back, it's the greatest thing ever.


Hey! Sorry for the long wait. I've been super busy with school because I'm going to senior high omg! We have a moving up ceremony that's why I'm busy because we have to practice and I got a lot of things to do so my clearance gets signed omg I know u guys don't care I'm just saying the reason why I haven't updated in like, 6 days? Okay... ILYSM and TYSM for reading and commenting and all that ❤️❤️❤️❤️ That means so much!!' Be updating soon! Oh and btw have you seen those Luke and arzaylea pictures recently? Omg :(( but anyways I dont stan larzaylea but dont hate them either ok lol this is getting to long lol.

Be updating soon xx

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