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19. 19 Moving (on) Day

19 Moving (on) Day


Skye's POV

I just wasted my whole day doing nothing. Ashton wouldn't let me go out of the house because he said the paparazzi are still on to me. We didn't know that there were some paparazzi at the airport the day me and Ash flew back here in London. So yeah, the pictures went trending and I became Ashton Irwin's mystery girlfriend. No one caught a picture of my face or even got name that's why they are on to me.

I heard the familiar ringtone for Skype call and I saw it was my mum. I answered the call and her face flashed om my screen.

"Skye, sweetie. How are you?" She said.

"I'm fine mom. How about you and dad?" I asked.

"Were good." She said

"Why'd you call? Is there something wrong?"

"No nothing's wrong. I just missed you." She said. "Don't you miss your mommy?"

"Mooooom." I whined. "You know I miss you guys everyday."

"So when's your due date honey so we could book our flight."

"I don't know yet. Maybe around July." I said.

"Oh honey. I hope you'll be okay. You're so young and yet here you are."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you guys. I know you had high expectations of me and yet--"

"Shoosh. I know baby. Just don't stress out about it. It already happend and we can't do anything about it but to accept it." She explained. "We still love you the same."

"I love you too."

"Anyways, I saw your photos at social media. What happend? I thought nobody knew about you going to Australia with that Asher guy?"

"I don't know too and mom, also it's Ashton not Asher." I giggled

"Yeah right." She laughed. "I'm looking forward to meet him in person. I hear he's very muscular."

"Mom no." I whined. "You don't say that." I face palmed.

"What?! I was just saying." She giggled. "Oh by the way, I heard Ethan went there yesterday for a visit?"

"Yeah and Ashton was here. He kinda, almost killed him." I chuckled.

"Oh! That's too bad. I'm gonna tell him."

"No mom, both of them are in good terms now." I quickly said.

"Oh well, that's good. I'm gonna go now. Work." She said. "Bye honey, I miss you so much. I love you."

"Miss you too mom. I love you." I said and shut my laptop when Ashton suddenly barged in and collapsed on my bed.

"Hey Ash. What happend?" I cooed.

"Nothing really. I just--I screwed up bad." He said and flipped on the bed and he lied on his back and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Why? What did you do?" I asked him with a soft voice.

"Well, I let the paparazzi get pictures of you, I didn't pay well attention around. I'm so sorry and now you have to hide and all."

"Hey. It's not your fault Ash. We didn't know." I said.

"No Skye, I really--"

"No you didn't." I said. "I'm fine."

"Well, because of what happened. People are gonna go and find out who you are and for sure they'll mob you." He said. "I wouldn't want that to happen."

"Neither do I."

"So because of that I want you to move in to my mum's house in Australia since your due date is nearing, it would be hard for you to do things by yourself and I won't be here always to watch over you and also, it's a safer environment."

"But who's gonna take care of the house here? My mom and dad still lives here."

"I'll hire a housekeeper to keep the house clean every week." He said. "So is it ok? Do you agree?"

"Well, I guess. Yeah." I said. Come to think of it, he has a point.

"Great! Come on. I'll help you pack your things."


We finished packing my clothes. It took about 4 hours to do so. I sighed and looked around my room. I'm gonna miss this. I looked under my bed because I think I kicked my slippers under but I didn't see my slippers but instead, what I saw was Luke's flannel. I picked it up and his scent was still on the flannel. I didn't notice but a tear escaped from my eye when I remembered that was the flannel Luke wore when we first met eachother and when we met again when we got drunk and...

"Skye?" Ashton put his hand on my shoulder. "Why are you--is that Luke's?" He asked. I just nodded, I can't talk, it's like my throat hurts.

"Hey, don't cry. Just forget about him. I know it's not easy but you have to." He cooed.

"I just--I can't. It's like when I saw this, all of the memories came back and this guitar pick which I made a necklace."

"Skye, you can't just go around crying when you remember him.  I think you moving in to my mum's house is good to help you move on." He said.

"I guess so." I said.

"Let me help you too." He said and suddenly, his eyes met mine and he held my cheeks with his hands and he kissed me. His left hand moved to my neck and ripped my necklace off and I guess he put in his pocket. I didn't respond to his kiss but suddenly I felt calm. I responded to his kiss and moved my lips in sync to his.

He pulled off and looked at me with loving eyes.

"Sorry if I ripped your necklace off. Does it hurt?" He asked.

"No." I giggled.

"It's just the first step of moving on." He whispered. "You start with getting rid of all the things that remind you of him. Here, let me get that flannel." He said and grabbed the flannel and shoved it in my dresser.

"Now that that's gone, we could be happy now." He smiled and hugged me.


Sorry if that was short but I'll update more soon. I've been really tired lately and my ideas are all mixed up. So sorry and also to those who loved my story, Ilysm❤️ To those who keep on commenting, Ilysm ❤️ you guys are my inspiration to keep on updating lol. So yeah, Thank you for reading and commenting! xx

I'll be updating soon ❤️

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