What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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17. 17 Picture Perfect

17 Picture Perfect


Luke's POV

"Hey Calum! Have you called Ashton yet?!" I yelled. We have an interview today and Ashton is running late.

"No need to, I'm here!" Ashton suddenly appeared out of nowhere, sweaty and catching his breath.

"Where were you?!" Michael asked him.

"Somewhere. I needed to care of something." he said still panting.

"Oh really? Maybe you needed a relief and went to fuck someone." Calum grinned.

"Oh fuck off Cal." Ashton giggled. "Okay are we ready?"


Ashton's POV

The interview was finished and good thing it went well even though I was running late. I wanted to go with Skye on her doctor's appointment today because today is the 5th month and that means we get to know what gender is the baby and I got myself a print out of the ultrasound and I kept it in my wallet.

"Hey Ash? Are you gonna go back to the hotel now? Luke and Calum are going clubbing and I don't feel like it." Michael said.

"Yeah, I'm going back too. Let's go." I said.


I went straight to the shower. My body felt sticky and sweaty.

"Ash? You got a dollar?" Michael asked from the other side of the door.

"Yeah! My wallet is in my back pack." I yelled so Michael could hear me from the other side of the door.

I finished taking a shower and went out of the bathroom to change only to see Michael standing by my bed, motionless and his mouth hung agape. I was starting to think he was being weird but then I saw him still holding my wallet and looked like he was staring at something. Oh shit! The picture! I quickly ran to Michael and took my wallet.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled.

"Ash, what the fuck was that in your wallet?!" Michael asked me. His face looked like he couldn't believe what he just saw.

"Nothing!" I denied.

"Fuck you!" He said. "That clearly wasn't 'nothing'." He said.

"It's uh..."

"You got someone prego?" He asked. I just nodded. I couldn't tell him that it was Luke so I have to tell him a lie, even if I don't wanna lie to him.

"Damn!" He screamed. "So that means you're a dad now?" He said.

"Yeah I guess." I said. I don't feel comfortable lying to him.

"Haha! How does it feel?" He kept bugging me.

"Happy, I guess." I said.

"Can I see the picture again?" He asked and I nodded and handed him the ultrasound picture. "So is it a boy or a girl?" He asked.

"It's a girl."

"That's so cool! She'd be a gamer like me! Maybe she'd get famous and all!" Michael said and wrestled a pillow.

"Not until she finishes school." I giggled.

"Yeah ofcourse." He said. "So who's the mom?" He asked the question I feared. I can't take it anymore! I don't wanna lie to him.

"Michael, I will tell you this because I trust you." I said. He nodded. "It's uh.." I trust Michael more than anyone. He is the most reliable person I could go to.

"Ash? Don't keep me waiting." He groaned.

"It's uh..Skye." I said in the lowest voice.

"Skye?! You mean Luke's Skye?!" He was shocked and I nodded. "Dude! What the fuck?!" Michael was mad.

"Wait Michael, let me explain." I said and calmed him down and sat him on the bed.

"What is there to explain Ash?! You fucked our bestfriend's girl!" He yelled at me.

"No! Wait!" I shut him up by covering his mouth. "That is not what happend." I said. "Just calm down would you?!" he nodded.

I told him everything that happend about us.

"Whoah that is so messed up!" Michael said. "To think that he and Arzaylea are back together."

"Just please don't tell anyone about this." I said.

"Ofcourse dude. You can count on me." He said and we made a fist bump.


"So uh when can I see her? It's been quite a while since the last time." He said.

"I was going to go to her tonight since Cal and Luke are off to the bar." I said.

"Okay then!" He smiled and took a shower.

Skye's POV

I'm at home baking a cake for Ashton! This is just a little thank you surprise for everything he's done for me and my baby. I also bought him a present that he'll surely love.

I was about to put the cake batter in the  oven when I heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to the door and it was just my big brother, Ethan.

"Hey Skye!" He chirped and hugged me.

"Not so tight Ethan!" I laugh.

"Yeah, right." He said. "So how's my little sister doing?" He asked and jumped on the couch.

"I'm fine." I said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm baking a cake." I said and went back to the kitchen and he followed. He sat on the counter. Ethan is already 25 and he still acts like a child.

We discussed a lot of stuff when we heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll go and get it." He said and hopped off the counter.

"Wait, Ethan! I think I'll go get it. It might be uh.." 

"The dim-witted dad?"

"He's not a dim-wit, Ethan."

"Oh well." He rolled his eyes and went to the door.


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