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16. 16 Hold on Tight

16 Hold on Tight


Skye's POV

Me and Ash arrived in London just now and I'm back in my house with him. I had spend Christmas and New Years with his family. It was fun. No one knew about it except my family and his, even the boys didn't know about that.

"You should go and rest Skye. I already fixed your bed." He said rushing downstairs.

"Ash, you know you didn't have to." I said.

"I want to." He said, as usual. I went upstairs and lied down the bed. Ashton followed.

"Hey, tomorrow's your check up right? Can I go? I'm still free tomorrow and the others are still gonna arrive here the day after tomorrow." He said excitedly.

"You sure about that Ash?" I asked him.

"Ofcourse I am." He said. "Are you hungry? I'm gonna go cook dinner for us." He said and I nodded so he went downstairs to the kitchen.

Ashton's POV

"Hm. What should I cook? Maybe she'd like some pasta." I murmured to myself. Okay preparing some ingredients.

"ASH!!" Oh shit! I heard Skye scream from upstairs. I dropped the pan that I was holding and rushed to her room to see her sat down on the floor, crying with blood on her legs and hands.

"SKYE! What happend?!" I quickly got to her. I don't care if I got blood on me. I carried her to a cab and went to the hospital.

I carried her bridal style and she was screaming in pain.

"Help!" I screamed and the nurses went to guide us to a bed in the ER. I lay her down there and she was still writhing in pain. I held her hand tight. I don't care if my clothes are covered in blood or even my hands.

"Skye. Everythings going to be alright. Just hold on tight baby." I cooed.


The nurses surrounded her and told me to wait outside at the waiting area. She was rushed to the OR and I couldn't go with her. Oh how I pray everything will be alright.


"Mr. Irwin?" The doctor called. I quickly stand up and walked to her.

"Yes doc?" I said.

"Your wife and baby are fine now. She is already in a private room." The doctor said and I quickly rushed to the room. I opened the door slowly not to startle Skye. She was there, lying on the hospital bed, sleeping. I walked slowly towards her bed and sat down on the chair beside it. I held her hand tight but not so tight.

"Skye, I don't know but I was really worried about you. It feels like my heart was crushed when I saw you writhing in pain but I'm glad you're okay." I talked to her even though she's asleep. "I think I love you Skye. I couldn't tell you my real feeling cause maybe you'll freak and you won't talk to me anymore and also, because of Luke." I continued saying these things to her, even if she's asleep it still felt like a weight was removed from inside.


Skye's POV

I woke up to the feeling of a sharp pain on my arm. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Ashton sitting on a chair beside the bed. I remember having a little accident back at home and Ashton rushed me to the hospital.

"Ashton! The baby! H-how is my baby?!"I became hysterical.

"Hey. Calm down." He cooed. "The baby is fine and so are you, ok?" He said kissed my forehead. I sighed in relief.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? You haven't eaten something since last night." He said.

"I'm just gonna have bread." I said and he nodded to get some from the paper bag on the table beside my bed.

"Good thing there's a nearby grocery." He giggled. "Anyways, what happend to you last night? Did you know how worried I was?! I almost died!"

"I slipped on my clothes on the floor." I casually said and ate some bread.

"You should be more careful next time!" He said.

"Yeah okay." I giggled and he just smiled.


Heyy! I'm gonna do a time skip okay? I don't have anymore ideas so I'll skip the time to 5 months of Skye being pregnant :3 Oh and by the way Ethan Parker aka Skye's older brother is gonna show up soon, incase youre wondering why he hasn't showed up yet. Let's just say he's busy with work lol. Ok bye!

TYSM for reading and commenting, it means so much to me ILYSM❤️❤️❤️

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