What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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12. 12 Little Things

12 Little Things


Skye's POV

"Skye! There's a package for you!" I heard Kara yell from downstairs. I've been sitting in bed watching movies the whole day 'cause I felt lazy so I guess I forgot to check the mail.

"Hey!" Kara entered my room and sat down on my bed and gave me the package. I took a last bite from my chocolate bar and wiped my face.

"Who's it from?" I asked her with a half full mouth.

"It's from..." she said, scanning the box. "Oh! It's from Ashton!" she smiled.

"Are you sure?" I double-checked the address and yeah it really is from Ashton and my eyes widen in shock and she giggled.

"Well? Open it!" She excitedly said.

I opened the small package and there was a letter.

To my baby mommy

These are baby clothes for the little tyke. I passed by the baby section and I remembered. Hope you like 'em :)

- Ash xx

PS. Hope you like that shirt I snuck in there for you.

"Awww that's so sweet. He acts like he really is the daddy." Kara said.

"I wanna cry." I joked. So we scanned everything that was inside. There were like 3 adorable onesies, 4 pairs of cute mittens, 4 pairs of colorful little socks and 2 cute little stuff toys, a rabbit and a bear.

"Oh my gosh these are so cute!" Kara squealed. "He could be your perfect daddy." she giggled.

"Shut up." I laughed. I saw the shirt that Ashton got me and I wanna laugh cause its cute that he gave me a shirt from their merch store. It had that Irwin 94 at the back, it's really cute though I have one but the Clifford 95 one because they ran out of stock.

"This is amazing, Skye." Kara said.

"Yeah, I agree." I said. "Maybe I should text Ash to call me when he arrives in LA."

"Yeah, you should thank him."

To Ashton xx

Hey Ash. Thanks for the gifts, I love it! Call me when you arrive in LA. Xoxo

"You two are like, a real couple." Kara said.

"No way." I said.

"Come on. Maybe Luke isn't for you and maybe Ashton is!"

"What makes you say that?" I chuckled.

"Because!!!" She said. "I just know it! Ash and Bryana broke up, right? And you and Luke never turned out to be a thing!" She squealed.


"You are so fucking slow, Skye!" She giggled. "It's destiny! Hello?!"

"You watch too much tv shows, Kara." I chuckled. "Now you should go home and take care of Leo. I'm tired and my baby is too. See you tomorrow."

"Okay, whatever you say." She said and hugged me and walked towards the door. "Oh by the way, aren't you going to school anymore?"

"I'm dropping out of school Kara. Ethan is already working on my papers." I said. (A/N: Ethan is Skye's older brother)

"Oh. Well, that's too bad." She said in a sad tone. "Are you still going to continue your studies after giving birth?"

"Yes, ofcourse." I smiled.

"Good." She smiled back. "See ya!" then she walked out the door.

Incoming Call from Ashton xx

"Hey Ash."

Hey Skye. How are you and the baby?

"Were fine. How about you?"

Good. Got a little jet lag but it's okay.

"Thanks for those gifts you sent. You didn't had to bother, really."

Nah. I kinda like shopping for baby stuff and how'd you like the shirt I gave you?

"Meh it was fine."

Aww sad face.

"Just kidding Ash. I loved it, way to go on picking the Irwin shirt."

Stop being sarcastic haha. Anyways I gotta go now, me and the guys are meeting up in 5. Catch you later bye. Be careful always ok? Take care, you and the baby.

Phone Call ended.

Ashton's POV

I ended the phone call and fixed my hair so I can go downstairs to meet up with the boys.

"Hey Ash! What's taking you so long?" Michael entered the room.

"Sorry, I had to make a phone call." I said.

"Okay well, have you seen my jean jacket? I know I threw it somwhere in the room. I used it in the plane earlier and now I can't find it." He asked.

"It's tied on your suitcase Michael." I said and went downstairs.

"Thanks!" I heard Michael yell from upstairs.

"Hey Cal, hey Luke, hey Arzaylea." I greeted them, wait? "Arzaylea?!" I looked at her closely.

"Hey Ash." She waved.

"No no no, don't Ash me, My name is Ashton." I said. No she cannot call me that way, we are not that close and I don't even like her.

"Hey, don't be so rude Ash." Luke said in a lower tone.

"Oh really? Why don't you just shut the fuck up instead." I sassed.

"What's your problem?!" Luke said in angry tone and stood up from his seat.

"Come here." I said and pulled him outside.

"Would you let go of me?" He said and shook off my hand.

"Why is she here?" I asked him.

"What's your problem?" He asked looking annoyed.

"You are! Why the fuck is she here Luke?!"

"We're together again." He bluntly stated.

"What?!" I exclaimed. "Since when?"

"Yesterday." He said. "If you don't like her, I don't care. I love her."

"No way," I said in disbelief. "What about Skye?"

"I just met her, Ash. I don't know if I love her or not. I mean, Arzaylea's been here for so long, we've been in a relationship for months, I know we had an awful break up but I still love her."

"You a-hole!" I snapped and pulled on his collar. Those cruel words he's saying! After having sex with Skye and getting her pregnant, this is what he tells me?! Right now, I think I now support Skye on not telling Luke that he got her pregnant! I bet he couldn't even be a good father, he's a total jerk.

"What are you so angry about Ash?!" He pushed me away from him.

"Nothing. Just--Just go back inside." I said and raked my hands on through my hair. I sat down on a bench and cooled myself down.

"Fuck it!"

I won't tell Skye about this and I promise I'll be a good father and a man for her. His child doesn't deserve a dick father like him and Skye doesn't deserve a jerk.


Ooooohhhhhh!! Someone's mad. 😏 what do you think will happen next? Omoooooooo 😱😱 lol

Stay tuned :) love you


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