What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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9. 09 Baby Daddy

09 Baby Daddy


Skye's POV

"Let me be the father."

I choked on my own saliva and my eyes widen in shock.


"You heard me, Skye." Ashton said in a serious tone.

"Are you insane, Ash?!"

"Skye, " He started. "I know what it feels like not having a father around." he said. "I just can't bear seeing children with no fathers."

"But Ash, isn't it better if my baby didn't know his real father rather than growing up with a fake one?" I said.

"You said you wouldn't tell Luke. Ever."

"Yeah, well-"

"Then it would be totally fine." He said. "I care for you, Luke and the baby. Luke is like a brother to me now so if you wouldn't let him know, atleast his baby won't suffer having no father." he smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." I said. Come to think of it, it is a good idea."But what about the media? The point about not telling Luke that he got me pregnant is that I dont't want to ruin his career and reputation."

"That wouldn't be a problem at all." He said throwing his hands up and slide down the couch casually. "It would be our little secret." he said and made the shush sign and giggled.

"That's not my point." I said and crossed my arms.

"I know what your point is." He said while eating popcorn. "It won't affect my career. Trust me, I know how to handle this." He said confidently.

"Wow, too much confidence, Mr. Irwin." I said sarcastically and chuckled while shoving popcorn in my mouth.

"That's daddy to you." He smiled and winked.

"Nuh-uh. No way I'm calling you daddy." I laughed and threw popcorn at him.

"You have to my baby mommy." He giggled and threw some popcorn back at me.

We ended up making a big mess of popcorn in the living room and lied on the floor, panting and laughing.

"So is it a yes? Am I going to be the dad?" He asked.

"Yeah, how bad could it be?" I said.

"Wow, I don't know but I feel so happy like it's my own baby." He said. "I promise to do my best for this."

"So do I."

"Text me when's your next appointment at the doctor so I could find some time to go with you." He said.

"I can do it myself you know. I don't want to trouble you too much, Ash." I said.

"No, I want to."

"Okay." I sighed. "But please, you don't need to effort too much on this, it's not even yours." I said. I feel somehow guilty with making Ashton do all the daddy stuff when he's not even the real dad of this little tyke.

"Like I said, I want to." He smiled. "It's Luke's baby, so I'm treating it as my own too."

"Whatever you say, Ash." I said.


Ashton's POV

I just got back in mine and Michael's hotel room. Michael is starting to pack up his stuff for tomorrow's flight to Los Angeles while I jump on my bed and chilled for a while.

"Where were you the whole day?" Michael asked as he was folding his shirts.

"Some places." I answered plainly.

"Really? You look happy. Something happened?" Michael asked.

"Nothing really. I'm just happy that were a band and were living big." I said as an excuse, I can't tell him that I'm gonna be a baby daddy or in my case a sub daddy.

"You are fucking weird." Michael rolled his eyes and continued packing his stuff up.

"Well, time to pack stuff." I said and jumped off the bed.

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