What if the famous Luke Hemmings left you a little souvenir? ~


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4. 04 Morning

Skye's POV

I woke up to the sunlight hitting my face. Ugh, my head is killing me. I sit up and saw Luke beside me, shirtless.

"Whoah." I said to myself. I looked on my clothes and it wasn't the clothes I wore last night. Shit! Nah maybe Luke just changed my clothes because maybe I was drunk. Don't be too paranoid Skye!

I walked downstairs, not bothering what I was wearing and went straight to the kitchen and saw Ashton cooking some pancakes.

"Hey Ash." I greeted him. He turned with a smile.

"Oh hey Skye uh--" His eyes were travelling up and down my body and his mouth hung agape.


"N-nothing." He said and turned around quickly and continued making pancakes.

"Hey good morning--whoah" Calum walked in. "Damn Skye, looking good." He said and winked at me. I wondered then I looked on my clothes.

"What the?" I said. I'm only wearing a loose shirt and panties and nothing else and also while I walk to the counter my in betweens were sore I can barely walk.

"Hey Skye? You okay?" Calum helped me.

"Yeah. I'm good." I said and sat down. I don't wanna tell them that my betweens are sore. Like seriously, they're boys.

We ate breakfast then Luke showed up and ate too and then followed by Michael.

"Hey Mikey." I called.


"Happy Birthday." I smiled and gave him my gift. It was just a baller with his name on it. I took the time to order a customized one since his birthday was near.

"Aw thank you." Michael hugged me so tight when Luke cleared his throat and we let go.

"I think we should get going. We still have a show tonight." Ashton said. "Thanks for last night and today Skye. See you soon!"

"Yeah thanks. Bye." Luke hugged me and kissed my forehead which made me blush. Calum and Michael hugged me and they went outside since their car was waiting.

I waved goodbye and so did they.

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