unholy | lrh

❝you need to ask god to forgive you for your sins.❞

in which a player makes it his mission to sleep with the preachers daughter.


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3. three

"Oh, Luke's father? He's off in Paris studying some newly discovered paintings. Such an exciting job he has!"

I fake an interested look and smile once Liz finished speaking, two actions that I've been doing an awful lot since I stepped into this house.

We ate a homemade casserole that wasn't too bad, and then we had brownies for dessert. I have to admit that Liz has quite the home, and she's such a wonderful woman. I honestly have no idea what happened to her son.

If it were my choice, I probably wouldn't have stepped foot into this house. But of course today is 'try and find out the things that annoy Ariana the most and make her do them' day.

I spent half the time playing footsie with Luke under the table and giving him stern looks when he'd reach over and try to put his hands up my dress.

Liz and my mother seemed to be connecting on a high level so here we are, sat in the living room while I'm forced to pretend to listen in on a conversation about how Liz chose her lampshades for the living room.

"Ariana, maybe Luke can show you his room?"

My ears perk up at the mention of my name and my eyes and go wide at the mention of Luke's.

My whole being was screaming no to her question, and I was trying to think up a non rude response to say, so when I said no I wouldn't seem like an evil and viscous little b.itch.

Of course Luke beat me to answering the question, and he responded with a very quick line of: "Yes! She'd love that!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin at how enthusiastic he was behaving, but our parents only laughed, finding this situation amusing.

If only my father were here right now, he'd probably slap Luke and have us gone in a heartbeat. But of course tonight of all nights there had to be a problem down at the church, so of course he wasn't here.

I only have time to blink before Luke takes my hand and rushes us up the stairs, going much faster than I'd ever assumed he could go.

Once we'd made it to his door, he shoved it open and shoved me inside as well, causing me to fall onto his bed, my backside being met with the soft cushion of his comforter and mattress.

My stress level rises when Luke shuts his door and locks it, turning to me with an evil smirk plastered on his face.

I was in a slight state of shock. I was shocked because I couldn't believe my worst nightmare was becoming a reality, and I was in shock because of how quickly he rushed me up the stairs and into his room.

Everything was happening so fast and I needed a moment to gather my thoughts and fully get a grasp on the situation.

"I bet you're still a v.irgin." Luke chuckles as he stands by the door, watching me intently.

Those words were enough to have me flying up from his comfortable mattress, as much as my body wanted me to lay back down and go to bed.

"D.amn right I am." I scoff at his words, then pull my hair tie off, causing my brown waves to come cascading down my back as I pushed them away from my face.

"You look so hot right now." Luke sighs, pulling a chair from under his computer desk to sit in front of me on his bed. I give him a weird look as he stared at me, but I decided I should check out his room.

I hopped up from his mattress and walked over to one of his walls, reading the posters and becoming intrigued.

All Time Low, Green Day, Yellow Card, Twenty One Pilots.

The list goes on and on and I knew almost every single one of the bands on his walls.

"Impressive." I smirk at him, nodding in approval at his music taste.

"Wait, you like these bands?" Luke has an amused look on his face that also had a hint of shock and disbelief to it.

"Is that even a question?" I laugh at him, knowing he heard the music my sister was blasting.

"Well, I know you like Years & Years, along with Halsey. But Green Day? Nirvana? You don't seem like that type of girl."

I laugh humorlessly at him.

"There's more to me than just being the Preachers Daughter, Lucas."

My words seemed to impress Luke because he was looking at me with a look of respect. Something that I'd never expect from him.

Out of nowhere I start laughing and Luke gives me a startled look, which only makes me laugh even more.

"What the h.ell is so funny?" Luke asks me, chuckling himself even though he had no idea what I was laughing about.

"No, it's just. You." I couldn't form a sentence correctly, and it was most likely because I was hobbled over in laughter.

After a few minutes I was okay, and a tired sigh falls from my lips.

I plop myself down on Luke's bed and lay down, my eyelids getting droopy.

I don't move when Luke lays down beside me, mostly because I was too lazy to do anything about it.

"What was it?" Luke chuckles again, probably thinking that I had a medical issue or something.

"It's just, you're the boy next door and you're all punk rock. You're not sweet. But you sure as hell are creepy. Maybe you're the new version of him, the one with J Lo."

I was too tired to make any sense, and I think Luke got the memo when a big yawn left my lips.

"You should go to sleep." Luke says, pushing a strand of hair that had fallen in front of my face behind my ear.

"Promise you won't rape me?" I ask him, not even bothering to make eye contact anymore because the darkness was getting way too inviting.

"I promise." Luke giggles, and a small smile finds its way to my lips.

And then it all goes black.


I woke up to someone poking my stomach, and a groan leaves my lips.

"Ariana, it's time for school."

I shoot up from my bed when the voice I hear wasn't Luke's. When I open my eyes I'm met with my sister.

"Wait, wasn't I in Luke's room?" I asked as I blink the sleep away from my eyes.

"Yeah, he carried you home. It was so cute!"

A groan leaves my lips as I imagine Luke carrying me and staring at me like the creepy perv he is.

"You were all like, "no stay with me." And he was blushing and the whole thing was so cute." I roll my eyes at my love crazed young sister and get up from my bed.

"What time is it?" I yell at her over the sound of me starting my shower.


A relieved sigh leaves from my lips because she had woken me up two hours early.

"Okay, bye!" I yell, hoping she wouldn't start creeping in my room while she had the chance.

I hop in the shower and curse at myself for not getting any music to play.

I quickly hop out of the shower in search of my iPod. I quickly wrap a towel around my body and walk into my room.

I find it on my desk, which was where I left it last. I quickly hook it up to my speaker and have my shower mix play loud enough for me to hear it in the shower.

I was turning away to go when my eyes landed on my window, the curtains were open and Luke was across the way, staring at me with a cup of coffee in his right hand.

"What the h.ell?!" I walk over to the window, quite scared at how quiet and casual he was being while watching me.

"Good morning. May I just say, you have a nice towel body." Luke smirks at me.

I roll my eyes but then I notice that he has Starbucks.

"Ooh, give me some of that!" I say, stretching my arm out the short distance that was between our houses.

To my surprise, he actually hands it over, and I'm delighted when I take a sip and discover that it's a caramel mocha.

"You have great taste in coffee, Lucifer. Bye!"

I quickly close my curtains and make a mental note to never ever open them again.

"Hey! Give that back!" I only laugh when I hear Luke's pathetic pleas for me to return his coffee, but that was never gonna happen.

I quickly set the cup down on my desk and run into the shower, knowing I had less time now.

I quickly washed myself with my vanilla scented body wash and washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo.

Once I was squeaky clean, I got out of the shower and dried myself off with my towel.

I put my robe on and brushed my teeth, then washed my face. After that I brought my hair dryer to my vanity, drying my hair as quickly as possible.

After fifteen minutes with my dryer on high, my hair was fully dry and ready to be styled. I just put it all up in a high ponytail, not bothering to straighten or curl it because it was strangely straight already.

I had decided on wearing my teddy bear sweater and a pair of shorts, along with some black and white converse.

My parents allow shorts on rare occasions and I'm just hoping that they don't stop me about it.

For my makeup I just put on some liquid foundation and mascara, along with my usual nude lipstick.

After I was all done, I grab my backpack and phone, then walk out of my room, jogging down my steps and into the kitchen.

I pick up a piece of toast and then remember the caramel mocha that I took from Luke. I quickly jogged back up my steps and got the mocha and my earbuds.

I then jogged down the stairs again, yelling a bye to my mom and dad.

"Amanda are you walking with me or nah?!" I yell at my younger sister who was most likely upstairs, still deciding what to wear.

"Just go you grumpy cat!" Amanda yells back at me and I shrug, popping my earbuds in and pressing play on a random Twenty One Pilots song.

I munch on my toast and sip on Luke's mocha while I walk down the sidewalk, taking my time because it was only 7:30 and school didn't start for forty five more minutes.

Once I finished my toast I only had half my mocha left, so I was sipping on it carefully, not wanting it to be gone.

Out of nowhere I started singing Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots when it came on. Honestly, this song is my jam.

"Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days. When our momma's sang us to sleep." I stop singing and take a sip of my mocha again.

"But now we're stressed out." I stop dead in my tracks when I hear someone sing the lyrics that wasn't me.

I cautiously turn around and sigh when I just see Luke.

"Really though? I thought some random stranger was following me." I say, rolling my eyes at Luke and turning around to walk again.

"What? I was just following you to school."

I stop in my tracks again, turning around to face him.

"Wait, you're going to my school?" I ask him, praying to G.od that he was joking.

"Yep. Isn't that great?!" Luke smiles at me, and I only shake my head at him.

"No, it's not great. It's actually horrible." I say, sighing because I thought school would be the place where I could get away from Luke. It turns out that he's always going to be everywhere.

"Did you see the name on the Starbucks?" Luke asks me, smirking like a maniac.

I shake my head and turn the cup so I could see.


I quirk an eyebrow at him.

"It's our ship name. Amanda told me while I was putting you on your bed." He giggled.

"What the f.uck? Did you just giggle?" I laugh at him.

Of course Amanda would do something as stupid as putting the idea of me being with Luke into his head.

"Yes because I like you." Luke smiles at me and my heart stops a bit.

That is, before I get myself together and realize he's probably just lying so I can fall into his cute little trap.

"Oh, okay." I nod at him, pressing shuffle on my music again.

"What are you listening to?" Luke asks me while he grabs my right ear bud and puts it into his own ear.

"One Direction? Really?" He says, shaking his head, obviously not approving.

"Hey, they're the s.hit." I say, pointing a warning finger at him.

He only shrugs, rolling his eyes.

"Nobody, nobody!" I yell, off key and not really singing.

Luke laughs, shaking his head and taking my phone out of my pocket.

Luke then starts to scroll through my music and makes faces of approval or disgust. Not to mention that he keeps changing the songs.

"Can you stop raiding my phone please?" I ask him, becoming quite annoyed with him for the millionth time.

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Luke smirks sliding my phone into my back pocket, much to slow for my liking.

Once he was finished his hand lingered there for a while until I slapped it away, scowling at him.

"I'm sorry, you've got a nice a.ss." Luke laughs at me, and I groan.

"Finally! We're at school! Now, walk away from me and pretend I don't exist." I order Luke, but he only continues to walk beside me.

"I don't know where to go." Luke says, and I nod and remember that he's a new student.

"Fine, I'll take you to the office, but after that you're gonna f.uck off." I tell him, walking in the direction of the school office as quickly as I can because school starts in five minutes.

After a couple of turns and walking down a few hallways, we were in the main office.

I quickly walk up to the front desk, coming face to face with Miss Patterson.

"Hi! Um, Luke is a new student so he'll need his schedule and someone to show him around." I smile at the secretary, hoping that she'll quickly send someone from the welcoming committee over and leave them to deal with this dingbat.

"Oh, Mr. Hemmings! I have your schedule right here! Well, the welcoming committee is off planning their assembly so no one could be here for you...Ariana! Why don't you show Luke around? I trust that you won't run off or anything. Here, let me just write you two passes."

I don't bother listening to the blonde woman go on any longer, instead I groan on the inside and try and think of a way out of doing this.

"But...isn't there someone else who can show him around? I mean I really don't want to miss class you know?" I ask, slightly nervous because who knows what would happen if I was alone with Luke for an hour or so? I'd probably rip my hair out in frustration.

"Nonsense! No child wants to be stuck in class. Here are your passes. Just show him the entire school and answer any questions he has."

Miss Patterson shoves us our passes and Luke his schedule as well, I defeatedly nod at her request and exit the office with Luke.

"This is gonna be fun." Luke smirks down at me, and I only roll my eyes and pray that this will go by quick.

(This was so long omg how?! In the media is Ariana's outfit btw)

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