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❝you need to ask god to forgive you for your sins.❞

in which a player makes it his mission to sleep with the preachers daughter.


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10. ten

two of my babies in the media

"No, Luke why would you use that word when you don't even know what it means?"

"Because it's a big word, and it makes me seem smarter."

"No, what makes you smart is actually knowing what you're saying." I say, laughing at how stupid Luke sounded.

The past hour consisted of off topic and mindless banter such as what mild argument just happened. It seemed that whenever Luke said something, it was utterly stupid and completely wrong. And whenever I'd go to correct him, he'd always defend the reason why he was right in the stupidest way possible.

I guess I was being somewhat overly stubborn, and that might be why Luke was starting to become frustrated with me and with the entire project.

"Ugh, okay so I'm a bad guy who your parents hate. But right now all I want is a kiss from you."

I stop writing immediately, frozen in shock. Luke actually sounded serious, and he sounded like he really meant what he said. He sounded as if he was dying to have a kiss from me.

"We talked about this already, I said that if you can make me think you're a good guy then you'd get a kiss, if not then no."

I put my head back down, picking back up where I left off and continuing to work on our project, trying hard not to let Luke distract me.

"But, I don't wanna wait. I've been good for the last few minutes."

I sigh, face palming and letting my hand slowly slide down my face in annoyance. I swear sometimes that boy seems like a five year old child when he doesn't have his way.


I go to pick up my pencil again, but Luke throws it in a random direction of the room.

"Really? Was that really necessary?"

Luke shrugs his shoulders, a slight smirk on his face.

"I do what I want 'cause I'm punk rock."

I stifle a laugh at Luke's stupid and immature saying. Luke being punk rock is probably the funniest thing I've heard all day. Even though it could be true, I just don't see him as a "punk rocker".

Luke rolls his eyes at me and snatches the piece of paper I was previously writing on from my hands, also throwing it in a random direction in the room.

"What even-"

I'm completely cut off when Luke shoves my body against his soft comforter, the breath being temporarily knocked from my lungs.

"Luke, what are you doing?"

I ask, not even trying to get up because I knew he'd just push me right back down.

"I'm getting my kiss."

Luke then places both of his knees on either side of me, straddling my waist. My heart beat accelerates and I quickly raise up and push Luke's shoulders, attempting to shove him off me.

But Luke grabs my wrists and pins them above my head, leaning over until he was inches away from my face and then smirking down at me evilly.

"Luke, stop! I don't want to kiss you so just leave me alone."

I start to struggle in his grasp, desperately doing anything to try and free my wrists from his tight hold.

"Yeah, right. I'll totally let you go and miss this perfect opportunity to kiss you. Have you met me?"

I roll my eyes, giving up and then flinching when I feel the cool metal of Luke's lip ring pressing against my neck. Luke chuckles, but doesn't stop anything, he continues to kiss all over my neck in random places.

Eventually, he places a kiss onto the right side of my neck, and I find myself sucking in a deep breathe out of shock. It felt really...weird. Yet good at the same.

"Ooh, look what I found." Luke smirks at me triumphantly before attaching his lips to the same spot and sucking quite harshly.

A moan involuntarily leaves my lips, and it was at that moment that I knew I needed to shove Luke off of me as soon as possible.

"Luke! Get off!"

He wouldn't listen though, and tears started to well in my eyes out of worry.

He's going to leave a mark on me, and my parents will see and then my life will be over.

After a few more seconds Like pulls away, looking at the mark he had created on my skin.


I roll my eyes at Luke's smirking, touching the spot that he created. A wince quickly leaves my mouth, and I pull my hand back as soon as I could.

"Thanks a lot genius, now if my parents see this we're both dead."

I can't believe Luke would do something so stupid, but then again he is Luke. I had to take deep breaths so I wouldn't start having a full on panic attack over something that wasn't fully worth it.

"Chill, you've got makeup. You can cover it up. Why are you freaking out so much?"

After I was breathing steady enough breaths, I began to answer Luke's question.

"Because Luke, my parents already hate you. If they see this then they'll hate you even more! And they'll make sure I'll never have a reason to ever talk to you again-they'd probably even make me move schools. I don't see how you can act so careless."

After a few moments of silence I pull out my phone, checking the time.

I've been here for an hour and we only have four sentences down.

That's not even a full paragraph.

"Okay, I can only stay here for two more hours. If we're going to be anywhere near done then you need to stop joking around. No more trying to seduce me either."

Luke rolls his eyes at me, but I can tell he's going to listen to me.


"The last word!"

I began to write faster, trying to spell out the last few letters as quick as I could so that this stupid project could finally be finished.

"C'mon Ari, you got this! Write like you mean it!"

Luke began to cheer me on, greatly resembling my father when he's watching a sports game.


I drop the paper and pencil onto the bed, jumping up and beginning to dance around in victory.

After a while Luke joins in, grabbing my hands and twirling me around in circles.

"We did it!" I jumped up one last time, not believing that Luke and I had actually finished our paper. He's one of the most distracting people to work with, and the fact that I was able to pull this off really is amazing.

"Okay, Dora."

I roll my eyes at Luke.

"Whatever. Alright, I'm gone. I don't want to see your face any longer than I have to."

And with that I grab the paper and my binder, walking out of Luke's house and happily skipping over to my own.







(Idk what that was just ignore it 😂)

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