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❝you need to ask god to forgive you for your sins.❞

in which a player makes it his mission to sleep with the preachers daughter.


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7. seven

"Ariana! Wake yo butt up!" I groan at Amanda's words, not wanting to go to school.

It's Tuesday, which means tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I'm almost half way through the school week.

With that in mind, I get out of bed and shower like usual, washing my face and my body.

Once I was done I walked out, my robe wrapped around my body, and I looked over at my window, noticing Luke there. I walk over, an amused look on my face.

"Is this gonna be an everyday thing?" I ask him, reaching my hand out for the coffee that he was sipping on.

To my surprise, he pulls out another one and hands it over.

"I guess." I nod as Luke shrugs, actually liking this slight ritual.

I don't mind having a free coffee every morning, I actually like it. And maybe seeing Luke every morning is a plus...who am I kidding no it's not!

"Well, I've gotta get ready so..." I trail off, using my free hand to close my curtains.

When I was about to fully close it I was stopped by Luke yelling for me to wait. Confused, I opened the curtain back up again and give Luke a look that signals I was listening to him.

"We're walking together, right?" Luke asks, looking slightly worried.

I ponder(of something great) on Luke's question for a bit, wondering if I really wanted to walk to school with him. I mean, he's highly annoying and such a bother, but at the same time I don't want to be rude and turn him down.

With a sigh, I shrug my shoulders and give my answer.

"I guess."

An award winning smile stretches across Luke's face, and for a second I thought he wasn't so bad, but then the smile turned into a smirk and I knew he was about to say something to ruin the moment.

"Wear a skirt today." Luke says randomly, and before I can question him on it he shuts his curtains and walks away.

I was confused at his request, but I listened nonetheless and pulled out a blue plaid school skirt and some black knee socks with an oversized grey sweater and black combat boots. I'd usually wear heels, but I didn't really feel like it today.

I got dressed and decided to put my hair in a half up half down hairstyle and to leave it in its natural waves.

I grab my binder and iPod, along with my earbuds and the caramel mocha latte that Luke was so kind to buy for me. I don't get anything to eat when I walk out of the house besides half of a pop tart.

When I stood on the sidewalk, waiting for Luke, I put my music on shuffle and began to dance to Halsey.

"You are so weird." Luke says, coming outside with his hair quiffed and back skinny jeans on as usual.

"Oh please, you wish you were as cool as me." I say to him, holding my hand to his face and continuing to dance weirdly.

Luke only laughs and shakes his head at me, watching me as I continue to do crazy dance moves down the sidewalk.

"Hey, you wore a skirt like I said." Luke says, smiling down at me and engulfing me in a huge hug. I start giggling because he was hugging me and spinning down the sidewalk at the same time and my earbuds were getting tangled around our bodies.

Luke then picked me up, causing me to let out a squeal and put my free hand on his shoulder for support.

"Oh my g.od Luke put me down!"

Luke chuckles at me freaking out and sets me down gently like I asked him to. I then began unwrapping the chord to my earbuds so we weren't tangled together.

When I was done there was an awkward silence that fell upon us, and I felt weird all of a sudden.

What were Luke and I?

There's moments like this that always make me wonder what the answer to that question truly is.

One second I could completely hate him and wish he'd die in a hole, but then the next he could say something extremely cute and sweet and make me want to drown him in a sea of cuddles.

I mean, we have our good days and our bad days together, but at the end of it all, what really were we?

I know I said we aren't friends, but at this point if we weren't friends then what would we be?

I can't believe I'm letting him in, I'm hanging out and befriending the one person my parents don't want me to associate with. And what really sucks is that Luke isn't really all that bad.

He's actually pretty okay, and that's what scares me. I've hardly known him and I hated him at some point yesterday, and now I...I like him.

Not like in the way where you find yourself daydreaming, but I mean like as in I like him as a person.

But maybe I'm wrong, I hardly know him. He could do something extremely stupid today and I could go back to hating him again like it's supposed to be.

That thought turned into a huge hope as we continued walking in silence. My plan was to ignore Luke and avoid him as much as possible for the whole day, but I had a question burning in the back of my mind, and if I didn't get to ask him I'd probably burst from anticipation of his answer.

Sighing aloud, I turn to Luke who was already looking at me.

"Um, Luke? Why'd you tell me to wear a skirt today?" I ask shyly, afraid of what he'd respond with slightly.

Luke appeared to be thinking of an answer, which set me even more on edge.  After a minute or two of him walking with a thoughtful look on his face, he smirks and looks over at me.

"You'll see."

And that was all he said. I was heavily tempted to ask him what exactly he meant, but I was afraid to ask him at the same time.

So, as much as I didn't want to, I only nodded and looked ahead again, being left with my thoughts again.

Surprisingly, we walked to school in complete silence, and I didn't really mind that much. At one point I couldn't handle the silence anymore though, so I of course cut my music back on.

When we'd made it to school thirty minutes later, I put my backpack in my locker and took out my English textbook for my first period. I have this class(and every other one except for drama) with Luke, and I know that he's probably going to attempt to sit next to me.

Sighing, I close my locker and walk up the stairs to my English class, noticing that Miss Lee wasn't here yet.

Shrugging it off, I sit at an empty desk in the front of the room, praying that anyone but Luke sits beside me.

The passing period quickly began ticking away and more students began to slowly file into the room, one by one.

I began to get nervous when no one sat next to me and Luke still wasn't here yet. Miss Lee walked into the class as soon as the bell rang and began to pass back out tests, greeting is like she usually does everyday.

As she was halfway done with passing back the papers the classroom door opens and in walks a late Luke.

"Ah, Mr. Hemings you're late again?"

Luke only shrugs his shoulders, not seeming to care at all. His eyes scan the room, most likely looking for a seat, and then a giant smirk finds its way to his face when he sees the empty seat next to me.

My plan begins to crumble before my eyes as he inches closer and closer to where I'm sitting before plopping himself down in the previously empty spot next to me.

Oh brother.

I updated as quick as I could because people wanted me to ;)))

Omg I saw Ari in concert and I cried. (She did a Justin Bieber WDYM mashup with One Last Time I almost died for real)

My awesome mom started taping me crying yay my mom is the best.

(Note the hella sarcasm there^^)

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