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❝you need to ask god to forgive you for your sins.❞

in which a player makes it his mission to sleep with the preachers daughter.


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5. five

The school bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, and I don't think I honestly could have been more happy. I quickly rushed through the sea of bodies, trying to make it to my locker as fast as possible so I could go home and forget this day ever happened.

I reach my locker and begin putting the necessary books that I needed inside my backpack and taking the ones I didn't out of it.

My mind goes to today, and a groan automatically leaves my lips at the thought of all the events.

Luke was in nearly all my classes, except drama. Which I'm eternally grateful for because drama is one of my favorite classes and I'd just die if he was there and started to stupidly distract me.

I had also noticed that Luke was getting in very well with the popular crowd, which kinda bugged me in a way because I've been here for three years and no popular person has even looked my way, but then Luke shows up and then the whole school just starts losing their s.hit.

Luke was honestly so annoying with his jerky attitude and I'm better than you spirit, and it made me wanna vomit when he'd flirt with girls and they'd flirt back with him.

I swear to G.od if I see another blonde bimbo batting her eyelashes and saying "Lukey" in a high pitched squeaky voice then I'm gonna go mental.

Once I was done packing my backpack, I swung it over my shoulder and closed my locker, walking in the direction of the school exit.

I didn't even bother looking for Luke or wondering where he was because I didn't care in the slightest.

I actually hope really hope he gets lost and not knowing where he is so I won't have to worry about him bothering me on my walk home.

Once I was out of the school building, I put one earbud in my left ear and started walking, pressing shuffle on my playlist.

Out of nowhere someone puts their hands over my eyes, and I jump, feeling extremely frightened.

"Guess who."

I shiver at the feeling of Luke's cold lip ring brushing against my ear as he spoke to me in a low voice, scaring the crap out of me nonetheless.

"A person who I wish would go get run over by a dump truck that was overflowing with bird poop."

I say the first random insult that comes to mind, and I know it must have been funny because Luke started laughing.

"No silly! It's your husband."

Luke says in a suggestive tone again, and I pull his hands away, rolling my eyes at the blonde boy.

"If you're my husband them why were you sucking faces with random blonde girls today?" I ask him, crossing my arms over my chest in annoyance.

"Awe, don't be jealous! They're just...I don't know actually. But I don't like them. You're my wife, and I'll always love you no matter what." He says, booping my nose.

I was now convinced that Luke had taken some kind of drug or that he was high because he's being way more flirty than usual.

"Are you alright? Are you like high? I met you only two days ago you don't love me you weirdo."

"True. But I know that you've got a nice a.ss. Can I touch it?"

My eyes widen at Luke's suggestion and I turn around and start walking again, I'm honestly so done with him and his stupid flirting.

"Babe, you didn't answer my question."

I groan at Luke and his natural ability to be the most annoying creature on the face of the earth.

"No! You can't touch my butt you a.sswipe! My goodness why are you being so annoying?!"

I yell at Luke, not being able to take all his stupid comments and suggestions and perverted words any longer. I can only take so much and he crossed the line a long time ago.

Luke then comes up behind me, putting his nose in the crook of my neck and hugging me from behind. I silently thanked G.od that I was wearing my backpack, otherwise things would have been extremely awkward.

"Because you make me feel this way."

Luke sing-songs to me, and I nearly gag at how cliché and awful it sounded.

I didn't say anything though, I just kept walking because this was better than him asking me inappropriate things and making me feel uncomfortable.

"You're so hot, oh f.uck, I wanna bang you real hard."

My eyes widen for probably the thirtieth time since the beginning of this ridiculous thing that I'm passing off as a conversation, and in that moment I knew Luke was on drugs.

No matter how much he thought that in his head, those words would probably never leave his mouth because he has some sort of filter. I know how far he goes and he's miles away from it.

I pry Luke off me, pulling him in front of me so I could take a good look at him.

I stopped walking and studied him, trying to identify any signs of him being drunk or high.

"Luke, be honest with me. Did you take any drugs?"

I was honestly worried for him because he seemed so out of it, and I don't know why I didn't notice his bloodshot eyes sooner.

"Yes, but only a little bit I swear! It made me feel so alive! I just want to kiss you right now, can I?"

I sigh, bringing my palm to my forehead and trying to think of what to do.

"No, we need to get you home. Is your mom home?"

I ask him, hoping he'll say yes so I won't feel guilty if I leave him there by himself.

"No, she went to visit my dad. You know, in Paris."

I close my eyes for a second.

Of course this is happening to me.

A high Luke Hemmings is standing in front of me and his mom is out of town and I can't just drop him off at home because who knows what crazy stuff he'll do?

"Okay, Luke. I'm gonna take you home. Please walk with me and try not to be an annoying pain in the a.ss this time."

Luke nods at me, so I start walking and he walks beside me.

To my surprise, he wasn't talking anymore, and he was actually being way more easy to handle.

After a good ten minutes of walking we'd made it to his house, so I took the key from him and unlocked the front door.

I opened it with ease and walked in, Luke following after me. I then shut his door and walk up the steps to his room, making sure he followed me there as well.

I told Luke to lay down and he listened to me, laying on his bed over the covers and watching me pace in his room because I had no idea what to do.

Can you sleep off drugs?

Will you just wake up and be okay?

I wasn't sure, but it sounded pretty okay to me.

"Alright, um. Luke just go to sleep. Please, do not get up from bed until you've woken up."

I didn't want to stay here with him because I didn't know him that much, and knowing him he'd probably pull something on me.

I went to walk out of his door, but I heard him calling after me.

"Wifey! Wait!" I giggled at the nickname that Luke gave me, walking back into his room.


"Can you stay with me? Lay down until I fall asleep at least?"

I thought about his request for a few moments, trying to decide if I wanted to risk anything bad happening.

After a while I just gave up, what's the worst that could happen?

"Yeah, sure."

I kick my shoes off and go to lay next to Luke, feeling slightly awkward for being in a bed with him.

"Wifey, can you take my clothes off for me?"

I nearly choked on my spit at Luke's words, I certainly was not ready for him to ask me something like that.

"Luke, I'm not taking your clothes off. That's way too sexual."

I can't believe he even asked me the question, it was pretty out there.

"Please? I promise I won't say anything sexual. I can't fall asleep with clothes on."

When Luke kept prying I groaned, knowing that I was going to give in because I'm a softie, and he did have a valid point.


And then Luke sits up, waiting on me to start undressing him.

I take his shirt off, exposing his slightly pale stomach. I notice that he has abs and I have to quickly look away before I started blushing.

"Um, I'm not taking your pants off Luke. I'm sure you've got your shoes, too."

I then turn away and hear shuffling, Then the sound of something hitting the ground.

"I'm done."

I turn around and become extremely embarrassed when I see that Luke was only wearing his boxers.

I have never seen a guy without any pants on, maybe shirtless but never without pants on. At least not in person, anyways.

Luke then gets under the covers on his bed and pats the spot next to him, signaling for me to join him.

I do, but I made sure that I wasn't touching him at all because that'd be far too awkward for me to even process.

"Can I have some Wifey cuddles?"

I internally groan at Luke and all his requests, it was getting very annoying but that's just Luke for you.

"Fine, whatever."

Luke then snakes his arm around my torso and brings my body so that it was pressed against his. He nestles his head onto my shoulder, and surprises me by placing a kiss on my neck.

"This is much better." I hear Luke mumble, and then after that neither of us says anything.

I was feeling very warm and comfortable, and I found my eyelids starting to droop from my tiredness.

I didn't even try to fight it, and I ended up falling asleep on Luke's bed for the second time since I'd met him.

[honestly I'm vv happy with this chapter. It was so cute and fluffy and omg high Luke is so adorable]

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