the truth of the matter

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  • Published: 13 Feb 2016
  • Updated: 13 Feb 2016
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the truth of the matter is based on what those with anxiety feel it is an expression of feelings that may not be understood by everyone and if you are prone to depression might not want to read it will most likely upset you i am not expecting many to read this as it is pure angst with bad spelling and grammar but if you want a greater understanding of how some people feel then read at your own risk i'm sorry if this upsets anyone


2. "its not death that's terrifying but life"

its always there it will always be there

everyday life is a unknown everything you see or feel is wrong

the world doesn't see you but you see everything, it needs to be quiet

you hope for peace an over understanding constantly drains you

seeing peoples problems knowing you can't do anything

the potential horrors that could happen all the buzzing the unknown 

and that peace that quiet is always right next to you but too far away

you can't explain you can't fit

you don't know what to do next or where to go

everything is a blur of horror and fear and people say that's life

they say they are afraid of death

they don't know, they don't understand

"it's not death that's terrifying but life"



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