the truth of the matter

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  • Published: 13 Feb 2016
  • Updated: 13 Feb 2016
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the truth of the matter is based on what those with anxiety feel it is an expression of feelings that may not be understood by everyone and if you are prone to depression might not want to read it will most likely upset you i am not expecting many to read this as it is pure angst with bad spelling and grammar but if you want a greater understanding of how some people feel then read at your own risk i'm sorry if this upsets anyone


1. "i cant but i said i wouldn't"

the moment when you know what you do is meaningless 
    "i cant but i  said i wouldn't"
its called many things anxiety, depression, existentialism

all big words meaning you understand the world on a higher level

you feel its pain its suffering its sorrow this is only one form others

are when your own pain conkers you and drowns everything good

you don't want help because no one will help you 

there is a light but it doesn't serve you

all you do is to try and please others yet your called selfish or conceited

life is heavy and meaningless so much easier to not but you made promises

and you don't want to upset those people, living for those people

not yourself an empty container with nothing but the people who have gone through to much 

to much for you to throw yourself away

the thought is comfortable its so close but you wont you understand it and sometimes want it 

but you said you won't

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