This is a love story about Emma and David. How did they fall for each other, good question. Everyone says complete opposites attract, and they were kind of right. David and Emma have a lot in common, yet are nothing alike. Will David leave Emma, when she needs him most? Or will he stay with her till the very end?


2. What The Hell?

"Watch where your going, dude. Oh---sorry Emma, I didn't know it was you," David said after I accidentally ran into him in the hallway. Know that I see him, he's actually kind of good-looking. And that's the first time I've ever thought that about a guy. He has nice, slick black hair, and a perfectly shaped face. "I'm so sorry, David. I wasn't looking where I was going. Forgive me?" He smiled at me. God, what a beautiful smile. "Yeah, I forgive you Emma. Only because of how good that sun dress looks on you." I looked to see which of my sun dresses I was wearing. It was plain white, very short, and tight on the boobs, and its spaghetti strap. Its very flowy at the bottom. "Um, thanks." He walked away from me, heading to his next class.


"EEEMMMMAAA!!!!" Tracy came running to me in the hallway. She looked happy about something. "What do you want now, Tracy?" I asked her. She probably saw a spider or something. "Jon invited me and you to his spring break party at his house tonight! You HAVE to come!" Jon is the most popular guy, and I guess I have to go as for I'm the most popular girl. He probably invited me because of that. "Um... I don't have a choice, do I?" Tracy shook her head back and forth. " I guess I'm going then, aren't I?" " I knew you would say that, see you tonight!" And with that, she left running. School already ended, the last bell rang about half an hour ago. Great, I get to go to my first ever party. I hope its memorable. If not, I will be very upset..... I better go home and get ready..... My dad is on a business trip so I want have to worry about him coming home and me not being there. 


I picked my red strapless dress, that is tight at the boobs and loose at the bottom. I put it on. Wow. I actually look good in this. Black heels..... There they are. Wow. These make me look even better. I applied some black lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. All in the color black. Wow, I look like a bad ass, well, I kinda am, but not the point. Tracy picked me up from my house and took me to Jon's.


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