Pirate Pirø, a young woman with a near god complex, has her life changed around when she is given the opportunity to attend a high achieving college in Industrialised Kregoria. The woman quickly begins to realise the struggles of keeping the balances of being social, being psycho, and being intellectual. This is thrown to the side when she meets the charismatic President on a night tram. With just more than love at first sight, she sets out to find him, and begins to find herself in a inescapable web.
(Contains very mature themes like drugs, suicide, murder, and intercourse references, swearing. ect. - um, enjoy? ��)


3. the idealism inside the Pirø family: a short filler chapter

The ride on the tram was an exhausting one, despite the fact that Pirot had not moved much during the travelling. She had spent the last 5 or so hours sitting, staring out of the window with just a small amount of tolerable music, her mind and most intimate thoughts, and the unwanted addition of a displeasing, rundown landscape to view - which to no surprise became boring and painful to bore her eyes into.

Pirot's parents had sent her off from the tram station, where, like most mothers and father would, wafted their children away with faked pained expressions, only to return home and smoke and share cheap wine.

Or so she assumed.

They had insisted that they wait with her till the tram came so they would see her off in a more formal way (how that was seen as in any way shape or form as formal I will not know - I agree with Pirot on this).

Her father just pretended to ignore the fact that his consernful, partial lunatic of a wife was shouting and waving at their daughter like a fan girl to a celebrity, and chose to hide behind his newspaper. Pirot thought back to it now. If it wasn't a newspaper, it was a book or any slightly entertaining programme on the television. Her father loved her mother, sure, but they didn't adjust to living together, and neither did they agree on most things. It was always an absurd concept to Pirot - as she had always repelled from people, or an idea of being in a relationship, like that.

Pirot Pirø's idea of love had a sick, twisted romanticism ebbed into it, and could be seen as abusive, or obsessive and aggressive. She herself had not known such feelings of love, or being loved, and thus chose to show fake, manufactured "love", when all it would ever be to her was simple acknowledgement.

Don't get this story wrong, Miss Pirø was one of the most loyal people you could ever meet - she had the upmost respect for strangers, whether they be half way around the world, or next to her on the tram. However, she could never feel things like respect or love to friends or family, because deep down in the little, fluttering, blue heart of hers, she felt neglected and mistreated. She felt that she was pushed aside and downtrodden - or expected to obtain such unrealistic, obese, idealistic goals.

More specifically, the goals that her older siblings had been glorified for.

She already looked like the adopted child out of the three of them: both her older brother and sister being the darkest brunettes you had ever seen, and wearing the blackest eyes - like Whitby jet - and towering over her with intimidation and with the received awkwardness of ageing into middle aged adults (which Pirot assumed would soon begin to adopt midlife crisises).

She merely sat there in her saddening excuse of a seat, her arse slowly numbing itself as she sat uncomfortably, and sighed to herself. She rubbed her eyes. Her greatest achievement to date was receiving that letter that announced she was allowed to attend a high achieving school, which she assumed she would soon drop out of after a couple months due to the impression that it would shove sticks up your arse, and force you to be glued to your desk completing some essay that she wouldn't even get a 9 on...

ugh. Idealism can go fuck itself. And so can dreams. Actually no, everything can.

I want to go home...

No, you don't belong home....

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