Pirate Pirø, a young woman with a near god complex, has her life changed around when she is given the opportunity to attend a high achieving college in Industrialised Kregoria. The woman quickly begins to realise the struggles of keeping the balances of being social, being psycho, and being intellectual. This is thrown to the side when she meets the charismatic President on a night tram. With just more than love at first sight, she sets out to find him, and begins to find herself in a inescapable web.
(Contains very mature themes like drugs, suicide, murder, and intercourse references, swearing. ect. - um, enjoy? ��)


1. Crappy Morning Suicide

(Note: this chapter is not very progressive, and neither is it written very well because I'm not as firmiliar with this subject as others, but it is still essential to the plot - enjoy)

It was not everyday that you would have seen such a sight. Most normal people would have been shocked, or disinterested - if they weren't so busy, that is. But to the young woman, who saw it that day, such a sight was a commodity. It was something interesting and intriguing, something that would have her brutally murdered by curiosity.

A suicide.

Or, at least, a near one.

The young woman looked at him with wide eyes, giving a first appearance of looking worried. If you had known the woman intimately, like I, you would know that this was no look of fear, but one of fascination. She had never seen one before, hence those on her television and those she had read in dramatic novels. This was real. And she certainly didn't want to miss it.

She placed her hands into the pockets of her navy coat, one that would have hugged her figure if she hadn't left it open, and paced calmly towards him. She found it slightly peculiar as to why anyone would want to die here, thus she concluded that this was a last resort for the man. There was stone everything: walls, floors, barriers (to - ironically- stop you from falling). Quite frankly the place was bland, and crimson would make it less bilious.

"This place is awfully dull for a suicide, no?", she asked, very politely in a small voice, as not to startle the man.

There was a short silence as he turned around to see her. The man's clothes were very plain and black and beige - ish, something the young woman highly disliked (although there was a leather belt tied loosely around his waist that she had glanced at a few times). The morning sun was creeping up, and had reached his face. The man owned very sharp, distinct features: large brown orbs that burned back at her, a well shaped jawline, sharp cheekbones, and a lean body. His face was pale, though red was patched in certain areas, like a stained carpet. The stranger had purple surrounding his eyes due to the lack of sleep, and had a sad, lethargic glow in his eyes. Insomniac? He would have been quite comely if he wasn't -

"What's it to you?", he asked, swiftly turning his head away, huffing like a child, "You wouldn't care anyways...". The last part was mumbled.

There was another long silence between the two of them, the oblivious, young woman staring at him with a bored yet amused glint in her eyes, efficiently scanning her brain for any response. The only suitable response that came to mind was a sharpened click of the tongue, in annoyance.

She was not one to show anger - it was a defence mechanism: scare people with boisterous emotions, or, at least, make them view you as spontaneous. She would not let herself choke on her anger, and thus had remained quiet, pondering to herself whilst the man expected her to leave.

He kept glancing at her, waiting for his opportunity to do it.

She was not going to leave.

It was not out of the ordinary to stumble across suicidal people within this world, the plump woman knew that well. She had to deal with these kind of people before, mainly hiding behind her computer offering typical, sweetheart quotes to brighten people's mood. She knew that his life was like putty in her hands - easy to mould, and shape into anything she desired. She was not cruel enough to glorify this behaviour, but she was not kind enough to offer the normal, loving support that another woman could give.

Swiftly, she paced over to the side, pressed against the stone slab, and leaned over the top of it, staring down into the water storage banks beneath them. These structures were mostly common within the Western Prefecture, where there was a sea that lead out to the other side of the world, or at least somewhere - as she was often told as a kid. They were empty at that moment, a few strayed, grey, lonely puddles laying at the bottom. Algae and other strange aquatic plants had laced the stone sides of the banks, and those themselves were adorned with a variety of rubbish. The whole place was glum, and it was a complete question as to why he picked here. Sentimental? No. Definitely not. The place was blatantly disgusting, and was only going to be made worse with a drowned corpse enduring stage one of decomposition.

As for the man, he appeared as if he was having second thoughts about his suicide mission, and was breathing, no, sighing a little heavier. She noticed he had never arrived with a jacket, and just wore a black shirt with some beige floral detail - at which she began to pick out. He looked cold. She was too cruel to give him her jacket, a navy, darted, collared, button up. "Quite pathetic really", the little woman said, fingering one of the black buttons on her coat, eyebrows raised in a demeaning fashion.

"What?", the ill faced man began in irritation, she interrupted him. He looked at her with a look of pure confusion and bewilderment at her rudeness. Even though he was commuting suicide, he partially expected her to be kinder to him.

She spoke back with a bored, monotonous tone, as if she had said this a million times before, " The fact that you picked this place as your suicide spot just shows how common this place has become, and how much of a lowlife you, yourself are. If I was you, I'd go do it somewhere else. To die here would be worse than Hell".

He did nothing but stare at her, as if she were some demon that had forced a halo on her head. His mouth wanted to speak, but his tongue became a blockade, he had to listen to the woman's words, whether he wanted to or not. She did not look at him, she just looked ahead into the sky. It was blue now, a happy blue, a morning blue, and you began to hear all the seagulls returning from the North to pick at leftover rubbish. It was a glum place to him. So very tedious. So very unfriendly. So unfamiliar. And so. Very. Glum.

She piped up again, snapping him out of his thoughts, "Now,the tide comes in within the afternoon, so I suggest you do it then. That is, if you still want to do it", she smirked a little. She looked almost devious, some sadistic glint in her eyes. It made her appear complete, a true self - something horrifically beautiful within her.

The man had no idea what to say, neither what specifically to do. His life had been engulfed with such pain and suffering - which he convinced himself no one had understood - he never had felt truly satisfied with himself. Someone always tagging along, at the side, bored, frustrated, and hopeless with life. The fact that some unknown woman approached him only to bad mouth him had made him feel even lower, and then discriminate his choices. It was so frustrating, to be always put last: the last choice, pushed to the back. Forgotten. Hated. Unloved. It was so...

It was so enraging.

He expected to be saved. And this was no saviour.

He just wanted to die.

And she was preventing him from doing so.

The man had a sudden rush of behaviour, turning forcefully towards the woman, partially startling her. His mouth was clamped shut in anger, and his fists clenched at his sides. All the anger and comments that he had bitten back, now could no longer be hidden. There was a fire burning within his eyes. Little did he know, she was quite fearful of what might happen - the possibilities were endless. They were always endless.

"What the hell would you know? How do you know how I feel, huh?! All you've done is arrived to discriminate me, just like every other fucking human in this world!... My god! Will you go and leave me to make my death?!" he was nearly yelling at her now, arms flailing, and he began to approach her. She took a step back. He could hit her.

"I'm just so sick", he mumbled. The man stepped back, realising how close he was to this the small lady. He was inches away, looking like he was about to punch her. "I'm just so sick of everyone. Sick of everything. Sick o-"

"Sick of yourself." She finished, her voice formed into a small and feminine silk.


There was a look that he had given her then, in that second, one she could not register. It was as almost as if they could understand each other within that second, something that had clicked, for him. Even though he had withdrawn himself, he could see the woman in the full morning light. She looked just as decayed and disgusting he had. She had purple painted beneath her eyes, incredibly visible, and her face was scared with age and red blotches. Maybe they were similar. Maybe they did understand each other.

For the young woman, this once amusing scenario had turned into some sick - provoking conversation. It could even be an argument if she wanted to continue. Nevertheless the woman held a stern look, not wanting to make him snap anymore. He was glaring intensely at her now, breathing heavily at the sudden use of oxygen. She stared at his brown orbs, her greyed ones trying to burn back the glare.

She scoffed at him, her hand over her mouth. "Honestly! Do you see yourself right now? How selfish you look? How pathetic, and how self - centred you appear? Look at yourself!"

The woman's halo had broke.

The young woman could no longer hold in her laughter. She squinted her eyes shut and tilted her head back, a hearty laugh erupting from her, her chest moving along with it. She laughed, and laughed viciously, the man just standing there not knowing what came over her. What he had just thought was a moment, was just a scam so she could laugh at how lonesome he looked. It was pure schadenfreude, and he couldn't understand why the woman could have such a feeling.

Whilst it was true, there could have been a moment between the two - there was no major age gap, and they were both relatively comely - it was not to be. She was quite frankly, using him as a toy, or some form of live entertainment. The man sighed in disappointment and agitation. That moment could have been intimate, the ones he was taught to experience since he was little, but no - he blew it. No, he was overthinking it. Nothing could surely happen that quickly.

"Just, just who the hell do you think you are?!", he asked, his voice slipping from anger to complaint. His fists were still clamped into two bony balls, placed neatly at his sides. All his thoughts about pain had been pushed aside, and he was now focusing on the woman who had disrupted his little masochistic moment.

"Me?", she asked, her hand over her chest as if she was offended. It was almost as if she had expected him to know her, even though they had never met. He had had enough of the woman; she made him want to be sick - or worse- throw her off the waterbank. The man was just about to go livid, until she finally saw the angered look of his face, "ugh, fine. My name is Pirot."


"And just who the Hell are you?" She added.

He was reluctant to give her his name, his real one. He was never the brightest, much to everyone's demise, but he was not stupid. This Pirot was one of those girls who would desperately try to find out any information about you, just so they can stalk you in the hidden recluse of the Internet. He had dated a girl like her. They were the type of girls that could destroy you, destroy you and shatter your heart. They were diabolical.

He decided on an alias, "Harry."

She saw right through him.

She no longer wanted to converse with such a pathetic human. He bored her, and he lied to her. The once curiosity that had almost killed her was now running away from her. Great. She sighed deeply into her hair watching it catch in her breath. He was no longer interesting, and no longer charming, or intriguing, or appealing. To her, it was like he was rotting. She, herself, was decaying. Everyone was. Although, when she looked at him, his soul was completely gone - hers was crumbling. She had continuously sewed hers up so that she could adapt and change herself however she pleased. He, no. He never even tried.

"Well, I'm bored of you now. Go away", she swished her hand as she walked by him, her other hand in her pocket, waist swaying as she paced away from the man.

He looked surprised at her, that she had just suddenly left him. The man turned around to see her, her navy coat striped with strips of morning sun and shadows as she walked away. Her hair bounced with each step that she had look, she was returning the way she came - from the City.


He tugged at his red shirt, wondering what do do next, her words repeating in his head: honestly! Do you realise how selfish you sound?! How self - centred humans like you are?! You just don't realise what you are going to do. It's childish.He took another look down at the banks, some of the puddles had engulfed others, the seawater gradually flowing back in.

Now was his chance. But why did he feel hesitant?

That goddamned woman!

He became frustrated with himself once more, standing on top of the stone barriers, remembering the very reasons that he had came here. All the pain and suffering that made him deprived in all ways than one. He so badly had wanted to do it, and now, when he had the chance, some stupid sadistic woman had fucked with him and ruined it all. No, he could do this. He wanted to. No second thoughts. Just do it...

He looked down at the waterbank once more.

He couldn't do it.

(Note: finally I've finished this chapter! Heavens, you get commented from me for making it to the end of this chapter. A bit of a touchy subject I know, and crap writing, but hopefully I'll get better. I have better plans for more chapters. Don't worry it gets happier - promise. But once something is at its happiest it can't stay like that forever. I'll try and update ASAP!)

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