I Am Okay

This is my diary, for the Diary competition, if you wanna laugh, read, if you wanna cry, read, if you wanna rage, read.


2. 22 • 2 • 2016

Dear Diary,

I just realised I haven't wrote in this in a while. I feel like someone'll break into my house, and kill me for not updating my diary. I dunno how I feel about life anymore. I've been texting my friends over the holidays, and today was our first day back at school. Worst day in history of days. And yes. I had to write that in bold.

Umm... What do I write about again? I forgot. Well, today was horrible. The 'plastic twins' as I shall now address them, thought they were all cool and stuff, so they... Well... They thought that 'passing notes in class' was a cool thing to do... No one flipping does that!

Well... I gotta go right now. Bye, diary.

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