When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


7. Chapter 7: Finding Out They're The Big Hero 6

A month after you first met the gang, you were hanging out at Hiro’s house. You had become absolute best buds with the team and they considered you part of their gang. You had a lovely life.

“Hey, where do you want me to put this?” You asked Hiro. You two were hanging out in his room and he handed you something. This thing was a cardboard box with paper in it, and it was really heavy!

“You can just set it down over there.” He pointed to a place and you hobbled over there and set it down.

“Why did you want me to hold that in the first place?” You asked him. “It was heavy!”

He laughed. “Because I needed it out of my way and you are SUCH A GOOD FRIEND that I knew you would do that for me. So thanks.” You just rolled your eyes at him. Although you had been friends for quite some time, you never told him that you had a crush on him.

“So, yesterday, you guys had to leave me in the cafe for something. What was that for?” Yesterday after seeing on the news that there was a robbery going on downtown, they had raced off. Leaving you there saying they needed to do something, and left before you could get a word in.

They ended up coming back half an hour later, and they looked a bit tired. You asked them about it but they changed the topic. You would get the truth out of them eventually. If you wanted to know something, nobody could get in your way of not knowing.

“Oh, well, uh.” Hiro stuttered. “I don’t think I should tell you.”

“And why not?” You asked, sugar in your tone.

“B-because the gang might get mad at me. And also, you don’t need to know.”


Hiro P.O.V.

“Please.” (Y/N) gave me puppy eyes. She looked so cute like that.

“No.” I said. I wasn’t going to give in, no matter how adorable she was.

She sighed. “Then I guess I’ll just find out myself.”

“Good luck with that.” I turned back to my bot fighting bot.

“Hey, what’s this?” She asked. I turned around to see what she was looking at and it was the bag with my super hero outfit in it.

“Don’t touch it!” I yelled out before I could stop myself.

“And why not?” She asked, smirking.

“It has, er, my clothes in it.”

“And why should I care if your clothes are in it?”

“Well, that would mean that everything I would wear would be in it.” She looked confused.

“Like underwear-”

“EWW!” She cried out. “Okay, I think I’ll leave it alone then.”

I grinned Yes. I imagined fist bumping myself. With that settled, I turned back to my bot fighting bot.

About 10 seconds later I heard a loud gasp from behind me and a thud. I spun around and saw that (Y/N) had opened up the bag with my suit in it, taken out the helmet, dropped the bag on the floor, and was staring at my helmet. Aaaannndddd I’m screwed.

“Look, I can explain-”

“You’re part of Big Hero 6?!” She cried. (Y/N) looked at me. I internally gulped and externally nodded my head.

To my great shock, she smiled at me. “That is so cool!!!” She screeched. I exhaled in relief.

“You aren’t mad?” I asked.

“Mad? Are you crazy!? No way! This is awesome! This means that I know who saved my dad during the week I was gone. You did save him right?”

“With Callaghan and the microbots? Yeah. That was us.” I said proudly.

“Wait, the kabuki guy was Callaghan? As in, Professor Callaghan?”


“Huh. No wonder they needed a new owner for SFIT. As he would go to jail and he would be in there for quite some time so they need someone else to take ownership of it.” (Y/N) mumbled to herself.

“Yeah….” There was a silence.

“So, who are the other 5 on the team?” She asked.

“Oh, they’re Gogo, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Baymax.” Considering she could be trusted, [right?] and she knows that I’m in it, it shouldn’t matter. I hope I’m right.

“Really? Wow, no wonder you guys work so well on the battlefield.” She grinned. I was tense.

“You’re not going to ask if you can join, right?” I asked timidly.

“What? No, that never crossed my mind.” (Y/N) said.

“Good, ‘cause I would have to say no. Obvious reasons why.”

“Yeah.” There was another slightly awkward silence.

“So, uh, do you wanna maybe watch a movie?” I was the first to break the silence.

“Yeah, I guess we could do that.” She said.

We both walked down the stairs once she put my helmet back in my bag. I walked over to the DVD player. “My turn to pick.” I told her as I picked out Captain America: The Winter Soldier. ((If you haven’t seen this movie, you should! Besides the swearing, it’s amazing!))

The movie started playing and we both got comfy on the couch.

About ½ the way through the movie I heard (Y/N) say, “Hiro reminds me of Captain America. He’s a great person, and a natural leader which he shows when he leads the Big Hero 6. He’s also really cute, with that really cute hairstyle.” I was blushing before she was even halfway done.

She looked at me. “What?”

“You just, uh, k-kind of, um, s-said, uh.” I stuttered. Her eyes widened.

“Did I say that out loud? About you being like Captain…..” I nodded. I was an absolute blushing mess. Her face instantly became a tomato and she pressed her face into the arm of the couch out of embarrassment.

“Um, t-thanks.” I said, trying to ease out of the awkwardness. (Y/N) lifted her head off of the arm on the couch, looking at me.

“Uh, you're welcome?” She practically asked. Her face was still as red as it was before.

“I can see you as Natasha.” She smiled. (Your thought right here was: I’ll take that as a compliment.)

Right then on the TV screen, it showed the scene where Cap and Natasha are leaving the building because HYDRA is going to get them and they have to kiss to pass that one guy on the escalators without being detected. We both saw this and we both got completely flustered again.

It was kind of awkward the rest of the movie.

Once the movie was done we sat there for around 2 minutes then decided to get up. She looked at the time and let out a barely audible gasp.

“I got to get home to feed (P/N)! Dang it, I forgot! That poor (F/P).” (Y/N) sent me an apologetic look. The past times we hung out this month, she was able to stay longer. “I’m sorry.”

“Eh, it’s okay.” I shrugged it off.

“Thanks.” She walked up and wrapped her arms around me. SHE'S HUGGING ME! Dude, snap out of it! Hug her back! So that’s exactly what I did.

(Y/N) pulled away and I let go of her. “Bye!” She called. Then she was gone.


Your P.O.V.

Once you got home, you took to taking care of (P/N). It was 6:30 so you decided to go and get something to eat. The cook was in a good mood today so she made you a grilled cheese sandwich, with chocolate milk, and a huge sundae. It had many treats with it, just the way you liked it! You thanked her and dove in.


You got bored because you didn’t have anything to do now that the food was gone and decided to text someone. You ended up texting to a group of people, a.k.a. the gang.

((This is your texting conversation))

YOU: Me and my (F/P).  ; )

(Cute picture of you and your (F/P).)


FRED: Nice

YOU: Thanks guys.

HIRO: So is (P/N) okay? Did you get back in time to save her?

YOU: Ha ha Hamada. But yes in fact, I did.

WASABI: What are you guys talking about?

YOU: Oh, just when I went over to Hiro’s house I said I had to leave to feed (P/N), which was true, and when I visit Hiro I usually stay longer so he’s referring to that.

HONEY LEMON: That makes sense…

YOU: Hey, so uh, don’t get mad at anybody but I know that you guys are the, um, 6HB.

FRED: The what?

GOGO: She means our part time job kicking butt. Read it backwards.


GOGO: So who told you?

YOU: Well I figured it out….

GOGO: Oh….

WASABI: Well, I’ve gotta go. See you guys later.

HIRO: Bye!


YOU: I am going to retire too. Bye!

HIRO: Bye!

Once you saw his text you put away your phone and just lay on your bed.

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