When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


6. Chapter 6: Pet Store

These are the ones you will have to know to make your way through this chapter:

(F/P)= favorite pet. A.K.A. animal that would be a pet that is your favorite.

(P/N)=pet name. You get to decide what you want the pet to be named.

(P/E)-pet environment. I’m not really sure how to put it, but basically it’s what your pet would be stored in. Like a dog a kennel or a gecko a exo-terra and stuff.

Also, if the pet store person's name is the same as yours, you can switch her name to Kat.


The next week you decided to take a walk. Why? Because it’s fun to take walks in a city. Plus, it’s also a way to get exercise.

You happened to be passing a restaurant when the idea came to mind. You were alone at home if your dad wasn’t home so why not get something to keep you company? And what other than a (F/P) to get at a pet store to keep you company?!

You walked to the nearby pet store to see what they have. When you opened the door, the bell above it jingled and a red haired lady at the register looked up. She smiled when she saw you.

“Hello, welcome to the San Fransokyo Pet Store! Anything I can help you with?” She asked you.

You smiled at her. “No, not yet. I just wanted to know what you have for animals so I can get ideas. My idea for what I might want to get right now would be a (F/P). Do you happen to have any of those?” You walked over to her.

“Oh of course! Right this way.” She walked around the counter and led you over to a corner of the store. There stood/sat/swam (F/P)s. Many of them.

The lady looked at you and smiled at your expression(It was joy). “My favorite animal is a (F/P).”

“Really?” You turned your attention to her. “That is so cool! That’s my favorite animal too!”

“My names Kelly.” She stuck her hand out.

“(Y/N).” You took her hand in yours.

“So any particular breed/type you had in mind?” Kelly asked you.

“Um, well, (insert if you have one here) (if you don’t, insert here “no”). You said.

“Okay.”(If you have a breed/type then she pointed out where they were) Kelly said.

You looked at the (F/P) with excitement. You really liked it and Kelly even let you hold/touch it! It was the nicest and prettiest (F/P) you had ever meet. It was a female (F/P) named (P/N).


When you finally left the pet store, you were in love with the animal. You planned to beg your dad to get it for you. Once he got home, that is.


When you got home you waited for Alistair to get home. Once he finally did, you waited for what felt like hours, you ran up to greet him.

“Hey (Y/N)! How was your day?” He asked you, giving you a hug.

“Wonderful! So I went for a walk and I went to the pet store! I saw some (F/P)s there!” He laughed and walked into the kitchen. He knew of your love of the animal (F/P) so you being over excited about them wasn’t new.

“I also became friends with the person that was there! Her name is Kelly! She let me hold/touch a (F/P) and it was so cool! I really, really, really want a (F/P). Can we please get one?” You begged.

He laughed. “Maybe.”

“The one I got to hold/touch was named (P/N), I really like that name, and I love her! Please! I get a little lonely when you aren’t home. I want a friend to hang out with!” You rambled on.

“What about the college students you met? Don’t you like them?” Alistair asked you.

“Yeah, I even have a crush on one of them, but sometimes I just need a friend that will just listen to me. And I can tell it anything!” It took you a second to realize that you just stated you had a crush and hoped that Alistair didn’t catch that.

He did. “Who’s this crush I hear about?”

“Um, ha ha, no one.”

“Tell me, I’m all ears.” He smiled a bit smugly. Shoot.

“Well,” You took a deep breath. “It’s….Hiro.” You squeaked.

“The kid genius?”

“Ha ha, yeah.” You shyly admitted.

He grinned at you. “You’re finally growing up.”

“Hey!” You glared at him. He just laughed at you.

“Anyway, back to the reason we are having this conversation.” You said. “Please! I really want that (F/P)!”

“Hmm…” Alistair thought. “Since I’m in a good mood and you got your first crush,” You blushed. “I say, fine you can get (P/N).”

You looked up at him with happiness. “You mean it?!”

He smiled. “Yes, I do.” You squealed, ran up, and gave your dad a hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You shouted.

“The only catch is you have to wait ‘till tomorrow to go and get her.” You dad said. “Clear?”

“Clear.” You chirped up at him.

“That’s my girl.” Alistair said.


~TImeskip to the next day, right before you’re about to get (P/N)~

You were hanging out with the gang at the college when you decided it was time to go and get (P/N). You hadn’t told the group you were getting a (F/P) yet and wanted to wait until you were going to leave to do so. Now was the time.

“Hey guys, I have to leave to go and get a (F/P).” You said.

“Wait, you’re getting a (F/P)?!” Honey Lemon looked at you.

“Yeah, it’s a female named (P/N).” You said cockily.

“Wow, dude no way!” Fred said.

“Yes way.” You were pretty smug.

“Way cool.” Hiro said.

“Well, I better go get her before she gets taken from me. Goodbye!” You called as you stood up and walked towards the door. Everyone called their goodbyes and you walked out the door.


Once you finally got to the door of the pet shop, you nervously went inside. What if someone else is at the register this time? But, to your joy, it was Kelly again. When the redhead saw you her face curved into a smile.

“Hey (Y/N)!” She remembered your name!

“Hey Kelly! I got my dad to say yes!” You joyfully told her.

“Super!” She made her way around the counter and over to you. “Now let’s go see (P/N).”

You both walked over to the same corner as last time and went over to the (P/E) that held your soon-to-be pet. You smiled down at her, and she seemed to smile at you and came over to the bars/glass that you were next to. You laughed, she is definitely the one.

Kelly came over with her hand/the key and opened the door/top. Kelly then picked/scooped up the (F/P) and handed it to you (In a bag for fish).

“Well, I reckon that (P/N) will be happy with you as her new owner. She hasn’t done that with anyone before so you must be something special.”

“Thanks.” You were going to take that as a compliment.

“You're welcome. Anything else you need to get for her? Or do you have a (P/E) already at home with food and whatever?” Kelly asked. Yeah, you MIGHT need stuff for the (F/P) to survive. MAYBE.

You spent the rest of the afternoon with Kelly, picking out a (P/E) for (P/N), choosing food, getting things that would make (P/N) comfortable in her new home, toys, dishes for food and water, etc.

Kelly was a great person to hang out with. You felt comfortable with her, like you were life-long friends. So when it was time to leave you were sad. Kelly noticed this, and so she asked you about it.

“I think you’re a great person. I don’t want to leave cause I feel like then we won’t talk ever again.” You looked down sadly.

This touched her heart. Even if she was 26 and you were 14, it didn’t matter.

“Hey.” She tilted your head up. “We’ll still be great friends. You can even swing by and visit me if you want! I have work here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. All day, from the hour it opens ‘till it closes. Whatdaya say?”

You smiled. “Good.” She ruffled your hair.

“Good.” You gave her a hug and left after that, with one final wave back to Kelly.

((No matter how unrealistic this may sound to you, it can happen. Also, you were spending HOURS with Kelly. That’s how you became such good friends. So don’t be complaining.))


Once you got home you got (P/N) all set up, even played with her.((In the case of a fish, chasing them with a net that is used to scoop them up.)) Shortly after, you grew tired so you went to bed, after you put away (P/N) of course.


A/N: I know this might note might not matter to you, but: Thanks for reading this story!!! I hope you're enjoying it!

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