When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


3. Chapter 3: Visiting Them

The following days you went to normal, everyday, school. Oh the joys. Nothing really happened. Out of your boredom came an idea.

Why not go to the college, hang out in my room, and possibly see the gang? It's worth a shot, right?

And you did just that. You walked to the college, went into your room, grabbed a candy bar, and went looking for your dad. Once you found him in the principal's office-room-like-thing, you asked him where the students rooms were. He laughed because they aren't called rooms, but told you nonetheless.

You were walking down the hall towards the students areas, when you realized that you didn't ask where each of the gangs areas were. You stopped in a moment of panic, considering to go back or to try your luck. You figured that you could always ask someone, and maybe the group is all in one place, so you went to the door.

What you found inside surprised you. People all over the place were trying out different gizmos and whatnots. A cat with rocket booster shoes, two arm-like-things playing ping-pong. It was amazing!

When you finally caught sight of the gang, each in their own little area, you decided to go to Honey Lemon first. Why? She just seemed like a really nice, friendly, person. You didn’t think she would shun you or anything, maybe you could even become friends.

You slowly walked over to her. When she looked up and saw you, she made a high pitched squeal.

“(Y/N)!” She shouted. Her smile completely filled her face as she gave you a hug, which you returned happily.

“Hi Honey Lemon.” You greeted. “What are you working on?” You looked over her shoulder at what she was doing.

“Ooh, you’re going to love this!” She linked her arm through yours and brought you over to a board with the Periodic Table of Elements on it. Around it were equations/combinations of different elements combined, and what they create together.

“Wow...why are you trying to find all these combinations?” You asked.

“You never know when it might come in handy.” Honey Lemon said mysteriously. You smiled and shook your head. “So why did you decide to come to the lab, hmm?” You shrugged.

“I don’t know, I was really bored and wanted something to do so here I am!” You said, throwing your hands up in the air. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not!” She exclaimed. “And, I have the best ideas of what we can do! We can see what everyone else is doing!”

“Um, yay.” That….sounded….super….boring…. “But I think I would rather do something else, like, uh, um, go talk to Hiro!” You internally froze. What did you just say!?

She gave you a raised eyebrow. “And why’s that? Is there something going on…” She started to smile.

“No, no! It’s just, he might have said he wanted to show me something.” You said.

“Ah, well don’t stay in there too long. We have lunch in a little bit.” She waved to you and turned back to what she was doing before you came in.

“Oh, Honey?” She turned back to you. “Where is he?” She smiled.

“In the room right over there, by the cardboard box.”

“Thanks.” And with that, you turned around, walked over to the door, and knocked. A ‘come in’ was heard so you slowly opened the door. You took a look around and spotted lots of different equipment, for whatever they were for, cause you obviously didn’t know.

You stepped inside to get a better look at things and shut the door. Movement caught your attention and you looked to see Hiro spin around in his chair to face you. Since you got over your first meeting jitters when you first met in the cafe, you noticed that he was cute. You blushed at that that thought, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Hey, um, I, uh, wanted to get away from Honey Lemon because she suggested doing something that didn’t sound entertaining at all, so I came up with an excuse that I had to do something else so I wouldn’t offend her. My excuse was that you were going to show me something.Wow, (Y/N), you totally didn’t sound like an idiot right there. You looked at him, anxious to see his reaction. But to your surprise, he just grinned and laughed slightly. You sighed in relief.


Hiro P.O.V.

I heard a knock at my door and said they could come in. I then heard the door open, as I was just finishing something. I spun around once it was finished, and saw (Y/N) standing in the doorway. When she looked at me, she started blushing. What's with that? Is she embarrassed?

"Hey, um, I, uh, wanted to get away from Honey Lemon because she suggested doing something that didn’t sound entertaining at all, so I came up with an excuse that I had to do something else so I wouldn’t offend her. My excuse was that you were going to show me something.” Huh. I guess I could help with that. I grinned and laughed a little. (Y/N)'s going to love what I have to show her....hopefully.

"Well, it might make sense to show you something, like you told her, so she doesn't get suspicious." I stood up and walked over to her. (Y/N) looked at me with curiosity, until I punched her in the arm.

She yelped in surprise then glared at me.

"Ow, dude, that hurt." There, she said it, the magic word.

Baymax started to inflate behind me. "This is the thing that I 'wanted to show you'." I said, putting in air quotes with my fingers.

(Y/N) stared at the thing, now standing in front of her, with wonder. "What, is that?" She started walking around Baymax.

"Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion." Baymax said, giving his little wave.

"Baymax huh? So what does he do Hiro?" (Y/N) said, not taking her eyes off of him.

"Baymax, scan her."

"Scan complete. You have sustained no injuries, only a slight damage to your left arm."

She stared at him. "So..."

"It will heal in a fast amount of time, so it does not need any medical attention." Baymax concluded, finger pointing into the air.

(Y/N) smiled softly. "Neat."

"Thanks Baymax. We are satisfied with our care.” Baymax waddled back over to his charger and deflated. “He is a healthcare robot, if you couldn't tell. My brother made him..." I looked down, my brother’s death still fresh in my mind, and my eyes started welling up a little.

(Y/N) put their arm on my shoulder, giving me a sad smile. Thanks (Y/N).


Your P.O.V.

Hiro mentioned his brother. You instantly thought of what Alistair told you, about his brother's death. You put your hand on his shoulder in comfort, I mean, what else could you do?

When he looked up at you, you smiled sadly at him. He seemed a bit grateful but you couldn't be sure.

Hiro looked at the clock and his eyes lit up. "Come on." He turned to you. "It's time to eat."

He walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out, you following close behind.

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