When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


16. Chapter 16: Rescue

Still Hiro P.O.V.

After last night’s...adventure, I felt pretty uneasy the whole day. Apparently Aunt Cass could tell so she gave me a worried look and a pastry from the cafe before I left for college. The gang was also making comments about it. Asking things like, ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘Did something happen?’. It got kind of annoying but eventually they backed off. Well, until we got the news.

We had gone back to the cafe after college to hang out and eat sweets. There is a TV in there which happened to be broadcasting the news. I noticed that Aunt Cass was staring at the screen and pouring coffee in someone’s coffee cup. Now, that’s completely normal. Except for the fact that the coffee was full and a bunch of coffee was spilling over and the man whose coffee that is was, was also staring at the scream with the same ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look. I also noticed that the gang was doing the same thing, staring at the screen. Obviously something was up.

I turned to look and it showed an announcer dude with his formal suit on talking. The text along the bottom of the screen read ‘(Y/N) Krei kidnapped’ and the announcer was talking about that. I’m assuming I had the same look on my face as the others, but I really didn’t care.

“Last night, (Y/N) Krei was kidnapped. Her father, Alistair Krei, called the police after noticing that his daughter did not come home. She left the house at around 8 pm at night. Based on information, if leaving the house she would just go for a quick walk and at most get home by 9. According to Krei, at 9:30, he started to question his daughters not being home. At 10, he was extremely worried. At 10:30 he called the police and his daughter has not returned since. If you do see this young lady,” It showed a picture of you here. “please call 273-173-3859.” They went on to talk about something else after that.

“(Y/N)!” Honey Lemon said. She turned to us. “Come on guys, we’ve gotta save her!” We all leaped to our feet. “Is this what you were thinking about all day, Hiro?”

“Yeah. There was suspicious activity last night. Either way, meet me once you’re suited up at Krei Mansion.” I instructed. Just then the screen on the TV switched to something and it caught our attention.

“We have just gained information on the situation of (Y/N) Krei. It seems her captor has demanded a ransom for her release, a ransom of 1 million dollars. If not payed, harm will come to the Krei girl. I think that the Big Hero 6 are going to have to sort this out. Hopefully they’ll save the day, again.” So do I.

“Go.” I shouted at them, taking off to my room to get Baymax.


~Timeskip to getting suited up and going to Krei Mansion~

All 6 of us were here and Alistair was right in front of us.

“So tell us what the note says specifically.” Wasabi commanded.

“It says,” Alistair looked down at the note in his hand. “Well, looks like I’ve got something that’s yours. I’d be willing, though, if you were to offer 1 million dollars for her release, to give her back to you. If you choose to not do that, though, she won’t necessarily be in one piece when you see her again. If you see her again. Meet me at the warehouse down on Sand Street. I do hope to be seeing you. Until then, Kidnapper. I’ve already tried to think of any way out of this and I haven’t come up with anything. Please, guys, don’t let them harm my girl!” I nodded my head at him.

“We’ll do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.” If she got hurt... I turned to my team. “Let’s go.” We all hopped on Baymax and flew to the warehouse.


“They could be anywhere.” I told my team. “Keep your eyes open.” We were slowly walking forward, going up the stairs, then exploring the next level. This warehouse had a total of 4 floors. We were on the 2nd floor, and that’s when we saw him.

“Finally. I was beginning to think you guys weren’t coming.” The man said.

“Who are you?” I asked, using a calm but stern tone. The male laughed.

“The name’s Fireblast. New villain of San Fransokyo.” The smile on his face said that he was certainly proud of that title. I rolled my eyes. “And you, are the Big Hero 6.”

“Correct, now where is she?” I demanded. She could be in trouble and he could be stalling without us knowing.

“Calm down, kid. She ain’t in trouble...yet.” Fireblast waved his hand in a nonchalant manner, sitting on a table. He practically read my mind. “Why do you even care?” I quietly growled.

“She’s our friend.” Honey Lemon spoke up.

“And my-” I began but Honey quickly stopped me by putting her fingers where my mouth would be, as my helmet was on. I gave her a confused look.

“They’ll use that against you. That makes her our weak point, as you’ll do anything to make sure she’s okay. It insures her safety and our success.” She communicated through the helmets. I made an ‘Oh’ face and nodded. Fireblast looked at us, confused.

“What’d she say?” He asked. Ha, like we were going to tell him.

“Nothing.” I said. Fireblast shrugged and got off the table.

“I guess that was dumb to ask. Like you would tell me.” He laughed at himself. He seemed to be an okay guy, even nice if it weren’t for the fact that he was a ‘villain’ and holding my girlfriend hostage. “I should be fighting you guys right now, shouldn’t I?” Fred shrugged his shoulders inside his suit.

“Or you could just hand us (Y/N).” Fred said. Fireblast sighed.

“Yeah, sorry, can’t do that.” Fred shrugged again.

“Worth a try, right?” Fireblast grinned, then got into a fighting position.

“Come at me.” He said, using two fingers to say ‘come here’.

“Be cautious. We don’t know if he’s got weapons.” I quickly communicated through the helmets. “Me and Baymax will find (Y/N).” I ran over and jumped up onto Baymax. Baymax got ready to fly, and the gang got ready to attack. Gogo started at him first, speeding at him with her ‘skates’. What he did next surprised us all. He shot fire out of his palm straight at her. She was able to just get out of the way in time, shock written on her face.

“Nice dodge sweetheart.” Fireblast congratulated her. Her face turned to red in anger and she sped at him again.

“Am I going to get any help with this guy, or you just going to sit there?” Gogo’s voice said through the com, snapping us into action. Baymax took off to go up the stairs, after informing me that he did a scan and (Y/N) was up on the top floor.


My P.O.V. ((So everything that’s happening you can ‘see’ without me having to switch between people.))

Hiro raced towards you while the other 4 came at Fireblast. Fireblast shot fire out of his palm at the group, causing them to separate. He smirked. This was going to be easy.

Honey threw one of her chem-balls at Fireblast, causing him to be surrounded in a jelly like thing. He tried to get out to no avail. Gogo used this to her advantage and threw one of her yellow discs at him, hitting him in the head. He gave a cry of pain when it hit and his head went back from the impact. That ignited a fire inside of him and the jelly like thing around him to melt to the ground. He fired fire ((See what I did there? Ha ha, sorry.)) straight at Gogo and she had to do a spin move to avoid hitting it.

Meanwhile, with Hiro and Baymax, they rocketed up the 2 flights of stairs and saw you tied to a wooden beam coming out of the ground. The noise of the two flying made you jolt to look up. You had been conscious hours before now but they knocked you out again. An hour ago you became conscious again.When you looked up, you saw your ‘knight in shining armor and his loyal steed’ your face broke out into a grin. You gave a dreamy sigh. This was always one of your fantasies that you deemed never to happen. But here you were. And to make it better, you were being saved by a Hero(=Hiro).

“Oh my goodness. (Y/N) I was so worried!” Hiro called to you, jumping off of Baymax, and running towards you. Once he got to you he breathed a sigh of relief. “Please don’t get kidnapped again.” You rolled your eyes.

“You finally found out that I go around just to get kidnapped. Sure I won’t ever do it again. You know that I didn’t try and I can’t exactly just make it never happen again.” You gave him a pointed look. It was his turn to roll his eyes.

“Sorry.” He hugged you. You being tied up couldn’t exactly do anything but he let you go seconds later. “Now to get you out of these.” He grabbed a knife from his belt that you didn’t know he had a brought the blade up to the ropes holding you. But a chilling voice spoke, stopping him in his tracks.

“Well, if it isn’t Hiro Hamada. Glad of you to join the party.” Hiro whipped around holding the knife out, making him look pretty scary. Callaghan looked down at him, a smirk on his lips.

“Professor Callaghan?”

“Yep, that’s me.” He acknowledged. “Were you going to take my bait?”

“She isn’t bait.” Hiro snarled.

“She is to me.”  Callaghan’s smirk was growing. “You know of my plan to get Krei to hand over money?” Hiro nodded ever so slightly. “Good. That was to be expected from the city’s superhero team’s leader. And I also assume you were going to stop it?” Hiro nodded again.

“Baymax, get (Y/N) down.” Baymax waddled over to you and began to untie your bindings. Callaghan snarled and lunged at Hiro. The boy side-stepped him, making the man miss. Hiro put the knife back in his belt, getting into a ready stance. Go faster Baymax!

The battle between the two males commenced. Neither of them were using a weapon, that was an upside but that didn’t mean they couldn’t do damage to each other. Fists were flying and some landed hits while others were blocked.

“Hurry up Baymax!” You told the robot. He finally undid the last knot, and you fell to the floor. Your legs, being not used for hours, didn’t hold you up the best. You used the beam, and Baymax’s help, to work yourself up off the floor. “You’ve gotta help Hiro, Baymax!” You told him. Baymax just blinked at you.

“But (Y/N), you are my patient.” You gave a cry of distress. “What seems to be the trouble?”

“If you don’t help Hiro, Baymax, something could happen to him! If something happens to him that’s not going to help my emotional state. Please, help him!” The robot finally walked over to help your boyfriend.

Back with the other 4.

Fireblast was able to corner Honey Lemon, causing her to surround herself in that ball-like-forcefield. He growled in annoyance. He had clearly underestimated them. They showed teamwork which helped them edge ahead of him. Fred shot fire at Fire Blast, causing him to turn to Fred. Gogo threw her disc when Fireblast was distracted. Hitting the man in the head, he turned towards her. Shooting fire out of both his hands, he spun around, causing the fire to go in a circle around him. Wasabi walked over, using his green-slicers to protect him from the fire. Once he got close enough to the man, Fireblast stopped spewing fire and took a step back. Wasabi brought on of his green-slicers down by Fireblast’s feet, purposely missing him but causing the man to jump back. Fred ‘super-jumped’ and was going to land on Fireblast if it weren’t for him leaping back, falling to the ground. The gang slowly made the man back up into the wall, while advancing on him. When his back hit the wall he froze.

“Crap.” He hissed. Putting his palm towards them, ready to fry them but stopped when Fred brought out a fire extinguisher and sprayed him with it. Getting completely covered in the foam-like substance, Fireblast, coughing and sputtering, knew he was defeated. That was his one flaw. If sprayed with a fire extinguisher, he couldn’t shoot fire for up to 24 hours after. Obviously if in water, he can’t do much, but this was just a fire extinguisher! It made no sense! He hated that that was his flaw, especially now. But hey, one can pretend that it didn’t work, right?

“Ha! You think something like that will stop me?” Fireblast brought his hand up again. None of them moved, or even flinched for that matter. He looked confused.

“Look, dude, we can tell that the fire extinguisher had an effect on you. The way you looked slightly nervous when you said those words, we could tell that it apparently did something. You might as well fess up.” Fred pointed out. Fireblast gave a sigh.

“It’s...my weakness.” The gang grinned and high-fived. Telling them won’t do any harm right? I mean, they already took me down. ~Fireblast

“Alright, in cuffs.” Wasabi took out some cuffs that he had taken from Hiro and put them around Fireblast’s wrists. He didn’t struggle, knowing it was useless. “Fred, you think you can hold onto him? We’re all going to go up and check on (Y/N), Baymax, and Hiro.”

“I’m coming too!” Fred whined. Grabbing onto Fireblast, the gang went up the two flights of stairs.

Back with you until the gang gets there.

The males were sweating, Baymax couldn’t but you know what I mean. Hiro’s helmet was tossed to you, as you were now holding onto it and leaning against the beam that once held you captive. With your legs being considered, in your terms, unstable, you decided not to join in on the fight. Besides, Hiro could hold his own, as could Baymax. Once Callaghan realized he wasn’t going to win, though, there was a turn of events. He rushed up to you, you completely not expecting it was used to his advantage, grabbed you, and raced up to the roof. Hiro took off right after him, Baymax, slower than Hiro, followed as well.

Once Callaghan got to the roof, he walked over to the ledge, you tight in his grip. Hiro came up and slowly walked towards you two. Hiro was about half way between you and Callaghan and the door, when you two finally got to the edge. He hoisted you up and looked ready to toss you over the edge.

“If you value her life, Hamada, I recommend you stop moving towards us.” Callaghan sneered. He was a lot stronger than you thought, as you were dangling over the edge. Your hands gripped Callaghan’s, scared, but meeting Hiro’s eyes. He froze. “That’s right. Now don’t come any closer or she’ll take a trip down.” Hiro thought for a moment then continued towards you two.

“You wouldn’t toss her over the edge. She’s your bait, remember? You kill her, first you’re going to wish you were never born, considering I’m going to kill you; and second, you’re going to lose the reason for Krei to give you money.” His face showed pride, but also had a ‘scary’ tinge to it. You smirked at Callaghan, and he glared at you, practically drilling holes through you with his eyes. But his face turned to a smirk of pure evil while setting you down.

“You know Hiro, you’re absolutely right.” He said, right before he took your right arm and twisted it painfully behind your back. You cried out in pain. That’s when the rest of the gang got there, freezing once they saw you. “None of you come closer or she gets it!” You didn’t know what ‘it’ meant but either way, Callaghan pushed your arm farther up on your back, causing more pain to shoot through you. You cried out, trying faintly to get out of his grip. Tears came to your eyes from the pain.

Hiro looked like he was trying to figure out what he should do. You were at a point where if something came at you, you could fall off the side of the building. Callaghan had you in his grip, causing you pain, and the pain would most likely increase if they came closer. No ideas.

“Hiro!” You called out to him. He looked back at you, meeting your eyes. “You have to just come over here.”

“You think?! (Y/N) I’ve been thinking about how to do that! It’s just not that simple.”

“Just do it. Give Callaghan the punch of his life.” You smiled at him. What you meant was that Hiro had to come forward, despite Callaghan pushing your arm up higher on your back. Get over here and get you out of Callaghan’s grip. The reason you were even hesitant was that this was going to be crazy painful. Well, if Callaghan kept going and didn’t just drop you and run. Hiro was smart enough for you to say what you said, and him to get it...hopefully. 

Hiro tilted his head as if to say, ‘You sure?’. You nodded. He took a deep breathe then ran at Callaghan. As your predicted, Callaghan pushed up on your arm. You practically screamed, causing Hiro to slow just a bit. By the time Hiro reached you two, you were screaming. Right when there was going to be a crack, Hiro had swept Callaghan’s feet from under him. The man fell, Hiro grabbing onto your waist before you could fall as well. He swung you away from the man now on the ground. Hiro waved Gogo over and the female came.

“Take care of...him.” He nodded towards the man on the ground. Gogo nodded and picked him up with the help of Wasabi, as he had just come over. Hiro walked you back to Baymax. You softly cried out in pain any time anything touched your arm. It hurt like it was on fire.

“Come on. Let’s get you to the hospital.” Hiro kissed your forehead as you two mounted on Baymax. “I’ll be back quickly. Please make sure neither of them escape.” He told the group. Baymax took off to the hospital.

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