When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


15. Chapter 15: Kidnapped

You were watching a movie. It was called Transformers: Age of Extinction. All of the action going on made the over 2 hour movie go by fast. Once it was done, you really wanted to get up and move around. You looked at the clock, it read 8:02. Perfect time to go for a walk and hopefully not get mugged.

You ran down to the front door and grabbed your jacket. Slipping it on, and putting on your boots/shoes, you opened the door and left the house.


Walks in the city are noisy, but also relaxing. After all, you get used to the noise after awhile, cars honking, people chatting. You put your hands in your pockets, as it was getting a little colder. You saw some happy couples walking hand-in-hand down the street you thought of Hiro and you doing that. Maybe one day you would.

You continued your walk, occasionally saying hello to random people and looking in store windows. When you got to a certain store that only sold chocolate, you couldn't resist and went in. The man at the counter greeted you.

"Hey, anything I can get ya?" He asked. You smiled at him but shook your head.

"Not yet." He nodded.

"Go ahead and look around. Tell me if you need anything." You thanked him and started looking around. What caught your eye was a huge chocolate bar of dark/milk/white chocolate. It looked amazing! Your mouth watered at the sight.

Strolling up, you looked at the chocolate carefully. Deciding it was worth it, you picked it up and brought it over to the man at the counter.

"This what you want?"

"Well, if I didn't want it why would I bring it up to the cash register?" You laughed. He smiled.

"Good point." He scanned the barcode. "That would be $8.52." You grabbed some cash out of your pocket and gave it to him. The receipt printed out and once it was done the man tore it off. "You want your receipt?"

"No thanks." He tossed it in the garbage behind the counter and put the chocolate in a bag.

"Thanks for coming!" He called as you walked over to the door, bag in hand. You waved goodbye with a smile.

"Bye!" You then opened the door and went out onto the street. You walked down the street, looking for a place where you could sit down to eat some of the delicious dark/milk/white chocolate goodness. You spotted a park with a few benches scattered around and decided on there. Once you got to a decent bench, you sat down and pulled out the chocolate. It was big so you didn't plan on eating the whole thing. You took a bite out of it and sighed in delight. It was as good as it looked.

After a few more bites, you felt a presence behind you. You turned to look and saw someone you certainly weren't expecting. It was Professor Callaghan. You practically jumped from your seat and sprinted away. He smiled at you.

"Hey, you're (Y/N), right? Krei's daughter?" You were frozen. He seemed to notice this and laughed softly. "I'm Robert Callaghan." He stretched out his hand and you shyly took it.

"Yeah, I'm (Y/N) Krei." You stated, letting go of the man's hand.

"What're you doing out here?"

"Um." You looked down at the dark/milk/white chocolate. "Eating chocolate?" He laughed.

"How is it?"

"Good." You were very suspicious. Shouldn't he be in jail?

"Mind if I try a piece?" What? This is my chocolate!

"Um." You gave a sigh. Better not get on anyone's bad side. Plus, I've got a lot, so... "Sure." Robert broke off a piece and put it in his mouth.

"Amazing." He announced. "(Y/N) you have wonderful taste in chocolate."

"Thanks. So uh, not to sound nosy or anything but, um, aren't you supposed to be in, ya know."

"Jail? Yeah, they let me out early. They said I was doing good and didn't cause problems so they let me free early." I think he's lying.

"Okay." There was a silence for a little bit.

"Please don't take this personally, but I have to do this. I honestly feel bad for you. You aren't in this at all, just someone that happens to be in the wrong position." What is he talking about? "Now, I'm expecting a visit from someone, and I'd hate to be late, but I must dash." He had, unknown to you, grabbed your arm. He had then stuck a needle into it. Once you felt the prick of the needle going in, you realized it but it was too late. "I want my revenge on Krei. Him, being your dad, is why I need you. You're the bait for the trap."

"What trap?" You were just beginning to lose consciousness.

"I'll tell you later. For now, go to sleep." Right before you were able to black out, you screamed,

"HIRO!!" Cue you blacking out.


Robert Callaghan P.O.V.

I gave a sigh. If Hiro could hear that scream of her's this would not end good. I quickly grabbed (Y/N) bridal style and put the bag with her chocolate on top of her. I might want a couple pieces later on. Like I told her, I felt a little bad for her. She wasn't part of Krei's mistake at all, nor the battle that happened over a month ago. I gave another sigh as I trudged over to my car. The part about getting let out of jail wasn't true. I broke out, along with a couple other thugs' help. I'm not sure where they left too but that really doesn't matter.

The person that was going to visit me was a fellow villain. I consider myself a villain now that I've been to jail for a crime. The fellow villain was going to make sure the Big Hero 6 didn't stop me. Hopefully by morning everyone is going to know of (Y/N) Krei being kidnapped.

The fellow villain goes by the name Fireblast. ((I made this character up.)) Fireblast is able to hurtle fire at opponents. So his being able to do so will stop the Big Hero 6 from coming at my bait and rescuing her. I do know the identities of the Big Hero 6, they used to be my students at SFIT. That information can also work to my advantage. What I didn't know then was that Hiro, the leader of Big Hero 6, was dating (Y/N). That information would have been useful but I didn't come across that in time.

I layed (Y/N) down in the backseat and got into the driver's seat. I started the car and drove off to my warehouse. This is where the bait will be. I didn't have my microbots anymore, but all I needed to make more was the money. The bait was to help convince Alistair to hand over 1 million dollars in exchange for his daughter. If he refuses, which I almost hope he will, we'll harm the girl until he gives in. If that doesn't work, we're going to attach bombs to SFIT buildings, ready to blow at the press of a button. I would make sure to make a huge explosion if need be. Not caring for the life of your own daughter is sick so he'd better give in by the time we hurt the poor girl.

Fireblast was waiting for me when I got to the building. "Bout time you showed up!"

"Well, I'm here now."

"So, what's the deal?" He asked.

"I give you 25 grand and you're officially a villain, in exchange for helping me complete my plans."

"What do you mean officially a villain?"

"The media is going to see you're in on this deal. Since we're doing evil, that makes us villains. The media seeing us do evil makes you an official villain."

"Cool. What's your game play?"

"Let's take this inside, then we'll discuss this more." I picked up the poor girl from the backseat. She had no idea what was coming for her. Fireblast picked up (Y/N)’s chocolate.

"You go chocolate shopping?" He asked. I laughed.

"Nope. That's (Y/N) Krei's here." He walked with me to the warehouse door.

"Wait, you kidnapped (Y/N) Krei? Alistair Krei's daughter?" I nodded. "Dude! That's wicked! So tell me why you got her." We walked into the warehouse and up the abandoned stairs.

"Okay, here's the plan..."


Hiro P.O.V.

"HIRO!!" I heard a scream. I jumped. Where did that come from and what was that about? I was in town, just taking a stroll past a bunch of stores when I heard it. That sounded a bit like (Y/N)...no, it couldn't be her. Who would want to harm or kidnap her? Lot's of people. I answered myself. Especially if they knew that you were the leader of Big Hero 6 and you were dating her. I gave an inaudible sigh. Might as well check it out.

By the sound of it, it came from the park. I briskly walked over there and saw no suspicious activity anywhere. No tracks in the ground to prove that either. I gave a sigh. What was I expecting? Maybe I was just hearing things. I sighed once more and headed back to Aunt Cass' Cafe. Maybe a jelly filled doughnut would do me some good.

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