When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


14. Chapter 14: Jealous Much?

You and Honey Lemon were hanging out after school/college. Somehow you got talking about princesses and balls and dresses. The conversation started on her new project that she had to do for one of her classes, which turned to you and Hiro’s relationship, which you quickly turned to talking about mud, then princesses and balls and dresses.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be at one of those balls that princesses always go to?” Honey sighed. You laughed lightly at her.

“Yeah. And have a big flowing dress?” You gave a sigh similar to Honeys.

“And dancing with your Prince Charming?” Honey gave you a look, which you laughed at.

“He isn’t a Prince Charming!” You protested. Honey gave an exaggerated nod.

“Right, right.” You huffed, bumping her shoulder with your own.

“But yes. That would be amazing!” You gave a dreamy sigh. Just then, Alistair came in.

“How’s my daughter and her friend doing?” He smiled.

“Great!” You chirped. Honey Lemon gave a nod as if to say, ‘Same’.

“Well, I hate to interrupt but (Y/N), sweetie, we have to go home.” You looked down. “I promise you’re going to love the reason. Besides, you can talk to Honey Lemon later.” You gave a nod, turned to Honey Lemon and gave her a hug, then followed your dad out.


~Timeskip to once you got home~

You were in one of your many living rooms, waiting for your dad. He said he had to do something really quick. Once he finally decided to come back, he sat down on the couch across from the one you were on.
“So, what I was going to tell you.” He paused. “Us Krei’s are going to have a party.” You literally jumped out of your seat.

“Really!?” You started jumping up and down.

“Yep. This coming Friday night.” It was Tuesday today. “We’ll host it at our mansion and we’re inviting all of the students at SFIT. Plus, their families, and anyone else we want to!” You were dancing around the room in happiness.

“Thank you daddy!” You ran over and gave him a big hug. Alistair just smiled and returned the hug. “I better start planning!” You ran up to your room to do as you just said, and dance around.


~Timeskip to the next day when you’re hanging out with the gang~

“Honey! Honey Lemon!” You called out to the blonde. She turned to you and was tackled to the ground. “Honey, guess what?!” You shouted in her face. She got you off of her and you both stood up. “We’re going to host a party on Friday night!” You started dancing around again. What could you say? You were excited! Honey Lemon stared at you open mouthed.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope! Everyone at SFIT is going to be invited!” Honey squealed along with you.

“Come on! We have to tell everyone!” She linked her arm through yours and rushed off to find the rest of the gang.

“Guys! Guys!” You both called out to them. They were all talking at a table, but turned to you two when you both called out to them.

“What?” Fred asked.

“We’re going to host a party on Friday night!” You squealed. The gang looked shocked.

“What?” Wasabi asked. You mentally face-palmed, but repeated what you said slowly. He made an ‘Oh’ face and nodded.

“Everyone at SFIT is going to be invited. I can’t wait!!!”

“I see.” Gogo said, showing no emotion whatsoever.

“Oh come on you party-poopers! At least pretend to be excited!” Honey said, making you laugh. They all just shook your heads at you two. You made a pouty face.

“You guys stink!” You crossed your arms over your chest. “Come on Honey.” You grabbed her hand and stomped out of the room. What the gang didn’t know was that you two were just outside the door.


Hiro P.O.V.

“Uh, guys? I feel like we did something wrong.” I told them. I felt really guilty. (Y/N) was just telling us some happy news and we just sat there, raining on her parade.

“Yeah.” Fred agreed.

“So….what’d we do now?” I asked. Nobody had an answer. Then finally, Gogo got up.

“I’ll go talk to them.” She walked out the same door they went out. We just sat there, not sure what to do. A minute or so later, Gogo came back.

“They said they want to talk to you guys. One at a time.” She pointed towards the door. “You,” she pointed at Wasabi. “You go first. Just head out the door and to the right.” Wasabi got up and left. I thought I heard a girly scream, but brushed it off. Gogo went to check on how it was going, then came back and told Fred to go to talk to them. Once Gogo went to check again, it was my turn. To say I wasn’t at least a little suspicious would be an absolute lie. Something was definitely wrong, and it was my turn to find out what it was.

I walked over to the door and took a deep breath. I took a couple steps beyond the doors and was met with a surprise. I was hit with silly string. I gave a shout of surprise, and stumbled backwards. I heard laughing and turned to look at the culprit, or should I say culprits? Honey Lemon and (Y/N) stood there laughing at me, holding a can of silly string each. I glared at them, which made my girlfriend fall to the floor laughing harder. I growled at them and started to wipe the silly string off of me.

“Sorry guys. We had to.” They both looked apologetically at us. Wasabi and Fred were smiling. Gogo was also smiling while fist-bumping the two other girls. I was still frowning. (Y/N) noticed this and tilted her head at me.

“No smile?” She asked. I glared at her. She gave me a sad face. (Y/N) walked over to me, putting her hand on my shoulder. “I will force a smile on your face.” I just glared at the wall. She sighed. “You sure you want to make me do it?” I growled at her. She then took her hands, putting a finger at the corners of my lips, then put them up to make a smile. She giggled. “That’s much better.” When she took her hands away, I was smiling for real. “That’s the Hiro I know.” She gave my forehead a kiss.


~Timeskip to Friday~

Your P.O.V.

You, Honey Lemon, and Gogo had gone shopping for outfits on Thursday. It had taken an hour or so to pick some dresses and then about an hour of considering each dress. But eventually you left the dress store with three outfits for each of you.

You three were in different bathrooms, getting ready. You decided on not that much makeup, just a little mascara and eyeshadow. Once you were finally done putting on your dress and finishing your makeup, you stepped out of the bathroom. Honey Lemon stepped out at the same time as you, and Gogo was already waiting for you two. Honey Lemon was wearing a cute pink dress that went to her knees, you were wearing a turquoise dress that went down to your feet, and Gogo was wearing a yellow blouse with a short yellow skirt that went to about her knees.
“(Y/N), you look amazing! Hiro’s an idiot if he doesn’t agree.”

“Honey that dress really looks good on you!”

“Gogo, that definitely has some character.” You all complimented each other. Sure, you all saw what you looked look in them at the the store but still.


When the party started, you were going on an errand for your dad. He forgot to get extra cups, so you, Honey, and Gogo all went to Walmart to get them. Sure, it was awkward considering you were in some nice outfits and somewhere public, but you guys pretended that it wasn’t. Once you got back, the party was in full swing. While you guys were pulling up to the house, you heard your father speaking.

“Now, there is some beer, but you better not get drunk. The bartenders are going to ask you how many you have had, and your age. And if that isn’t enough, if any of you get drunk, you’re getting some college credits taken away.” You heard a gasp from the crowd. “So, simply don’t get drunk. Now go have fun!” There was a cheer and everyone went back to doing whatever they were doing.

“Is that even legal?” Honey asked you two as you were pulling up to the garage. You just shrugged and Honey parked the car in the garage.

You three grabbed the bags and headed to the door. When you opened the door and stepped through, along with the other two girls, everyone seemed to stop what they were doing and stare at you guys. After a few seconds, Gogo started walking over to the drinks. You and Honey followed after her. Once you got to the table, you set down your bags and stacked the newly bought cups on top of the ones already there. Eventually you were done with that, and you three walked away from the table.

You were looking for Hiro but you weren’t sure what the other two females were going to do. You finally, after about a minute, spotted him with a few college guys, talking. Lucky for you, this was your house so you knew where each of the rooms were. If it wasn’t, it probably would have taken way longer. You slowly walked over to them, and when they spotted you, instantly ceased talking. Hiro’s jaw dropped practically to the floor.

“You, you look great, no, stunning.” Hiro stuttered. One of the other guys whistled.

“This your girlfriend?” He asked Hiro. Hiro nodded at him. “Wow. You must be something to get a girl like her.” You blushed.

“Thanks.” You said.

“You wanna dance?” Hiro asked. You listened to the song that was playing and it had a medium tempo. You nodded at him. “Talk to you later guys.” He called over his shoulder while walking towards you.

You both walked a ways away and danced together. Not necessarily touching the other person but dancing solo next to each other. You did that for a while, just enjoying the others company. After you both got tired, you just walked over by a wall and talked about whatever. You guys had hung out for about 3 hours ((It’s now 8 p.m.)) and you two decided to hang out with others for a little bit, then meet up again.

You walked over to Honey Lemon, who was talking with this one guy. When she saw you, you raised an eyebrow and quickly glanced over at the guy she was talking to. She rolled her eyes, shaking her head at you.

“So, what’s up?” Honey asked.

“Just wanted to hang with you a bit but it looks like you’ve already got someone to do that with.” You grinned. “But that’s fine. Have fun!”

“Thanks (Y/N).” You spun around and walked away to find Gogo or Fred or maybe even Wasabi, just someone you knew. While you were searching, you got quite a few stares, even a couple comments on how nice you looked. You thanked those that complimented you, but otherwise were quiet. You were unsuccessful after 5 minutes of looking for any of those 3. You gave a sigh and headed to the food table. You loaded up your plate, (Remember, you like food?) and began to eat.

It happened while you were eating that you say the scene that made you jealous. (Jealous=Jelly, just so you know.) There was a girl standing near Hiro, talking to him. She seemed to be a bit too close for comfort, which made you mad. They’re just talking. Calm yourself! You attempted to calm down. If you can talk to other guys, then it’s fine if he can talk to other girls. That thought helped a little, but barely at all. You looked down at your plate of food. Wouldn’t it be funny to dump this on her head? No, you couldn’t do that! That crosses the line between funny-just-a-joke and mean-rude-not nice. You looked back up at the girl and noticed how pretty she was. More pretty than me, that’s for sure. You sighed.

You walked away, succesful with not hurting or touching her in any way. You were jelly. That’s the best way to put it. Really really jelly. You punched the wall out of frustration. Yeah, that wasn’t very smart. You gripped your knuckles, you must’ve punched hard. You wanted to get away from everyone, up to your room where no one could see the tear that was about to escape your eye.

On your way to the stairs, you met Gogo, Fred, and Wasabi. You gave them a smile while walking towards them.

“Nice party (Y/N).” Fred told you. “Also, nice outfit.”

“Thanks. I’ve been told that more than you think.” You all laughed. That’s when the girl you saw talking to Hiro earlier came up to you. You held back a frown and instead put a smile on your face. “Yes?”

“You’re Hiro’s girlfriend right?” You nodded. “He told me to come and get you.” She put on a smile that you could tell was obviously fake. “This way.” She led you through the mass of people toward your boyfriend. Once you got to him, he smiled.

“(Y/N)! Thank you Kristen.” Hiro exclaimed. ((If your name is Kristin than you can change her name to Sandra.)) Hiro gave you a kiss on the cheek. You smiled. Take that Kristen. Kristin, over Hiro’s shoulder was glaring daggers at you. You just smiled at her. If it was possible, steam would be coming out of her ears. She stomped away after that.

“Why did you want me?” You asked the male in front of you.

“She was bugging me. I told her I had a girlfriend but she acted like she didn’t hear me. So I asked her to go get you. I wanted to show her I’m taken.” Your smile wouldn’t leave your face. You glanced over his shoulder.

“Females staring at us, 6:00.” ((This is a reference to direction, not time. Just so you know.)) Hiro looked over his shoulder.

“Yep. I better make it official then.” Before you could ask what he meant, Hiro had turned back to you and put his lips on yours. You were shocked for about a second then you kissed back. It was passionate and slow. Hiro’s lips were softer than you thought, and they seemed to fit perfectly with yours. After about a little while, you realized that MAYBE you need to breathe. You both pulled away, panting. Hiro rested his forehead on yours.

“Wow.” You breathed. That was your first kiss, and it was amazing. We should do this more often.

“Yeah.” Hiro agreed. You quickly glanced over his shoulder, and the girls who were looking before, no longer were. You grinned. “What?” Hiro asked.

“The females aren’t looking anymore.”

“But some other people are.” You gave him a confused look. “Behind you.” You turned to look and saw the gang standing there, open mouthed. You blushed.

“Finally. Ya know, Hiro, I was beginning to think that you weren’t man enough to do it.” Fred called, earning laughs from the gang and you, but making Hiro blush.

“Sorry for interrupting you two. Please continue.” Honey Lemon said, walking away and dragging the rest of the gang with her. You turned back to your boyfriend, raising an eyebrow.

Hiro rolled his eyes. “Look, if you want to kiss-” You put your lips on his, instantly feeling him kiss back. Best night ever.

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