When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)

(Y/N) was a usual everyday girl that lived in San Fransokyo with her dad. When she meets the gang everything starts to slowly change, including getting her first ever crush. This is only for girls, no guys what-so-ever!


1. Chapter 1: Home Again

"Goodbye Aunt Carolyn! Goodbye Kendra!" You said as you walked over to give them each a hug. You were just about to go back to your good old hometown of San Fransokyo.

"Goodbye (Y/N)! Have a nice flight!" Your aunt said. Giving you a hug and a kiss.

"Goodbye (Y/N)!" Kendra said. She was Aunt Carolyn's daughter, or your cousin. "Make sure to come and see us again." She gave you a long hug. She was your favorite cousin, so you let her. Once she finally let go, you grabbed your bags and got on your father's private jet. Waving at them one last time before retreating to your seat.

Your father was a wealthy man. He had a company and just became the owner of a tech college called San Fransokyo Institute of Technology or SFIT. Your father's name was Alistair Krei. Lot's of people would be surprised by this, thinking he didn't have a family, but he did. You didn't like talking about your mom, because she wasn't with you guys anymore, and it was only you and your father in your home.

But enough about sad subjects! You were going home to your father after a week of absolutely nothing but fun. Carolyn and Kendra had made sure of that. It was warm enough there that you could go swimming and swimming you did. You had also been to a fair and gotten full on nothing but sweets. You loved food a lot and weren't ashamed to admit it.

Once the jet took off you read your book, The Maze Runner By: James Dashner. I was the most amazing book ever!!!!! Eventually you grew too tired and fell asleep.


The jet just came to a stop and you jerked awake. Realizing the plane was on the ground you quickly got up and grabbed your things and threw them in your bag. You didn't care where you put them, you just wanted to get off the jet and see your dad.

And there he was. Standing next to a black limousine in his business attire, and smiling as bright as the sun once he saw you. You ran to him.

"Daddy!" You squealed in delight. You just couldn't help yourself, you couldn't wait to tell him what you did.

"Baby girl!" He replied as he scooped you up in his arms. "How was it?"

"Oh it was sooooo fun!!! We went swimming at the Grand Pool, went to the Fruit Cake Fair and-"

"Whoa, slow down sweetie!" Alistair said with a smile. "Let's get you settled in the car then you can tell me all about it."

You giggled and did as he suggested. Once you were in the car, you ranted about everything you did and Alistair listened patiently, as you did this a lot, for you to finish. When you finally stopped, he chuckled softly.

"Wow, you must have had quite the adventure."

"Yes, yes I did." You grinned.


Once you got back to your mansion, the butler opened your door and you ran inside, quickly shouting a thank you over your shoulder. Once you got inside, you plopped down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. Wow, what a week! You gave a tired sigh and turned on the TV. On it was the news. You sighed but decided you were too lazy to change it. Shortly after you got comfortable, Alistair came in and sat down next to you on the couch. The news switched to a report about something that happened yesterday.

"Ah, you're going to like this one..." Alistair says as he sits back in his seat. You quirk up at this.

"Yesterday, the oration at Krei Tech Industries turned to disaster as a strange man in a kabuki mask crashed the event by bringing in an army of miniature robots, or as sources say, microbots, and holding Mr. Alistair Krei captive." I look over at my dad in horror. He smiles and mouths, It get's better. "The strange man then creates a portal like thing that begins to suck up the building as it grabs anything metal. Just then, a team of superheros arrive at the seen and we learned later that they are the new San Fransokyo heroes, Big Hero 6." It showed an image of the team. Wow, those are some nice costumes. "The Big Hero 6 ended up fighting off the strange man and he has been arrested. Mr. Krei was unharmed during all these events." I sighed in relief. "Mr. Krei was able to identify the identity of these heroes but refuses to share them with the media. Today they appeared at a fire incident in downtown San Fransokyo and helped a young child, Sammy Young age 5, to escape the building by  picking him up and flying to the ground safely." It showed some footage of that.

"Wow.....they sound awesome!" You whispered.

"That is all we know of them now but we will tell you more when we know more. Now, back to you, Jim."

You stared open-mouthed at the screen. All that happened and you didn't know it?!

"Why didn't you tell me?!?!" You turned to your dad. His lips turned upward into a smile.

"I didn't want to interrupt your babbling about your week with Carolyn and Kendra. And plus, I was planning on showing you tomorrow and telling you all the details but this works too." He laughed. You grinned and stood up from your seat on the plush couch.

"You hungry?" He asked, as he also stood up.

"Yeah," you yawned. "And tired."

"What do you want?"

You shrugged. "Whatever"

"Alright, how about pizza?" He told the cook and you both sat down on the couch to watch a movie. You got to pick, so you chose (your 2nd favorite movie). You snuggled into the couch and watched the movie. Once you got your pizza, you ate it, and snuggled up to your dad once you were finished. He put his arm around you and soon enough, your eyelids were dying to close. You gave in and fell asleep with your last thought being, this is a perfect end to a perfect week.

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