How the Evil hurts

How could I have been so blind? How could you have done this to me? Hiw could I have let Darkness manipulate my sight?


1. How the huirt invades

How the Evil hurts



Finding flaws in all I say

Nothing ever pleases

Trust me trust is gone

Fragmented into pieces


Saying is one thing

But  fulfilling actions take more

You obviously don't understand

How many bruises you've made sore


I try me best to show a smile

But your rain battles against me

Like the worst thunderstorm

Hurting me everyday


So just shut up and heal

All the lies you made

Crushing my happiness

With your lying parade


I don't want to listen

To your pathetic remarks

Your smooth talking

To get yourself out of the dark


After you put salt in the wound

You ruin the love we once had

I feel so much worse than before

I feel you are no longer my dad.



By Magnet0



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