Loving You [Loving Series Book 1]

Aiden Kingston has it all. Due to take over several business from his father and uncle, having tight ties to the underworld and being a very wealthy and very powerful family in general, he tends to get exactly what he wants. Esme Taylor is a hard working, single mother of 3. After getting pregenant with twins from a one night stand 6 years ago, she was left with two 5 year olds to take care of as well as her little niece after her brother died a year after her having her daughter and son. But thats not the only thing, Esme and Aiden and very closely connected, they just don't know it yet...


3. Monday

Esme stalked into the skyscraper building, nervously twisting the strap of her bag she had splurged out on in celebration during her and Tori’s shopping spree the day before.


It was a women’s Gucci swing leather tote. The bright pink colour stood out against her black pencil skirt, black fitted blazer and pale blue chiffon shirt.

She had found a store than was selling 3 chiffon shirts for $10 each because it was closing down and she decided she just had to get a few. By the time they had walked out the store, she had 3 bags full, she just couldn't resist all the pretty colours and ended up buying 25 different colours of the chiffon shirts as well as 5 white chiffon shirts.


Esme finally arrived on the 16th floor, the floor she would be working on. She gripped onto her bag strap and held her head high before walking confidently towards the door that read ‘Sales and Marketing’.


By the time she arrived at the door, she wasnt feeling so confident and was feeling apprehensive. The man she would be working for was the CEO’s son and would be taking over the business soon enough so he had to like her otherwise she was out of a job…


She raised her hand to knock on the door but before her hand mde contact, the door swung open….It opened from the outside so when the door swung open, she got hit and ended up on the floor, clinging onto her nose which had taken most of the impact for her face.


“Crap! I’m so sorry!”


Esme looked up to where the voice came from, it seemed familiar….


Her breath caught in her throat when she realized it was the stunning man she had run into on the way to her interview, last week.


Recognition dawned in his eyes. “So we meet again.” He chuckled humorously. She sent him a small smile and accepted his hand, dusting her bottom off when she was stood up.


“Are you Mr Kingston?” She questioned, hopefuly. He seemed like a decent enough man so hopefully he was  Mr Kingston.


“That, I am.” He nodded with a smile. She felt her shoulders relax slightly.


“I’m Esme Taylor, your new secretary.” She informed him.


He just nodded with a small smile.


‘Damn what I would do to lick that dimple.’ She thought.


He turned around and gestured for her to follow him.


They walked through the door and there was an office there with a desk, presumably waiting area chairs and a few decorative pictures. This must be her office.


“This will be your office.” He informed the young woman who was looking around.


She just nodded at him and walked over to the desk and sitting down on the seat that was placed behind it.


“I have my coffee black with 2 sugars and I want it on my desk when I get in at 8.” He informed her with a warm smile.


Esme smiled at the tall man and nodded. She took her note book out of her bag and scribbled it down so she wouldn’t forget.


“Anything else?” She asked him, looking up to face him again.


“No, I’m assuming you know how to use the computer and phone?” He raised a brow.


She smiled and nodded. He smiled back, satisfied and walked into his office.


“Oh and Ms Taylor?” He suddenly said, pausing as he reached his door.


“Yes?” She said softly.


“Don’t wear that skirt tomorrow.”


Her jaw fell open as she gaped at his retreating back for about 5 seconds until the door was shut.


‘What an arrogant man!’ She thought as she seethed in anger, who was he to decide what she wore when what she wore was perfectly suitable! And to think she kind of liked him….As a person in general of course…


Her first day carried on and it wasn’t that bad, she answered a few calls, assisted him in one meeting, taking notes and sat at her desk all day, typing up letters and contacts.


At lunch she had even met a nice woman who was called Sophia. She had been working for the firm for around 2 and a half years and loved it.


She worked in the finance department and was amazing with numbers. Esme thought she  was the new and improved Isaac Newton! She had a truly formidable mind.


They had traded numbers and had agreed to get lunch tomorrow with each other and she was really excited to have a new friend at work.


When she stood up, grabbing her coat and bag Aiden walked through the door.


“Don’t forget what I said about the skirt Ms.Taylor.” He said curtly with an almost mocking smile as he turned away and walked out, leaving her behind to fume on her own.


[A/N] When I said Sophia had a formidable mind, I meant it in a French way, it means brilliant in French and since I had my mock French speaking today, I just wrote it for fun. I got an A*, GCSE’S are coming up soon eeeekkkkkk :S But anywho, I’ll be uploading next Friday but be warmed, when I do my GCSE’s which will be over a span of about 2 month, I won't be uploading every Friday, maybe an update every couple weeks if I have time between school, revision, homework and having a semi-alive social life.


Hugs and Kisses

Elie xx

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