Loving You [Loving Series Book 1]

Aiden Kingston has it all. Due to take over several business from his father and uncle, having tight ties to the underworld and being a very wealthy and very powerful family in general, he tends to get exactly what he wants. Esme Taylor is a hard working, single mother of 3. After getting pregenant with twins from a one night stand 6 years ago, she was left with two 5 year olds to take care of as well as her little niece after her brother died a year after her having her daughter and son. But thats not the only thing, Esme and Aiden and very closely connected, they just don't know it yet...



I'm sorry but this story is going on hold for a while, I start my GCSE' in May and I really need to focus on school and revising for the exams that determine my future, I promise, this will be off hold the day I do my last exam and I will upload a chapter that very day, I promise


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