The Great Divide

The society is divided into two different groups.Find out about this division in The Great Divide.


2. Working

Harry's P.O.V.

Angel and I have been great friends,for a long time. I guess that it is a friendship,I wish it could be more but these stupid-ass divisions just won't let us do it.I can tell she likes me,though she already has a boyfriend.Anyway we are working on an extremely huge case.Really confusing work to be honest with everyone. It is boring as hell,some bitch's husband raped her fourteen year old daughter. I mean in in this world would do something as fucking stupid as that? I just don't understand this job anymore. I am going to tell Angel today that I want to quit this job. I want to sing not work at a law firm. As I said before boring as hell. Anyway I listen to the lady and her husband is charged with sexual abuse or rape. And has been sentenced to prison as of now. I finish the meeting,then go to get lunch, Angel rides with me. I tell her my proposition and she looks at me like I was being sarcastic. I tell her I am serious and order our lunch. She then turns her head away,of course I ask her what is wrong and she looks up at me with her pretty brown eyes,filled with tears. And I understand's because she wanted to work with her...she didn't need me,but instead wanted me. I was so astonished and I guess my face showed it because she giggles. It is the most beautiful sound I have sounds like tiny little bells. I suddenly become ashamed of what I said...but she can sing to so...I tell her my idea...and she thinks it's a great idea. She smiles with a gleam in her eye.

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