The Great Divide

The society is divided into two different groups.Find out about this division in The Great Divide.


1. The Divisions

Angel's P.O.V.

The society is divided into two separate groups.It always has been and probably always will be.The groups are based on looks....which I think is wrong.How could someone judge someone by their cover?That is the lowliest thing to ever do.Getting back to the point...Two groups and I guess you are wondering what group I am in... I am in the better group but still don't like the fact that there are groups separated.It really annoying because you can't marry anyone from the other group. Sure I have a boyfriend from this side his name is Ashton but I have seen plenty of other guys from the not perfect side like Harry,he seems cute,sweet,and smart.I wonder how he was placed there.I see all the girls on that side swoon over him,and to be honest with myself I swoon over him too.More then over my own boyfriend,which Ashton is hot and all but he isn't the best boyfriend ever.I live near Harry he lives in the apartment below mine.And no we don't live with our parents they are separated from us when we turn sixteen,the age we are supposed to start doing everything for ourselves.Sometimes I hear Harry crying at night.I always guess because he misses his parents or sister.She died a year and half-ago, I went to the funeral because she was a friend of mine.I look over at Harry because we are at a meeting,we are aloud to hang out and stuff,just can't get married to each other.He smiles and waves to me and I do likewise.He has always been there for me....whenever Ashton is not there for me.When the meeting is over he walks towards me...and we walk to work.We also work together,we have a big company that allows us to live in the lavish apartments we live in.The place is called King's Law firm. King is my last name,and Harry's is Queen.I guess there were no better names... we walk in together and start the day off.

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