The Great Divide

The society is divided into two different groups.Find out about this division in The Great Divide.


3. Private information

Angel's P.O.V.

There is something about me that no one knows... I have scars on the top part of my back. Even Ashton doesn't know. Every time we kiss he wants to go further but I never let him.... I am scared that he will be horrified. My parents are the only ones who knows about them. It is kinda like something was there but I must be crazy for saying that.Any way I think Harry's idea was a great one. We call the law firm and tell them that we are gonna be quitting and have another business. It is gonna be a success we will get lots of money and become richer. We plan to start we go to my apartment and start figuring out how we sound together. When we see how well we sound together we take a break, and eat our lunch. Afterwards we start writing our songs. Harry's handwriting is really neat. And he is really focused right now...he looks hot at this point. He looks up and sees me staring at him. His green orbs burn into my brown ones. He really is too hot for my good. He then chuckles as if he heard what I said. I ask him what he is laughing at and he says you, and I ask why. Then I blush as he says,you said that out load. "Oh my gosh I have no clue. I am so sorry" He says its ok and we go back to work. When he is done he shows me the tune and lyrics. "It is perfect",I tell him. The song is called History, and it's got some great vocal cords. I look up at him,and he smiles at me with a perfect smile. It is the hottest thing I have ever seen,even if my boyfriend is hot.

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