The Great Divide

The society is divided into two different groups.Find out about this division in The Great Divide.


5. Getting further along

Harry's P.O.V.

When I wake up I immediately notice I am not in my house. I then remember last night and how I fell asleep watching The Notebook,my favorite movie of all time. I get up and hear sizzling in the kitchen,I go in the kitchen and see Angel cooking breakfast. I go to leave but she stops me and says "eat here,there is plenty enough for you." So I stay and eat then try to leave again,then she says "I had fun last night." I tell her that I was sorry for falling asleep. And she responds with"eh,it's ok you were tired that's all,though something weird happened last night." I ask her what she is talking about and she says "I think I heard someone moaning my name...but maybe it was a dream I was having." I then realize it was probably me that had done that,because I have a tendency to talk in my sleep. A blush starts forming on my face as I also realize that I was dreaming about her,of all people I dream about it had to be her,the girl who was already taken. This girl could make we go crazy,I think to myself,or at least I thought I had. Suddenly Angel blushes full on and I realize that she now knew I liked her and that I was the one moaning her name during the night. I get even more embarrassed then ever and start to walk out when I hear her faintly say "He makes me wonder if the Society made a mistake or if I should even date Ashton anymore." I smile at what she says,and she looks up at me and I know it's now or never. I walk over to her and say "I think I am in love with you." She says "I know I shouldn't feel this way but,I think I love you too." With that she kisses me and I know that no matter what the society says,we will find a way to be together.  Then I get into the kiss even more,soon I am asking for entrance and she grants it. We explore each others mouths and she moans in pleasure. Before we know it the kiss is over and she is looking at me in awe.

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