WINTER Yandere x You

The Four Seasons are the Creators and friends of the people of Agnalow, another world unknown to us. There, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter watch over their Creations, their people, and look after them, blessing them each month with the Seasons. Winter, however, is becoming a bit... obsessed with a certain someone. You. Yandere x Reader story.


7. 🍯 Tamotsu 🍯

A few months later and you were firm best friends with Arata. He had left that day after his shower with still wet hair and the promise that he would return the next day to check up on you. He refused to tell you where he was off to, however, which made you ever the more curious about his home circumstances. Ever since you had met whenever the subject of families had arisen he had hastily changed it to something else or just point blank refused to go any further with the conversation. You knew it was personal so you didn't probe for any further information, but the curiosity inside of you was still eating away. 
After that first day he just kept returning daily to check up on you as you recovered until finally it became normal to greet him in the morning with Yasmine and sometimes go on a walk with him, which is what you happened to be doing just now. 
Yasmine walked a while behind the two of you, letting the two of you chat whilst keeping an eye on you. Arata had offered to involve her in the conversation but she had refused with a blush, saying she was only there to keep an eye on you. 
Since Summer had come first in the popularity polls of the Gods it was currently his season, and the weather was slightly on the stuffy side as you made your way through town. The trees and flowers were in full health and the chirping of birds mingled with the sound of the towns people talking and laughing amongst themselves as they went through their daily routines. 
"And then this guy said to me, right," Arata's voice was loud against the background noise, his enthusiasm in his words clear through his shining eyes. "He said, 'You can't just build a treehouse in the forest 'cos you want to!' And I was all, 'Why not, guy, huh, why not?' and this guy was like 'What're you gonna build it with?' So I say 'You, if you don't bugger off soon'-"
"You really said that?" You laughed in response, covering your mouth as you laughed. 
"Yeah, yeah!" Arata grinned at the sight of you laughing and was about to carry on with his story when something behind you caught his eye and he stopped, mouth still open ready to speak. "Oh no!"
"What is it?" You looked over your shoulder in the direction he was staring and found nothing of interest there. 
"Uh - Nothing!" Arata grabbed your hand and began to pull you forwards in a rushed fashion but you dug your heels in the ground, staring at him stubbornly. 
"Come on, tell me what it is!" 
"Uh..." Arata fidgeted on the spot, chewing his lip. 
"Is everything OK?" 
"Remember how I told you I sometimes do odd jobs around town?" Arata started in a sheepish voice. 
"Yeah?" You answered curiously. 
"Well... There's this one guy I do odd jobs for and he has a sort of apprentice working for him who I really don't get along with..." Arata rubbed the back of his head.
"You mean he has an apprentice who's a bully?"
"No, not a bully, just-"
"Oi, Arata!" A loud call came from behind you. You whipped around to see a male who looked about a year older than you running towards both you and Arata with a large smile on his face. The person was tall and well built with dirty blonde hair a styled mess on his head, and warm brown eyes. 
"Too late now." Arata sighed as the male advanced on you both. 
"Hey, hey, Arata, I was waving at you from over there and you completely ignored me!" The mysterious man announced as he reached the two of you. He grabbed Arata around the neck and pulled him down, ruffling Arata's already messy hair with his fist in a friendly way. 
"Gedoffme!" Arata mumbled furiously from his position, pulling on the man's arms. "Ah! Hello!" The guy smiled at you kindly whilst still messing up Arata's hair, ignoring his struggles to get away. "My name is Tamotsu! Are you Arata's friend?" 
"Uh-" You stifled a laugh as you watched Arata desperately try to pull him self away from Tamotsu's grip. "Yeah, I'm Y/N. Who are you exactly?"
"Tamotsu Fujimoto. That's the full name." Tamotsu finally let go of an angry Arata to point at him self, grinning still. "I work downtown at the apothecary, I'm an apprentice there. Arata sometimes pops in to help so that's how I know him. Right, Arata?" Tamotsu punched Arata's arm gently, making the smaller boy flinch and jump back.
"Stop that!" Arata hissed. "We're not as friendly as he makes it out to be Y/N," He rubbed his arm. "He's actually my rival."
"Rival?" You repeated as Tamotsu let out a booming laugh. "Rival at what?"
"E-Everything!" Arata said. "Stop laughing! I'm serious!" 
"My rival?" Tamotsu held his hand above Arata's head in a mocking fashion. "But you're so small..." 
"THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!" Arata yelled angrily. "Come on Y/N, let's go!"
"But I've hardly had time to acquaint my self with this lovely young lady-"
"Good! You never will." Arata announced, and promptly began to drag you away. 
"And who's this running over?" Tamotsu asked as Yasmine run up to the three of you, panting. 
"Is everything OK? I heard Arata yelling and... Oh..." Yasmine turned red as she caught Tamotsu's gaze. "You!"
"You? You know him?" You asked. 
"I-I come down to the apothecary a lot to get medicine for you, Y/N..." Yasmine told you softly, not looking at Tamotsu in the eye. 
"Oh yes, I remember you now." Tamotsu placed a hand to his chin thoughtfully before turning back to you. "So you're the one who needs all that medicine that gets ordered! I always wondered who it was for. You're lucky you have such a lovely friend who always goes and fetches it for you." Yasmine blushed even harder at his words, turning the other way to discreetly fan her face. 
"Can we maybe not chat and just keep walking?" Arata tugged on your hand harshly, glaring at Tamotsu. "Y/N and I were having a conversation before you rudely interrupted." 
"Oh, anything you say can't be too interesting can it?" Tamotsu laughed again, waving his hand airily. 
"WHAT?!" Arata shouted, looking furious. "THAT'S IT, WE'RE LEAVING!" And with those words he began to pull you away even more aggressively, not letting you get a word in sideways as he dragged you away. 
"Arata-" You started, but he was too angry to even hear you.
"Bye!" Tamotsu waved cheerily as you were pulled further and further away from him. You shouted an apology back to him as Yasmine chased after you. When Arata finally calmed down his hand was still tightly attached to yours and Tamotsu was nowhere in sight. 
"Arata..." You ignored the fact your hands were still entwined and focused soley on his red face. "Are you OK?"
"No!" He snapped, glancing at your hands every now and then as you walked briskly forwards through the crowds of people. "I just... Don't like that guy. Did you?"
"Did I what?" 
"Like that guy?"
"Tamotsu? He seemed friendly."
"He's not!" Arata turned to face you suddenly, grabbing your other hand. "Don't trust him, alright?" 
"What?" You tilted your head. "Why not?"
"I know him better than you. Just don't. Promise me?" 
"Alright..." You nodded hesitantly. "I promise."
Summer whistled as he walked over the clouds towards where two other Gods were, swinging his arms cheerfully and watching the flames roll off of his skin as he did so. In front of him lay Spring, her blonde hair splayed over her back as she lay stomach down reading a human book most likely about flowers, ankles crossed and legs swinging. In the corner was Winter, hunched over something he was hiding with his body. He was facing the wall, sitting on his knees and leaning over something that seemed to be shining but was hidden by the way he was sitting, leaning over it. Summer stopped whistling as he noticed Winter and moved to tap Spring on the shoulder. Spring looked up curiously and then smiled as she saw Summer, waving at him cheerfully. He jabbed a thumb in Winter's direction as if to ask what he was doing. Spring shrugged in response, shaking her head to signify she didn't know. Summer shrugged back. 
"Spring," He spoke out loud, taking notice of how Winter's shoulders jumped at his voice. " Guess what I'm doing tomorrow."
"Oh!" Spring sat up with her book and crossed her legs. "You aren't arranging another Gathering are you?"
"Nope!" He popped the 'p' sound happily and placed his hands on his hips. "I'm going to visit a certain human." 
"Oh, how lovely! Who is it? Perhaps I have met them?" Spring clapped her hands together. "I'm sure they shall be so happy to see you!" 
"They're name is Y/N-"
"What?" Winter's voice rung out. Summer turned to see Winter who had turned abruptly, crystal eyes wide. "Y/N?"
"Isn't that the girl you froze?" Spring asked curiously. 
"I-It was an accident!" Winter stuttered, holding his hands up in defense. "Anyway, why are you visiting her?"
"I'm going to check in on her health. I know it's been a few months already but you never know. Better to check." Summer sent Winter a truimphant sort of smile as Winter visibly began to panic, his hands shaking slightly. 
"You could go along," Spring suggested. "Apologise to her." 
"I-I can't do that," Winter turned back around, hiding his trembling hands. "But how will you visit her if her health means she can't even handle being near you?" 
"Don't worry. I have a plan. Gods can do anything, after all." Summer stretched his hands high above his head and cracked his knuckles. "Anyway, that's for tomorrow. I'll tell her you apologise, if you can't handle going your self." Winter didn't reply. Summer smirked at the silence and turned back to Spring. "Spring, I needed to talk to you. What flower means 'sorry'? I can take it on Winter's behalf."
"Lily of the Valley would be good." Spring held her hand out and a small sprout popped up from her palm. She plucked it from her skin gently and held the bud out to Summer, who took it gently. "Here, it will bloom in time for tomorrow."
"Thank you. I better get going now, prepare my self for tomorrow." Summer held the flower in his hand loosely as he strolled away, grinning to him self as he felt the angry eyes of Winter piercing his back.

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