WINTER Yandere x You

The Four Seasons are the Creators and friends of the people of Agnalow, another world unknown to us. There, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter watch over their Creations, their people, and look after them, blessing them each month with the Seasons. Winter, however, is becoming a bit... obsessed with a certain someone. You. Yandere x Reader story.


5. 🔥 Melt 🔥

Arata walked at a brisk pace next to you as you floated along on the ice block at waist height. He was growing impatient; it hadn't been long since you had been sent off by Winter in the direction of Summer but you were moving so slowly Arata was beginning to think he may as well have just tried dragging you behind him. 
"Darn that God..." He snapped angrily, staring behind him as if he were expecting to catch sight of Winter. "I better do something fast." Hesitantly he reached forwards and nudged the ice block with one finger. It trembled violently for a second and then carried on steadily. Arata rolled his eyes. "This is basically useless. I better take things into my own hands..." He moved so he was standing behind the ice block and grabbed hold of it with both hands firmly, nails digging into it. "Literally." The ice block shivered beneath him as if scared by the touch but Arata kept a firm hold on it, dug his heels into the ground behind him, and then took off running, pushing the ice block in front of him and doing his best to make sure you didn't hit a tree. He knew the forest like he knew the back of his hand so it wasn't long until you reached the edge of it. He could hear the crowd still cheering and as the sound grew ever louder he grew all the more tired. He wanted to get you to safety yet he still found him self pausing at the edge of the forest hesitantly to rest his biting cold hands and tired legs. He stared forward with steely eyes, regarding the figure of Summer in the distance with distrust. From where Arata stood the God mostly looked like a flame, whipping the crowd into a frenzy as it pranced across the stage. "Guess there's nothing else for it." He looked down at your unmoving body and cautiously moved a hand so it was by your cheek. "I'll get you help Y/N... Even if it means I have to be near a God." And with that he set off, walking to the front of the ice block and grabbing it in one hand. As he walked he pulled it through the air behind him, waving his free hand in the air to get attention since yelling over the crowd to be heard would be impossible.
Summer was a rather self indulgent God, and he loved to get the crowd going - as long as the crowd was going for him. He could hear them yelling his name for years and not get tired of it. In fact, he had been hearing crowds yelling his name for years and he indeed did still love it, but even whilst being swept away by the crowds adoration for him it didn't take long for Summer to notice someone emerging from the forests with a giant floating slab of ice hovering behind them and he quickly quietened the crowd by signalling with his hands to lower their voices. 
"What's this?" He called, pointing towards Arata and you. The crowd turned their heads to see what he was pointing towards and let out a collective gasp at the sight. 
"My friend needs your help," Arata shouted back, pausing outside the crowd. "She's been frozen." 
"Frozen?" The crowd burst into whispers and murmurs whilst Summer crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. 
"Make a path for the boy." He commanded, and the crowd immediately obeyed. Arata carried on through the path continuing to pull you after him and making sure to not meet anyone's eye. When he reached the stage he stepped to the side to reveal you to Summer completely. "Well!" Summer knelt down to get a closer look from the stage. "This is something I definitely didn't foresee happening." 
"Can you help her?" Arata demanded. "She's got bad health enough as it is." Summer sent him a surprised glance at his harsh tone but quickly brushed it off.
"Of course I can help." He nodded, stepping down from the stage. People around him automatically took steps back to give him room but Arata stayed firmly in his spot. "It was Winter, wasn't it?" 
"Yes." Arata answered shortly. "She... Touched him, and this happened." 
"I see." Summer flexed his fingers, not really listening to Arata, and bent down until his fiery face was inches away from yours. Arata watched, obviously uncomfortable with the God's antics. "Hmmm. I'll have to make sure not to use too much heat. Give me one second." Summer moved so he was in front of your still body and grinned at the crowd. "Watch, my people, as I save this girl's life!" Those were the only words needed for the crowd to be whipped into a frenzy once more. Arata covered his ears and sent a glare at Summer's back, wishing he would shut up and actually help you out. "Alright, alright!" Summer waved his hands to signal to the people to calm down, laughing, and turned back to you. "I better get to work." His hands hovered over you and he turned to Arata with a smirk. "Prepare to catch her, lover boy." Arata stepped forwards, ignoring Summer's nickname for him with gritted teeth and kneeled down, ready to catch you. Summer held one hand on top of the other and breathed in with closed eyes. His already fiery skin began to glow a brighter yellow until Arata had to shield his eyes, and then suddenly the light was gone and Summer lifted one hand. He pointed at your body for a second before breathing out and as he did he placed the tip of one finger against the ice covering you. Immediately a cracking noise was heard, and a long jagged line shot forward from underneath his finger. It stretched up to your head and down to your feet. Summer stepped back, looking pleased, and for a second nothing happened - but then steam began to spiral off from the crack and it began to widen, melting the ice with it as it went. Arata watched carefully until the block beneath you had melted as well and you, now back to normal but damp from the melted ice, fell into his arms. He stood, shifting you in his arms to get more comfortable, and turned to face Summer.
"Thank you." He said stiffly, and bowed very quickly. His reaction for some reason sent the crowd into another fit as they cried out Summer's name in a chant.
"You're welcome, kid," Summer grinned, sending grins towards the whooping people. "Make sure the girl gets some rest. I better not get too close in case I damage her health further. What's her name?" Arata paused, and then looked down at you, mumbling,
"Y/N?" Summer placed a finger to his chin. "I don't think she's one of my creations. Ah well. She's a pretty little thing. Take care of her." Arata sent Summer a very annoyed look from behind his messy hair, hiding his eyes behind the bangs as Summer smiled at him. 
"I will." 
"Oh, and boy," Summer called out just as Arata was passing him with you in his arms. Arata paused in his steps and Summer leaned forward to whisper, "Learn to respect your Gods, will you? I've noticed the glares you keep sending me. Try and act a little more thankful, at least." Arata looked up, shocked. It took him a moment to process what Summer had said but when he had he walked on, not bothering to reply to the comment the God had made. 
The crowd made a path for Arata once more as he made his way back towards the forest, cradling you gently in his arms. Some shocked members of the crowd reached out to touch your hand, murmuring about how they had never seen someone frozen before and how amazing it was to see Summer save your life like that. Before Arata reached the end of the crowd he felt a hand on his shoulder. 
"Wait!" A female voice panted. "Wait a second, will you?" Arata turned with an impatient expression to come face to face with a girl around his age leaning her hands on her knees and breathing heavily. "Th-That's my Miss you're carrying!" 
"What?" Arata asked, looking down at your now calm face. "What do you mean?" 
"Y/N L/N! I live with her! I-I look after her." The girl stuttered, reaching for you. Arata took a step back so the girl couldn't touch you, watching her with untrusting eyes, and continued to walk through the crowd. 
"Follow me," He said sternly. "If that's the case." The girl followed obediently until they broke through the crowd and made it into free space once more, twisting her hands nervously together and keeping an eye on your body constantly. "Alright," Arata sighed, pausing once more in his steps. "Who are you then?"
"My... My name is Yasmine Starling. I live with Miss. L/N in the town. I look after her, we came here together this morning but she disappeared." 
"Oh, do you're the friend she mentioned earlier." Arata looked down at you thoughtfully. "Alright. I can see you're worried about her." 
"Y-Yes!" Yasmine agreed. "I've been looking all over for her! Her parents would be so mad if I lost her, a-and of course I wanted to know she was safe anyway but-"
"Ok," Arata interrupted her, raising his eyebrow at her rambling. "I get it. She needs to go home and rest. If you lead the way, we can go back to her home now."
"Oh..." Yasmine looked away nervously. "I... Um. Sorry sir, I don't think her parents would like it if I let you in the house." Arata stared at Yasmine for a second before rolling his eyes.
"Ok," He said sarcastically. "You can carry her home then, do you think you could make it?" 
"Oh!" Yasmine stared down at her frail arms and then blushed. "I guess you will need to carry her..." 
"Lead the way then." Arata ordered not so softly. Yasmine jumped at his voice and sent Summer a miserable look, not even attempting to hide how sad she was she had to leave the God who was back to dancing around the stage gleefully showing off his powers. 
"Alright." She nodded finally, and set off in the opposite direction of Summer, sighing. "This way, sir." 
"You can call me Arata." Arata shifted you in his arms for the second time as they started to ache. "Sorry for sounding so harsh." Yasmine blushed again as Arata sent her a dazzling smile.
"It's fine! Do-Do you mind me asking who exactly you are? How did Miss. L/N meet you? And why was she in contact with Winter?" 
"My name is Arata. I run lots of the odd jobs around town. I'll tell you everything." Arata promised. "But it's a very strange story..."
"Woah!" Arata gazed up at the large house in front of him with childishly excited eyes. "It's huge!" 
"Her parents are very rich." Yasmine laughed, feeling comfortable about the bubbly boy now that she had spent time with him. "Come on." She took a key out of her dress pocket and opened the door. "You can put her in the closest bedroom which is just upstairs and to the left." Arata followed Yasmine quietly, staring around him in wonder and looking down at you in curiosity. Your parents really must be wealthy, he wondered. Once he had reached the guest room he hurried to the bed and placed you down before groaning in relief.
"Oh man!" He stretched his arms. "I'm really aching now. Your house is so far away from central town..." 
"She prefers to live in secluded areas." Yasmine explained. "Thank you very much, Arata." 
"It's fine, Yasmine," Arata kneeled down next to you by the bed, looking concerned. "Do you mind if I stay until she is awake?" Yasmine stayed silent for a while before saying, 
"You have hardly known her and yet you care this much for her?"
"Yeah," Arata shrugged. "Not many people talk to me, you know? Despite me running lots of errands for lots of people, I've hardly made friends. Y/N was my friend right off the bat." 
"I see." Yasmine nodded, smiling. "In that case, you can stay."
"Thank you." 
Winter's stomach felt like a million butterflies were flying around inside it and his shivering, albeit the snow around him, had nothing to do with being cold. He was worried as heck about you but at the same time he couldn't get the feeling of your skin against his out of his mind. He'd retreated to the clouds once sending you off with Arata to be healed by Summer and he hadn't even checked up on you with his visions since then, too busy tormenting him self with the thoughts of seeing you dead, frozen at his hand. He hoped you'd made it to Summer on time.
"Y/N..." He mumbled, pressing one hand to the place you had touched him. "I'm so sorry." He was a fool to forget that with your frail health coming into contact with a God would have you succumb to their natural powers in a way any perfectly healthy human wouldn't. Hours passed before he finally found it in him to conjure up a vision of you and his heart calmed down as he saw you lying peacefully in the bed of a bedroom that didn't look like yours. He was so glad to see you OK he didn't even care that Arata was there, his head down on the bed as he was resting, waiting for you to awaken. "Thank goodness..." Winter murmured - and then something strange happened. From his place by the side of the bed, Arata's head shot up and he stared around the room with angry eyes.
"Hello?" He snapped. "Winter?" 
"What?" Winter stared with wide eyes as Arata stood, still looking around him cautiously. "How does he know...?"
"I know you're watching!" Arata called. "Leave us alone!" In a panic, Winter waved his hand, watching as the vision drifted away. He stepped back to lean against a pillar, shocked.
"How on Agnalow did he know...?" Winter wondered aloud. "That's impossible..." 

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