WINTER Yandere x You

The Four Seasons are the Creators and friends of the people of Agnalow, another world unknown to us. There, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter watch over their Creations, their people, and look after them, blessing them each month with the Seasons. Winter, however, is becoming a bit... obsessed with a certain someone. You. Yandere x Reader story.


9. πŸ”Ž Discover πŸ”Ž

With everything that had been going on lately you found your self getting exhausted over the next few days. After your meeting with Summer you had waited for Yasmine to return to the house before telling her what had happened, including the encounter with Winter (without going into detail) although she seemed to have trouble believing that was really what had occurred since Winter was a rare God to see. Then you had told her of your choice to let Arata stay with the both of you. She accepted surprisingly easily, seemingly happy to have another face in the household to talk to and make the mansion seem less big, whispering to you that you didn't have to let your parents know a boy was joining you in the house. When she had agreed you had insisted upon going immediately to collect his belongings from his tree house so he could move in straight away. Arata had gladly accepted and the three of you had gone off into the woods and obtained the few things Arata wanted to keep before he moved in. 
That had been a week ago. 
You hadn't been sleeping well since the night Arata had moved in, your dreams morphed into nightmares including a cruel looking Summer and a constant voice in the back of your head warning you constantly against the God, telling you all sorts of horrible things about him. You had also been wondering non stop about what Winter had been telling you - don't believe anything Summer said. Nothing Summer had said had been a lie and why would one God warn a Human against another? Weren't they all supposed to be living in harmony? And why did Winter keep appearing out of nowhere to you? Your head was whirring with questions all day and at night it took a long time for you fall asleep because of it, when you did only having nightmares and no dreams. 
You had mentioned to Arata briefly that you hadn't been feeling particularly well lately and he had sent you out on a walk to clear your mind. Yasmine had immediately offered to come along in case your health affected you but Arata persuaded her to let you go out alone as long as you promised to not wander far away and would come back within the hour, claiming you needed time away from others for once. 
Cheerfully agreeing, you had set off with a happy wave to Arata and Yasmine and gone straight for the woods where you had first met Winter. You knew you had promised to not stray far from the house but you figured if you were quick about it you could take a short walk and be back on time. Besides, if you were going to clear your head, you needed to go somewhere calming, and the woods was one of the most peaceful places you knew. 
The only problem was... it was also easy to get lost in the woods. The only person you knew who seemed to know the majority of the place inside out was Arata, and that was because he'd been living there for so long - but you had never lived in the woods, and soon you found your self wandering around areas you had never seen before, cursing your self for going so far into the woods without a second thought. 
"Perhaps if I follow this river back...?" You wondered, staring down at the trickling water by your feet. "Although actually, I'm not sure where on Agnalow this thing leads so perhaps that's not the best idea. It probably doesn't even lead back to the village..." You sighed, placing your hands on your hips and shaking your head. "I've really screwed up now, they'll be worried sick!" Your stomach was in knots and you were honestly beginning to panic, but you didn't want to give up now. If you gave into the worry you would definitely stay lost, you needed to keep a clear head. 
Gazing up at the sky you held a hand over your eyes to block out the sun since it was still only around midday. At least you had the light to help guide you. It wouldn't be night time for quite some while after all. Up above you the sky seemed to be shimmering and waving in the heat, the bright sapphire colour causing you to squint your eyes which helped you to notice the sudden dots of white spiralling downwards towards you. Your eyes widened and you looked around you as if to spot Winter - if you could see snow falling from the sky on a perfectly warm Summer's day than surely that meant the God had to be nearby again, right?
As the snow began to settle at your feet you called out the God's name, but got no reply. You called again, telling him you were lost and needed directions out of the woods, and this time got a reply. The snow falling in front of you began to settle into a path that lead further into the woods. You stared after it in confusion; you'd asked for a way out of the woods not a way further into them. But surely Winter, a God, couldn't could mean you, one of his creations, any harm? Maybe he just needed to speak to you where no one would see. After all, he didn't seem to like being seen by anyone - anyone except you, that was. So with that in mind you set off following the path, sending one hesitant look behind you before you went on your way.
Tamotsu breathed heavily as he raced through the forest, arms pumping at his sides and legs burning as he forced them to move fast. He had to get to Y/N before she got to Winter. He had to. Typical, he thought, as he raced past the trees surrounding him. You'd think that Arata moving in with her would keep her safer, but the closer that idiot got to Y/N it seemed the more danger she got put in. He wished he was never given the job to protect her. He had a lot he could be doing back home right now instead of this.
Through the leaves ahead and the snow falling in front of him, Tamotsu spotted a feminine figure turning at the sound of his approaching footsteps. With a cat like grin he sped up and burst forward through the leaves. Y/N's eyes widened as he did so and for a second she opened her mouth to speak, but Tamotsu was on her before she could. Tamotsu stared down at her on the ground beneath him, his hand firmly over her mouth, and sighed.
"Princess." He whispered to her as she struggled beneath him in shock. "Stop searching for trouble." Panting from his long run, Tamotsu fished out a small bag from his left pocket, ignoring the feeble hits Y/N was attacking him with, and promptly emptied it's dust like insides out onto her face. The sparkling mist poured out over her eyes and within seconds she had gone completely limp beneath him. He sighed once more and stood up, leaning over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath. "Man I'm getting out of shape." Tamotsu stared down the path of snow he had no doubt Winter was waiting at the end of and picked Y/N up in his arms not so carefully, her head hanging over his arms uncomfortably. "Let's get you away from him, shall we, Princess? Arata is right about these Gods. They're nothing like mine." He stared down at Y/N's face thoughtfully. "Like ours." And with that he set off in the direction he had come from.
You groaned slightly as you sat up, holding a hand to your head. Where were you? The last thing you could remember was walking down the path of snow towards where Winter possibly was, and after that everything was a blank. You looked around you with hazy eyes until you finally realised your settings; you were in a tree house. Arata's tree house. It was bare and empty of life except for a few shabbily made drawers and a desk that served as a sign someone had lived there before you had come to take all his belongings.
"What happened...?" You mumbled to your self, standing up slowly with your hand still pressed to your head. "Maybe Winter brought me here...?" Through the gaps in the messy wood roof you could see it was still only around midday, and this time no snow was in sight when you looked upwards. You had no idea why Winter would have brought you to this tree house or why you could not remember anything but you pushed those thoughts aside as you moved for the exit. You knew were you were now, you could leave and get back home to Arata and Yasmine. Before you could take more than a few steps a clunk was heard from behind you and you swivelled around quickly, senses alert. The drawer of the desk had slipped open and fallen to the floor and something inside was twinkling in the light. Pausing, you stared at it cautiously. Should you go and see what it was? Maybe it was something Arata had left behind. You edged towards towards  drawer somewhat cautiously, wondering if it was something instead that could cause you harm. 
Peering into the desk drawer your breath hitched. It was a jewel. A beautiful, tiny jewel that glimmered and glowed with an intriguing shimmer surrounding it as it changed colour. Reaching for it without thinking you went to pick it up but found it seemingly stuck to the bottom of the drawer. Or maybe... an idea struck you and you pushed down on it gently. You were correct; it was a button. There was a small click and the bottom of the drawer sprung up, revealing a secret compartment filled with many folded papers. You jumped back at the sudden movement and stared at the papers in shock. Arata hadn't once mentioned these. Immediately you reached for them, stopped only as your fingers brushed the tops. Maybe there was a reason Arata hadn't mentioned these. Maybe they were private, not for your eyes? But curiosity compelled you and before you knew it the papers were in your hands as you unfolded them. You dropped them almost straight away. 
Winter cursed under his breath as he paced back and forth in the middle of the forest. Why weren't you here? What had happened to you? He had tried conjuring up an image of you but everything had been foggy and misted over for at least an hour now. He knew you were following the path, he was watching you do it from his spot in the woods, when suddenly everything went white and you were nowhere to be found. He wrung his hands together nervously. This was meant to be the day he took you, stole you away from everything bad and looked after you where no one, especially Arata, could get to you. But instead this had happened. He gazed back at the foggy vision floating behind him and threw his hands in the air, snow erupting from them in his annoyance. He needed to know if you were OK. He waved the vision away and conjured up a new one - this one was surprisingly less foggy. In fact, in this one he could see you at last. To his disappointment you were not in the forest but rather back home being embraced by a worried looking Arata and watched by a concerned looking Yasmine. Winter watched as you excused your self from the two and ran upstairs, pulling what looked like papers out of your pocket as you entered your room. Winter squinted at the papers curiously and zoomed in on them. They looked like drawings of some sort, but it wasn't until you spread them out on your desk he saw what they were drawings of. 
Walking through the market streets, sitting by the forest edge, lying on your bed. Winter creased his eyebrows. Why did you have those? Who drew them? What had happened to you since you disappeared off his radar? He scrunched his eyes up in frustration. It didn't matter. He could ask you personally when he had you at last. 
"Soon." He muttered to him self desperately, reaching for the vision of you. "Y/N."

With shaking hands you spread out the documents in front of you, hunching over them in case Arata walked into the room and spotted you with them. Why did Arata have so many drawings of you hidden away in his tree house? Drawings of you in places he can't possibly have seen you in before? And that wasn't even the most mysterious part of it all. On the top corner of each page was a date and a small scrawling underneath that read 'Princess Y/N, Aylivia, Dangers - Winter, Summer. Objective - Protect and retrieve.' How could you look Arata in the eye after seeing these? How could you sleep in the same building as him? You were beginning to regret ever inviting him into the mansion, but you couldn't just throw him out; he would want to know why, but what if he was dangerous and telling him you knew about these papers would set him off? You groaned and held your head in your hands. You had had a hell of a day. A knock sounded from the door behind you and you jumped in your chair, hastily grabbing all the papers and shoving them into the closest drawer you could find to you. 
"C-Come in!" You called, praying it wouldn't be Arata. Luckily for you it was Yasmine instead, holding a letter and looking apprehensive as she entered. "Yasmine!" You breathed, hardly hiding your relief. Yasmine gave you an odd look at your happy sigh and moved forwards to hand you the letter.
"I have some news." She said almost gravely. 
"What is it?" You said, taking the letter and scanning its contents. Your stomach dropped. 
"We have to go back to the palace. Your mother is very ill." Yasmine whispered, twisting her hands together as she awaited your reaction. You swallowed harshly and nodded without hesitation. 
"We'll leave as soon as possible." 
"And Arata?" Yasmine asked.
"... He has to stay here. Look after the house." You said, not meeting Yasmine's eyes. Yasmine paused, sending a not so happy look out of the door. 
"OK, Miss. I'll prepare for our departure straight away." Yasmine left quietly and you clenched your fist, crumpling the letter in it as confusion coursed through you. The whole day had been a whole bundle of messed up twists and turns and you were sick of it. But, you thought, at least you didn't have to stay one more night with Arata in the house. 
Tamotsu held his hands on his hips, glaring down at Arata who was glaring back up at him as they stood at the edge of the forest. 
"What happened to protecting her, Arata?" Tamotsu spat. "Do I have to do your job for you every single time?" 
"I am protecting her! I can't help if she just wanders off sometimes!"
"That's exactly what you're meant to be helping! She is the Princess, in case you forgot, and our job is to protect her!" Tamotsu groaned and smacked his forehead as Arata simply glowered back at him in reply. "Listen, I understand you've done this sort of thing before. I get that you're good on missions. But on this one you're just not keeping up with those previous standards you've set for your self, and this is the important thing you've ever done and probably ever will. I mean it. Watch your self."
"Or what?" Arata hissed, eyes narrowing at Tamotsu in a deathly fashion. Tamotsu simply raised an eyebrow at the smaller man and let out a cruel sounding laugh. 
"Watch your self." He repeated, and walked away.

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