The Wrtten Soulmate

What if you had a necklace that told you who your soul mate was so you didn't have to go through all of the heart ach?


1. prologue

 The only sound in the room was the rain tapping against the window and a mother giving birth. After hours of intense labor she finally gives birth to a healthy baby girl. However, the mother can’t see her baby until after testing, if testing even goes as planned. ⅔ of the babies get back to their families. The other ⅓ gets sent to a camp to be raised until it’s old enough to work.


“Wait?!” The mother cries out as the doctors start to leave. “How long will it take?”


“Depends on her. It could take anywhere from minutes, to days. As long as everything goes accordingly.” The tallest doctor said turning his back on the mom and carrying the newborn away.


The baby's brain waves and patterns get recorded for 20 minutes which helps the doctors know whether the child is straight, bi, etc. the brain waves will also tell them how intelligent the baby has the ability to be. However, the test could say the baby's IQ is 140, but it could end up much lower. After that the doctors test for diseases and chances for disease. After all of the testing the machine in the back corner of the dark, icy room, produces half a shape. A jewelry maker then takes the piece and puts it on a necklace for girls and a bracelet for guys.

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