Locked In.//M.G.C

"Guess what." He wipes a tear from my eye.

"What?!" I yell and swat his hand away.

"Sometimes forever... Doesn't actually mean forever." He sighs and walks away.


2. Michael



No one cares.

She has a stick up her ass.


I look over from the spot I was standing in to see Katelyn on the floor and a girl with red hair, bluish green eyes, freckles and Black skinny jeans and a flannel on.

"Oh my God I am so sorry!" The girls says with her hands over her mouth.

"Save it, I don't care. Wait, let me rephrase that. No one cares." Katelyn  slowly backs  away from Katelyn. Katelyn just rolls her eyes and gets up. She then, walks towards me with pizza sauce down her white crop top.

"Michael!" She shrieks as she walks over to me. I groan and look at her.

"Yes?" I cross my arms as I look at her.

"Don't give me that look!" She snaps and let's out a heavy sigh.

"Seriously, what do you want?" I raise my eyebrows with my arms still crossed.

"I want you to help me wash this off." She says sassily while pointing to the sauce.

"Uh... How about no." I chuckle slightly and turn on my heel to walk away from her. She grabs my shoulder causing me to turn around.

"Listen here buddy, you better watch your mouth when you're talking to me or somebody's going to get hurt." She whispers angrily.

"Honestly, you don't scare me." I shrug and remove her hand off of my shoulder. I manage to walk away and get back to the table without her catching me. I sit back down next to Luke.

"Hey, what happened with you and Katelyn?" He asks me while stuffing his pizza into his mouth.

"Nothing, Kaitlyn wanted me to help her get pizza sauce off of her shirt." I explain quickly not really wanting to talk about it.

"Katelyn's changed, don't you think?" He says while taking another bite of his lunch.

"Yeah, she used to be so chill. Now it's like she has a stick up her ass." I laugh a little and take a sip from my water bottle. I look behind me to see Katelyn walking out of the girls bathroom with a oversized shirt on her body, which went down to just above her knees.

She walks towards our table. She looks at me and glares. "I think she does have a stick up her ass." Luke chuckles before Katelyn gets too close. When she gets to the table she sits down next to Ashton, who's the farthest away from me.

"Who's shirt is that?" Calum asks while lifting his head up from in his hands.

"My ex's." She replies simply trying to show that she's mad. We all knew that by ex, she meant the last person she hooked up with.

Katelyns never had a real relationship. She's just not one of those people. She said to me one day that she doesn't want a real relationship because she's afraid that she'll get hurt. But really, I think she wants to be able to go to clubs and get drunk and not have to worry about cheating on them.

"Which ex?" Luke mumbles also knowing that she's never actually dated anyone. The closest she gotten to dating is when she was in 6th grade and she 'dated' this kid named Niall for about a week until she broke up with him in the middle of the playground and he cried.

"Excuse me?" She raises an eyebrow at Luke who was now taking a sip of his chocolate milk.

"What?" He says putting the carton down on his tray.

"What did you say?" She asks pushing Ashton's soda can down causing it spill and roll onto the floor.

"What the hell?" He says and runs over to pick it up and get some napkins to clean it. Everyone else at the table ignores it and keeps their eyes on Luke waiting for him to say his remark.

"Katelyn, you know we love you bu-" He gets cut off by me laughing so hard that I spit my water into my lap making it look like I pissed myself.

Katelyn scoffs and continues to look at Luke waiting for him to finish what he was saying. "As I was saying..." He shoots a glare at me and I smile sheepishly at him. "But, we all know that you've never dated anyone." He says to her like its no big deal.

"Not to butt in but... Luke's right. The closest you've gotten to a relationship was that kid you dated in 6th grade." Louis says.

"That's what I was thinking!" I high five Louis. I look at Katelyn and her glare has softened between me and Luke.

"You know what?" She says quietly "I don't care anymore. I'll show you. I'm going to go 3 weeks without doing anything with guys." She states while standing up to go to the trash can.

I cover my mouth with both my hands trying to hold in my laughter. "Have fun trying to do that." I chuckle and she glares at me once more before throwing out her empty water bottle.


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