Locked In.//M.G.C

"Guess what." He wipes a tear from my eye.

"What?!" I yell and swat his hand away.

"Sometimes forever... Doesn't actually mean forever." He sighs and walks away.


1. Aly







Okay. Hi. I'm Aly. There's plenty of words to describe me. Those words consist of...





And the only one that's actually true...


Yeah. I'm anorexic. It's not like I wanted to be. It's just... I didn't want to be one of the chubby kids. I wanted to be... skinny. It all started in sixth grade. Girls and boys would make fun of me because I had a little extra baby fat. Kids would say to me...

"Don't sit on the swings. You might break them, you whale."


"Help! The whale's out of the water!"

Even though, the truth is I wasn't even that chubby. It was just everybody else around me so skinny. I was just a little bit bigger than everybody else. But they didn't notice that I was the same as them.

Anyways, now I'm in 10th grade, I'm 80 pounds, and I'm 4 foot 10.  Yeah I know I'm short.


So, I'm walking down the halls and I see this girl. She's wearing high heels a crop top and short shorts that basically show half of her ass. That my friend, is Katelyn. The slut of the school. She reminds me a lot like Regina from mean girls. She shoots me a glare and continues walking.

I look behind her wondering why her little squad isn't with her. They're always with her, but I guess they left her finally realizing what a bitch she is. She walks over to the bathroom while her little squad comes out.

"What the hell took you so long?" She snaps at the three girls that nobody knows the names of.

Let me give you a visual of Katelyn. Well she has bright blue eyes that if you look into them they might take your soul, She also has blonde hair, and a face that has absolutely no blemishes because it's caked with make up.

Here's the one rule that we have in my school... That rule is to never get into Katelyn's way. Never. Although the wanna be popular's always seem to get her way. Which is why they always are shunned by her and her crew.


So at lunch time, I sit my usual spot which is with nobody because I'm considered a freak. There's the band geeks, the wanna be popular's, the popular geeks, the freaks, the kids that have way too much on their plate, and lastly the popular's. The popular's conclude of, Katelyn Gammon's, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Louis Tomlinson.

The only friendly one in the group people that I just said names of is Ashton. Although everybody likes either Calum or Luke. Louis is pretty hot too but, they've never even said a word to me. Ashton's smiled at me in the halls, Calum has glared at me, Michael has winked at me being a fuck boy he is, and Luke has laughed at me. Louis just hasn't noticed me. Which kind of hurts considering in fifth grade I was the most popular girl in school. But, then Katelyn moved schools and became the most popular. Even though, she kind of forced everyone to like her. She was nice to them in their presence, but then when they left her side she would talk shit about them. That's the kind of person Katelyn is. She just wasn't pleasant to be around. She's the kind of person that spends all day fucking boys instead of watching Netflix.

So I go up to get my lunch. But, fortunately the popular's were in front of me. So I grab an apple instead of my whole lunch because honestly, I don't like food. I see Katelyn pointing at me and whispering to Ashton. I looked down and walked to my seat but I bumped into somebody.

"Bitch!" A ear piercing voice screams. I immediately regret getting up to get my lunch at the same time that they did.

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