A romantic story between two males, and their time together, that they hope will last forever.

Zack - 32 - Top - DarkBrown hair/LightBrown eyes - British, but moved to Japan - almost 6'7 feet tall. - Job; Writer

Jimin - 25 - Bottom - Blond/Blue eyes - Have lived in Japan his whole life. - 5'4 feet tall - Has no job yet.


1. Prolog

Love is.. to smile when you see their face, to see them happy even if it meant to let them go in the end. You would rather want to die instead of them, to suffer instead of them or even take a bullet for them if the time ever came. Love is.. having butterflies in your stomach when you talk together over the phone, to cry and to laugh together, to hold hands without talking, because you know what they're thinking about. You would lay your head on their chest just to listen to their heart beat. Love is.. to get scared of losing them to someone better than you.. or even loosing them to death. Love is forgiveness, trust, friendship, equallity and available for everyone brave enough to reach out for it. 

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