My House of Memories...

When Danielle gets an invite to a party, she thinks its just going to be one of those frat things she sees all her friends going to.... She couldn't be more wrong.


1. Invitation

Danielle had never been invited to a party. Ever. 

So when the letter was pushed onto her desk by a passer by, she didn't see who'd put it there. She was too busy opening the envelope and staring at the piece of paper inside. It was plain black, with white writing. 

It took her a moment to register what the note said and when she fully realised she had to clamp a hand over her mouth so as not to scream in exctiement. She, Danielle Howard, had been invited to a party, an actual party! Wow!

I'll need some clothes... and to do my hair... and nails? Or maybe I wont do my nails, they might get ruined anyway, oh and makeup... maybe I'll get Chelsea to do my makeup? Oh and what will I wear? Cute and casual? Club-ish? Elegant? Who else would be there? Do I wanna look amazing? Or just 'O.K'? Maybe there'll be a cute guy, or a few cute guys... Oh my gosh. And spare clothes? What shall I take... And, to sleep in? What. Oh my... 

She slipped the note in her pocket and looked about the room. It was near enough empty, besides her two friends who were chatting about a movie they had watched the day before together and not paying her much attention at all. 

"Hey, Guys! Guess what!" Dan said.

The two girls turned to her, surprised by her sudden outburst, after the silence she had been in for the past five minutes. Chelsea, a beautiful blond with a stunning smile, eyes the colour of fresh grass and the fashion sense of a real model, looked her over, clearly curious about Dan's 'guess what', while Amber, a tall auburn haired cutie with braces and glasses that framed her chestnut eyes and the obvious look of a cute girl nerd about her, blinked blankly at Dan before turning to Chelsea.

"Go on?" The two finally blurted, in unison, after a minute of silence.

 Dan grinned, reveling in the power over her friends. A secret was always hooking for these three, so having one of her own made Danielle excited, but she still chose to divulge. 

"I've been invited to a party!" She squealed at the two gaping girls. 

They stared a moment before whooping and laughing with her. Chelsea hugged Dan and grinned brightly while Amber flapped her hands and giggled softly. 

"You go girl!" Chelsea beamed. 

"When is it?" Amber asked. 

As Dani reeled off the details of the party to the girls, the two friends made notes and stuck in the odd comment. Soon they were reeling off their own list of details. Details on how they would make her the most beautiful bella at the ball, and how they would get her there and all the other things friends over think. 

Dan put a finger over her excited friends lips and shushed them. "I don't need a lift, I'm being picked up. Chelsea, can you do my makeup babes? And Amber, my hair?" 

The two nodded excitedly and smiled. 

This is going to be amazing! I love these gals and I'm so glad I got em for myself! They'll make me beautiful and I wouldn't have it any other way!

That was that. The three stood, packed away their things and left the room, singing and giggling, arm in arm. They skipped down the college halls and out the front doors, down the steps to Amber's car. Once in they began giggling again, before Chelsea lent forward from the back and stuck the radio on, switching to CD and flicking through their personal playlist till she found what she was looking for. 

As Amber pulled out of the car park the song started. This is Gospel blared from the speakers and soon the three were singing along, 

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