Bad Wolf (Doctor Who)

A girl, an alien, dark silhouettes, and a hidden past. What more is needed?


3. Part 3

The Doctor's POV


Back in the TARDIS, I hover above Earth, watching the light from above. I feel my gently singed hand where Laura's light caressed me and told me to run. She is complete light by now, making it spread out through the mass if dark creatures. One by one, each creature floats up the sky, past the TARDIS to rest in the stars.


It is truly a beautiful sight. But I must go, for if I stay here, I won't ever leave. I promised Laura I would guide her across the stars, but it seems that they are her home now.


Where to go now? I ponder this as I ready the engine to fly to wherever. That sounds nice, wherever. I think I'll quite like it there.


A soft knock is rapped on the door of the TARDIS, making me snap my head up in confusion. Who could that be?


..Doctor... I hear her voice in my mind.


"Laura" I sigh in shock. I run to open the door, only to find a mere projection of her in golden particles of light. I feel my eyes widen in shock.


"Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!" I smile widely, as does she.


You were not thinking of leaving me behind, I hope? She says in my mind. Her smile widens as I shake my head. Leaning out toward her, I inspect everything about what she has become. She raises her hand to caress my cheek. However, she doesn't touch me. I lean in but am nearly burned from the close proximity. She takes her hand away and frowns.


This is the price light must pay Doctor. It is like fire. I may be beautiful, but get too close, and you will burn... She muses.


"What else?" I ask. She looks at me in confusion.


What else...? She retorts.


"Yes. What else do you feel, think, know?" I say. She smiles at this.


Oh Doctor, if only you knew. I see so much now. It's like each creature I have saved and the ones I have not are me, and I am them. I see through all stars and the universes and worlds around. Doctor, it is so vast... She says. Suddenly her smile fades into a frown and she looks me in the eyes, making them water.


There is so much more than that though. I am a protector of the stars now. I see the past, present, and future. Doctor, I am the past, present, and future. I know everything and nothing, what there is and was and will be... I gasp. Then this means...


Yes, Doctor, yes... I know all about you as well. Everything. But no worries... Her frown deepens.


I must warn you, however, you must be careful to forget me. You already know too much, for you mustn't even know me yet... I am shocked by her words.


"How am I to forget you? That is impossible!" I cry out. She raises an eyebrow.


Is it? She asks. If I remember correctly, you were able to keep my memory from me for 8 years...


"Yes, but-" I try to counter.


No buts... She says sharply. Her voice softens as she moves closer. I lean back into the TARDIS.


You will have many hardships, and so much pain. But no matter what, I will protect the last child of Galifray and the TARDIS. I will be the Bad Wolf I have always been... She chuckles and looks out to the stars.


Bad Wolf. I Like it. I think I will use it from now on... She looks back at me and comes closer still. I back away, tears in my eyes.


"No... No... I don't want to forget, please!" I cry out to her. I am up against the wall now. She has illuminated the TARDIS with stars. The tears stream down my face.


Oh Doctor, we will meet again, sooner than you think. Please, just this once, I promise... She smiles warmly. I slowly nod, completely reduced to tears. She leans down and places a single kiss on my forehead, but it does not burn at all, but warm and soft. In fact, it almost feels like... flesh?


I look up to find her in complete human form, but her veins run gold under her skin as well as her eyes. She is now as she was before, with long dark brown hair and at least a good 2 1/2 feet shorter than me. And I never thought I would see her again this way.


I lean down and take her face in my hands, and gently kiss her. As if a switch had been flipped, she presses closer and kisses me deeper. I wrap my arms around her waist as her hands run through my hair. All of this feels so right, so perfect, but it ends as quickly as it started.


Pulling away, a golden tear runs down her cheek. I wipe it away with a finger even though it feels like being licked by fire. I feel myself tearing up again.


"Please... Let me remember you this way" I say thickly. After a moments hesitation, she slowly nods and closes her eyes. I close mine as well, concentrating. I feel her shift, and kiss me once more.


"Remember me this way..." She whispers. I nod and the darkness takes over.

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