Loving or Lying

A girl. Broken from the outside in. The world around her, confusing and large, yet suffocating and small.

A boy. With no meaning in life. And so close to giving up, due to one situation after another, always so disappointing to his eyes.

What will happen to these two broken people.
And can two halves make a whole?


6. Chapter 6

*Simons POV*

The cold night air made me shiver, slightly regretting the fact that I had just worn a shirt. I looked up to see a million small specs of light staring back from above making the surrounding area seem darker. 
A flash of red entered my peripheral vision and I spun to see April crossing the street, illuminated by the light from the glaring street lamp. I thought about shouting to her, but instead decided to just watch. As she walked off I followed her, never allowing her to leave my sight. I followed her until we reached a white house. It had two story's and a flat roof which made the house look fairly modern. I thought she had said she didn't have parents so this was confusing. All the lights were out so I assumed no one was in but her which I think is against the rules for foster parents. As she went in I watched the lights switch on one by one. I waited about five minutes then walked around the house to the back garden and climbed up an old oak tree which gave me a perfect view into her bedroom. She was about to get changed so I looked away, respected her privacy. She then went to the bathroom, took a shower and went to bed. By this point it was midnight and she still wasn't asleep. She just sat there, in bed, reading her book. It must have been a good book as I hadn't seen her without it since we met. She finally went to sleep at quarter to one, and so did I, still sat in the oak tree.

​I was awoken by the faint ringing of an alarm, April's, I opened my eyes however she was nowhere to be seen. The kitchen window was open so I climbed inside. The whole house smelt of waffles and I heard a rumble of complaint from my stomach. As I walked around the house, all I could see were books, books everywhere apart from the mantle place above the unlit, open fire. There stood five photos, all looked like April and two others. Her parents? No, she said she didn't have any. I dismissed the thought and walked back to the kitchen and made myself some jam on toast. I sat down at her kitchen table and ate my toast while reading the newspaper that was there. On the front cover, the newspaper looked slightly wet, but in droplets and not like someone had spilt there milk on it. I read the article, it was about a car crash that happened some time ago. Apparently a couple died and four others were in hospital. Also, a girl who was seventeen years old, escaped literally un scratched.

That's when I realized.

That girl was April.

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