Loving or Lying

A girl. Broken from the outside in. The world around her, confusing and large, yet suffocating and small.

A boy. With no meaning in life. And so close to giving up, due to one situation after another, always so disappointing to his eyes.

What will happen to these two broken people.
And can two halves make a whole?


21. Chapter 20

*Simon's POV* 

Sunlight entered my vision as I opened my eyes to witness it streaming in through the gap in the drawn curtains. I turned to my bedside table and glanced at my watch to see it blinking. 11pm.

Crap I was late for work! I threw on some clothes, leaving my hair unbrushed and grabbed my rucksack and coat. While grabbing an apple from the nearby fruit bowl, I high-tailed it out the door and down the street. The bewildered looks on peoples faces blurred as I flew by; only two blocks from the café. I rounded a corner and sped down the street eyeing the plant in the doorway of the café as my target to aim for. Skidding to as stop in front of the door, hands on my knee's, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and walked towards the entrance. My hand curled around the handle and I pushed. Nothing, it didn't budge. I tried again, more forcefully. Nothing. My eyes scanned the door and rested on the large CLOSED sign hanging suspended on the opposite side of the glass.

Something inside my head clicked. It was Sunday, the only day the café was closed, during the week, and I had woken up completely oblivious to the current day. Sighing, I turned around and started back the way I came, almost sluggishly. My feet dragged across the pavement in an attempt to walk but I was so overcome by fatigue I couldn't be bothered to do it properly. Last night I had stayed up looking for possible housing options online, although, in all honesty I enjoyed staying with April. Not wanting to seem a burden I had searched for hours on end till around 4am, leaving me only a few hours to sleep.

While passing a local clothes shop, someone tapped my on the shoulder causing me to turn around. I came face to face with the smiling features of Brooke. She looked almost prettier today wearing an old beany, blue sweater and jeans. She also seemed different in comparison with her normal stooped stature and shy manor of speaking. Today she radiated confidence. I smiled at her; while she stood there, obviously, blushing.

"Hi," she exclaimed happily. "Are you doing anything right now?"

"No," I replied, curious. "What did you have in mind?"

"I was wondering if you could help me pick out a birthday present for my sister? You seem like the sort if person who's good with that sort of thing?" She enquired, hopefully.

"Sure, I'll help, I don't have any other plans."

"Cool! Lets go." She started walking, me in tow as we made our way through the town centre to various different shops. Over the next couples of hours we spent time in different shops, from shoes to trinkets to DVD's. The variety surprised me since I had never really taken an interest in shopping, especially clothes shopping but this was okay in comparison and Brooke was good company. Thoughts of April kept drifting in and out of my mind; I wondered what she was up to since she probably had other plans although I hadn't checked.

The sun began to set as Brooke and I walked down the street, shopping bags in hand; me carrying the majority.

"Thanks for today." Brooke stopped walking and turned to face me.

"Yeah, I also had fun." I replied, genuinely meaning every word.

"Lets do it again some time? Brooke asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Sure, I'd like that." I answered looking up to the overhanging stars in the black abyss. She turned to go.

"See ya at work. Bye!" I waved, and she returned it before we parted ways. I pulled my coat collar higher to keep the chill out and prevent me from getting a possible cold. The walk to April's was peaceful since there were only the odd groups of people walking home from work or milling around outside pubs sitting on benches and lighting cigarettes thereby blowing smoke into the evening air. My own breath was visible in the streetlight and my feet crunched on the pathways due to the oncoming frost. It sure was going to be a cold night.

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