Loving or Lying

A girl. Broken from the outside in. The world around her, confusing and large, yet suffocating and small.

A boy. With no meaning in life. And so close to giving up, due to one situation after another, always so disappointing to his eyes.

What will happen to these two broken people.
And can two halves make a whole?


17. Chapter 17

*April's POV*

Today was, once again, the day that I would have to work. The thing I loved most about my job was most likely the environment. The shop itself was decorated in  a way as to vaguely resemble a floor to ceiling library. All of the walls within the shop contained books of different colours, languages, fonts and texts. The genres varied immensely and it was rather popular within the town's community. The newest and bestselling books would arrive every Wednesday to be gaped at by passers by through the window displays and at the exceptionally cheap prices. The shop's floor was carpeted by an immense labyrinth of lines, crisscrossing every which way and interlinking at the cross sections and spreading out in some areas. This contrasted nicely with the dark oak panels used on the bookshelves and light blue painted ceiling encrypted with some of the most famous quotes literature had to offer.

All in all it had a nice set out, therefore as I walked in that morning, blowing (ever so slightly)  on my numb fingertips, I was greeted by my favourite smell. The New-Book smell. My co- worker Agnes smiled at me warmly, greeting me, as she helped an older lady with a book inquiry.

Over the past few days I had enjoyed my walk's to work considerably, since I was, more often than not, in the company of Simon. Since we had kissed, we had grown considerably closer and often I paid more heed to his presence or the fact that his cute dimples showed when he smiled.

I went through into the back room and shrugged off my coat and hat leaving my hands to warm up by themselves. The storeroom was quite cramped with all the delivery boxes strewn all over the place. Karl. our manager, wasn't what you'd call 'the tidy sort' but we made do with what we had and I enjoyed the people that I worked with.

After several hours of shelving, stacking and working the till, with the odd customer enquiry I went to change from my work top and, one again, heaved on my coat, pulling my hat over my head. The weather outside had turned considerably colder throughout the day. I blew on my hands, sending small white puff clouds into the night.

I walked timidly across the square to come to a stop in front of Simon's café. The windows gave off a warm glow and it looked cosy inside. The door jingled, sounding my entrance. I made my way to one of the faded, brown leather couches in the corner and took out my book. The walls mostly contained the odd piece of local photography by some artist or a wall hanging. However small fairy lights hung over some of the lamps and made the place that little more magical. The atmosphere was blended with the rich smell of coffee as I closed my eyes and savoured the warmth.

"Hello, what would you like miss?" I voice to my left asked sarcastically. I whipped around to come face to face with the cheeky guy himself. Simon was dressed in some dark jeans, a tight fitting t-shirt and an apron with the cafe's name and logo displayed on it. I blushed slightly and averted my eyes to the menu in front of me. The selection was endless so I just decided on a blueberry muffin and an ice coffee. Simon noted it down and left to swerve round the till, and began clattering around with the cups and coffee machine. I opened my book to the current page, my eyes flitting across it, pulling me deeper into the storyline. After all, books were like my very own personal Davy Jones Locker.

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