Loving or Lying

A girl. Broken from the outside in. The world around her, confusing and large, yet suffocating and small.

A boy. With no meaning in life. And so close to giving up, due to one situation after another, always so disappointing to his eyes.

What will happen to these two broken people.
And can two halves make a whole?


14. Chapter 14

*Simon's POV*

I woke up, startled, to the sound of a loud bang from down stairs and jumped out of bed. I sprinted down the stairs four steps at a time and ran straight into the kitchen to find April, cooking bacon and eggs. She had banged the frying pan on the kitchen worktop.

"Put some clothes on." She said to me while she giggled. I looked down to see I was only in my underwear and was slightly embarrassed and walked back upstairs to change back into the same clothes I had worn for four days in a row and when I got back down the stairs, she had already finished cooking breakfast. As we sat down in silence she began to read a newspaper, the same out dated newspaper I saw when I slept in the tree outside. She must of loved her parents allot before they died so I decided not to bring up the subject and just complimented her cooking.

We both scrubbed dishes and cleaned the frying pan. That frying pan took forever to clean. She had to go to work so I decided to go back to 'mysterium', the larger bookshop where me and April met.​

When I got there I looked for a good book for what seemed like an age, I searched through every floor reading blurbs and extracts from tonnes of books until I saw the book April was reading. The blurb alone I could have read and been pleased with the whole book but as I began to read I realized how much better it was on the inside, and somehow the further in I read the better the book became. It was like a Tardis of brilliance in just paper and ink. The book was so large I thought I would never finish it but I did, and by the time I had, the store was already about to close. I decided I would go back to April's and ask if I could stay another night. I exited the bookshop with a new confidence. I finally felt like I ment something to someone so you couldn't really blame me.

I knocked on her front door but she didn't answer so I let myself in. She was in the shower, singing with some loud music playing from a speaker somewhere upstairs that I was surprised I couldn't hear from outside. I decided I would let her know I was here so I walked up the stairs and knocked loudly on the door and shouted to her.

"Hey, do you mind if I stay for another night? I'm just not sure if I'm ready to go home yet, I mean they just said I could leave soon and I just walked out. I don't want to know how they react."


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